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Guide To Premier League Football

The Premier League is the top division of football in England, but its reach extends far beyond the British Isles. This is the football league with a higher global television audience than any other. Packed full of elite clubs with a rich heritage, the Premier League is also home to some of the world's finest players.

The competition is known for fast-paced, all-action style football which has spectators on the edge of their seats, and maybe this is the reason why Premier League betting is so popular among football betting markets. There is nothing like the thrill of backing a team in an end-to-end Premier League contest, and there are now so many betting options for Premier League football, anyone who wants to get involved can place the wagers that they feel adds the most enjoyment to their viewing.

What is the Premier League?

Formerly known as the First Division, the Premier League is the top division of English football. It was founded in the 1992/93 season and comprises 20 teams. At the time of writing, the teams which finish in the top four of the Premier League will qualify for the next season's Champions League, with the 5th placed team qualifying for the following season's Europa League, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to back English clubs in European football betting markets.

The bottom three sides at the end of the season will drop into the Championship, and every season the Premier League welcomes three new clubs which have been promoted from the Championship.

Premier League Football Stats

  • Manchester United have been English champions the most times, being crowned on 20 occasions. Liverpool (19) and Arsenal (13) have the next most titles.
  • The biggest winning margin was achieved by Manchester City who finished the 2017/18 season 19 points clear at the top of the table.
  • Alan Shearer has the most goals ever in the Premier League. The former Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers striker turned TV pundit netted 260 times. Second is Wayne Rooney with 208 goals.
  • The player with the most Premier League appearances is Gareth Barry with 653, turning out for West Ham, Manchester City, Everton and West Brom. Ryan Giggs has the second most appearances with 632 and Frank Lampard is third on 609.
  • The highest-scoring Premier League game ever was Portsmouth 7-4 Reading, on 29th September 2007.
  • The team with the most total wins in Premier League games is Manchester United, perhaps unsurprisingly as they’ve won the competition more than any other club. Chelsea follow in second place, with Arsenal, who last won the league in 2003/4, in third.
  • The most wins in a single season is currently a tie between Manchester City (2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons) and Liverpool (2019/20) who each won 32 times.
  • There are only six teams who have played in the Premier league every season since it started; Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester Utd and Tottenham Hotspur.

How To maximise value with The Premier League

The Premier League season typically runs from late August to May the following year. It’s possible to bet on the outcome of the competition before it starts, or at any point during the course of the season.

So what are the types of bets you can make on the Premier League? These can be split between; match betting, concerning the outcome, or events within a match; competition betting, such as who will be the Premier League champions or if a team will finish in the top four; individual player betting, such as top goalscorer over the season; and in-play betting, also known as live betting, which involves betting on an ongoing match.

Premiership outright betting is perhaps the simplest bet to place on the Premier League, in which you simply need to pick which team will end the season as overall winners. But over the course of the season, when it comes to betting at match level, there are a range of additional options.

Which Types Of Premier League Bets Are Available?

Let's look closer at the kind of bets you can make on the premier League pre-match and in-play:

Match outcome

With each team playing 38 games in a Premier League season, there are plenty of opportunities to bet on the match outcome - that is, whether it will be a win for one of the two teams or a draw. You can see odds vary significantly depending on who is in form, which team is playing at home, and which team is highly rated. When betting in-play, match outcome odds will continually change according to events in the match.


An over/under bet requires you to pick whether there will be over or under a set amount of goals in a match. This number will usually be set by the bookies as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 or more. When making an over/under bet, consider the strength of the respective defences in a Premier League game, as well as the potency of the attack. When playing an over/under in-play, you might be able to extract value on the under if an early goal is scored, as this is likely to lengthen the odds.

Correct Score

This is a bet on the final score of a match, which carries a higher risk than an over/under or match outcome bet. Remember that, unlike match outcomes, the exact score must be correct in order for you to win the bet. A good way to approach this bet is first to consider if one or both teams will score at least one goal or not, before settling on the number.

