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Online Sports Betting in the UK

Looking for the best betting experience in the United Kingdom? Look no further than BetUK, our online betting markets are specially created to provide our players with the smoothest and most complete experience. Structured by betting fans and experts alike, we aim to provide one of the world's greatest online betting platforms, with thousands of different leagues and tournaments to bet on across the years. We have in-depth betting markets for the most popular sports for betting such as Football and Horse Racing but also equally as good markets for TV & Novelty options, meaning you can bet on your favourite reality TV shows and big events such as the Cheltenham Festival.

BetUK are the official betting partner of Manchester City and are a proud sponsor of the All Weather Championships.

Online Betting Odds

With the wide range of sports that are offered on Bet UK, it makes sense that we have a large array of markets. However, Bet UK aims to stand out by providing the most competitive football odds in each market which helps us provide the best sportsbook experience possible. Betting odds can be found in three different formats, decimal - where all of our betting odds will be found in a decimal point format. Fractional where all odds are organized in a ratio format, so for example, 2/5 if you put £5 on, you'll get £2 back. The final format is American, in this scenario, the base value is 0. If a value is higher than 0, it means that the odds are over evens, if the value is lower than 0, it means that the odds are under evens. If you're looking for more details about either of the main odds formats or just want to know how betting odds work in general, check out the blogs below.

How do Fractional Odds work?

How do Decimal Odds work?

Sportsbook Betting Markets

To view betting odds, first, our players must find the betting markets for their chosen event. All sports events are broken up into a variety of markets, each of these markets are split into depending on specific elements for the event. For example, if you're looking to focus on goals scored, cards, corners and more! In some events, you may find over 100 betting markets for an individual game and then a further 20-30 markets outright that the game will impact. The more important event is, the more markets you'll find for that event. Betting markets can also find odds slashed or increased due to their popularity in the market, so if for example, if hundreds of people are backing Brazil to win a World Cup, their odds to do exactly that will drop based on those increases.

We often aim to increase the number of markets we have available depending on the event as well, if the event has high popularity such as the Super Bowl or the Champions League final, you may find more in-depth odds around that fixture in comparison to what you may find for a standard group game. In regards to individual markets for games, the most popular market is the Both Teams to Score market which is commonly found in football. If you're interested in tips for how to place BTTS bets, check out our blog.

June 2023: Biggest Events of the Month

As the football seasons finally come to an end, June is a significantly quieter month for online betting than in previous months. Thankfully, the rest of the world continues outside of the domestic football season and there are a number of other options available in the month of June.

In Football, there is the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Conference League finals which will see English sides Manchester City and West Ham United face Italian opposition in their respective competitions. Meanwhile, in the Europa League, competition legends Sevilla take on Jose Mourinho's Roma as the Portuguese boss looks to become the first manager to beat Sevilla in a Europa League Final. Liverpool, Inter Milan, Benfica and Middlesbrough are just four of the teams who have tried and failed to beat Sevilla on the big stage. Before all this though, the FA Cup final will be contested between Manchester United and Manchester City.

The other main event of the month comes from Horse Racing's Royal Ascot Festival which starts on Tuesday 20th of June and ends on the 24th June 2023. However, the Ashes can't be overlooked as England will look to home advantage to reclaim the Ashes, Australia have held the urn for six years. However, England haven't lost an Ashes series on home turf since 2001.

Here are some additional events happening in June 2023:

French Open Final - 11th June 2023

US Open Golf Major - 15-18th June 2023

MLB World Tour: London - 24-25 June 2023

Sports betting FAQs

How to place a bet at BetUK?

Looking to start looking at the online sports betting markets available at BetUK? We have a number of ways that you can place a bet online on sports such as football and horse racing. To do this, you must register for an account at BetUK, following this you can check out our free bet offer, make your deposit then check out our sportsbook options. In our sportsbook you can use the filter to determine what bet you would like to place, whether you're looking for the bet builder in a football match or looking to place multiple bets on more niche sports.

How do sports betting odds work?

Betting odds demonstrate the probability of an event. If you view evens as 50%, under evens would represent an event that is likely to happen while over evens is what is unlikely to happen. These odds calculate the potential return that players may receive if they end up being successful in their bet.

Odds can be shown in three different ways, American odds, fractional odds and decimal odds are the three formats, American odds will be shown as the likes of +370 or -125. This demonstrates how much players would receive per £1. So, if your bet has odds of +370, this shows that you'd receive £3.70 for every £1 you bet.

Meanwhile, if you place a bet at -125, you would get 75% of your stake as a profit, meaning £0.80 would come as the profit of a £1 bet.

Fractional odds are much easier to read for beginners and that's what we would recommend all our bettors use. They come in the form of 1/10 or 10/1. If your bet pays out at 1/10, you will receive a 10th of your stake as profit. Meanwhile, at 10/1, if you win a £1 bet, you will win £11, as you've won 10x your bet with your £1 stake as an addition. Decimal odds, on the other hand, can be viewed at odds such as 1.32 or 8.00, if the odds are shown at 1.32, this will provide players with 32p profit from a £1 bet. Meanwhile, if you win a bet at odds of 8.00, this will provide £8 profit for every £1.

What does draw no bet mean in Sports betting?

If you're placing a bet using the draw no bet market, this nullifies your bet if the event ends as a draw. For example, if you placed a bet on the first Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder fight that was Tyson Fury to win, draw no bet, as the match ended as a draw, all bets placed on this will be nullified and your stake will be returned.

It is worth noting that if you place a bet with 'no bet' attached, the odds will be significantly lower than what the bet would be without it.

What is the best sport to bet on?

Picking the best sport to bet on depends on you. If you're following tipsters, then it'll depend on the tipster you follow but the best sport to bet on will always depend on your knowledge of the sport. For example, if you have a cricket knowledge beyond imagination but your football knowledge is lacking, you should focus your betting strategy around cricket betting rather than football.

Can I place a bet without opening an account?

No, in the world of online gambling, safer gambling regulations require all players to have an account that is verified. This means to place a bet you will have to register for an account so we have your details on record. This is to ensure the safety of our players at BetUK, you will find that all betting sites in the United Kingdom follow the same regulations, meaning you must have an account to place a real money bet.

Can I cash out my bet?

Yes! Here at BetUK, we have the cash out option available for players to utilise, there is no guarantee that the cash out feature will be available for your bet. However, when a bet matches certain criteria, you'll be able to cash out.

The cash out option, for those unaware, is a feature that allows sports bettors the ability to cash out the entirety or part-of their payout. In most occasions, the payout will be significantly less than the full potential win. Your bet may not be able to cash out if something is happening in the event and it would impact your betslip.

What is the most bet on sport in the UK?

UK betting fans have two favourite sports when it comes to betting, the runner-up in this scenario is Horse Racing while the most popular is football betting. From the World Cup down to the National League North, the betting options for football in the United Kingdom are ever-growing. With fixtures both on weekdays and every weekend, there are hundreds of games every single week that bettors could bet on when using a sportsbook.