Both Teams To Score

Also referred to as BTTS and goal-no goal, both teams to score can be seen as a simpler version of correct score. You will bet 'yes' or 'no'. A 'yes' bet means that a score of at least 1-1 is needed for you to win the bet, whereas 'no' means you win if the score is 0-0 or 1-0 to either side. When betting in-play, watch out for substitutions, injuries and tactical tweaks which could potentially lead to a more open game, or conversely, make it harder to score goals.

First Goalscorer

Traditionally a pre-match rather than an in-play market, first goalscorer requires you to pick the player on either side that will score the first goal. This is generally a higher risk bet, but you can benefit from researching which strikers are in form, or studying past results to see which particular teams a striker has scored against in the past. A first goalscorer bet can have you on the edge of your seat for the opening minutes of a Premier League match!

Handicap Tips

Premier League handicap betting is a type of betting that imposes a certain handicap on the favourite of a match, which can make the betting odds more attractive. Let's say Manchester City are playing Fulham at the Etihad Stadium, and in the normal pre-match market are heavy favourites to win. The slim profits which a wager on City to win offers might not entice you, but the handicap odds can make a bet worthwhile.

As favourites, City might be given a -2 handicap. That means a handicap bet on City to win would see them start with a two-goal deficit, so in order for you to win your bet, City must beat Fulham by at least three goals. If you think Fulham are good enough to avoid a heavy defeat, you might like to take a +2 handicap bet on them to win. This means that Fulham would get a two-goal head start, so if they won, drew, or lost by no more than a goal, you would win the bet. As well as making it more tempting to back the favourites, in a match, handicap betting can lower the risk attached to betting on heavy underdogs.

Handicap bets can also be three-way. In a three-way handicap market, you also have a betting option for a handicap tie. Using the scenario above - in which Manchester City are -2 and Fulham are +2 in the handicap market - a handicap tie would be if City won by exactly two goals. There are also no draw handicap markets, which ensure a result either way, even if there is a handicap tie. This is done by using decimal handicaps such as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, to ensure that there is no draw option and that the final handicap score always represents a win for either of the two teams.

You can think of handicap betting as a method of 'levelling the playing field' in Premier League matches which pit a big favourite (such as the 'Big Six' of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal) against a team which is struggling and is a wide underdog. The handicap market is able to make odds for both the favourite and the underdog more attractive.

Premier League Accumulators

Some Premier League football fans just love accumulators! They can ensure that your weekend or midweek sports betting doesn't just revolve around one or two bets, and can offer the incentive of serious 'jackpots' if your accumulator bet is successful. An accumulator bet, also known as an acca, is one that combines several individual match outcome bets and relies on all of them being successful if it is to win. Why place an accumulator rather than separate bets on the Premier League teams you think will win? It's because an accumulator has the potential to win you more money by multiplying your bets together to offer you a jackpot. But you should always remember that it just takes one of your selections to misfire and your accumulator will return nothing.

An accumulator can be anything from a double (two selections) to 10, 15 or more. Typically, the more selections your accumulator consists of, the higher the jackpot will be, but also the more chances for your accumulator to hit the rocks. If you haven't tried an accumulator yet, remember it just takes a small stake for the opportunity of big potential winnings, although the more individual bets used to build your accumulator, the longer the odds of them all going your way.

In-Play Premier League Tips

As with many sports betting markets, one of the most popular forms of betting when it comes to football is in-play or live betting. This means that you can place bets on events and outcomes of matches as they happen. In-play betting enables you to get a feel for the game and see how the land lies before committing to a bet. It also lets you react to how the match seems to be unfolding, placing your bets about what will happen next accordingly.

Of course, it helps to first understand how in-play betting works to ensure that you can get the most from the options available, but this style of betting can add another dimension of entertainment to any matches you may be watching.

Whatever your betting style, there’s plenty of options to find in the Premier League. From predicting the eventual winner before the season starts, to keeping up with each match and betting live, it’s no surprise that betting on the Premier League is so popular. Is there a more exciting football league in the world? If there is, we are yet to find it!

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