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Here at BetUK, we have a knockout selection of betting markets available across thousands of boxing matches every year. From the heavyweights to the mini-flyweight class, you can find a wide-range of betting markets with the very best boxing odds at the click of a button at BetUK. We provide the possibilities to bet on fights and potential fights on our sportsbook, meaning that if you’re almost certain a fight is going to happen, you can place a bet on it before the card is announced - similar to Ante Post betting in horse racing. 

The most popular names in boxing at the moment are Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury. However, with the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO all containing belts across 17 different divisions, there are over 85 titles for you to follow when betting on boxing. So while you're waiting for Fury or Usyk to fight, why not check out the likes of Terence Crawford, Noaya Inoe or Dmitry Bivol, all of whom are unbeaten in 20+ fights at different weight classes.

Betting on Boxing Matches

When betting on boxing matches, you can either bet on a scheduled fight or a potential bout. To view unconfirmed bouts, you must check the unconfirmed fights section of our sportsbook. However, the best way to bet on boxing is by checking out the betting markets for the next big fight, here, you’ll be able to find betting markets such as specific round betting, how the fight will be won? And more. 

Boxing Betting Markets

With a range of markets to choose from, boxing fans at Bet UK can place a wager on specific round betting, method of victory, if the fight will go the distance and much more. One of the more popular betting strategies in boxing is to bet on a group of rounds that you think the fight will end in. This is a good way of covering a portion of the fight, a bit like covering part of a Roulette wheel.

Boxing events are usually called six weeks prior to the fight night to give the boxers time to train, also giving boxing promoters a chance to build up the fight. The boxing betting odds and markets will open well in advance at Bet UK, but more markets will be added as fight night approaches.

Boxing Knockout Betting

In the sport of boxing, the most popular betting market is the knockout betting market, whether it’s a clean knockout or a TKO, it doesn’t impact the result of your bet. Betting on a knockout can add an additional edge in comparison to betting on a competitor to win as there is a time-sensitive ending to the bout that you require. 

Knockouts are particularly difficult to bet on as when it gets to the latter stages of a fight, the main thing for the fighters is winning. If one boxer knows they are ahead on the scorecards, they won’t press for a knockout as eagerly as they would if they were behind in the bout.

Weight classes are also important for boxing betting, the higher the weight, fights tend to have less chance of going the distance. This is due to the fact that heavyweights are power punchers, in-fact across 2021 and 2022, fights including the top five heavyweights had a knockout percentage of 84%, only Light Heavyweight, Cruiserweight and Middleweight having more than 70%. Meanwhile, Super Bantamweight had a knockout percentage of just 47%.

Boxing Decision Betting

If a fight reaches the designated number of rounds without a clear finish, the fight will go to the judges scorecards. Now, you won’t see an 110 round classic like the longest fight ever in 1893. However, you will find fights of varying length depending on the fighters, for example, in boxing that has contained social media stars, their fight length is significantly less than genuine fighters, so you're more likely to see fights end by decision in those matches.

Finding the best betting odds in Boxing

When betting on boxing, the best time to bet is during the fight. You can analyse how the fight is going and make an educated guess on the finish. Typically, if the fight is clearly going one way, the odds will be set to favour that outcome. However, a number of fights have looked destined for knockout finishes and faded after a couple of rounds. The negative here, is if you’re backing a fighter like Deontay Wilder, the fight could be over within a couple of rounds and with Wilder’s punching power, fights often go from tame to over due to knockout within a few seconds - making live betting on his fights difficult.

Boxing Betting FAQs

Which boxing weight class fight is most likely to result in a knockout?

In boxing, heavyweight boxers are known for their punching power and ability to end a fight in an instance. Therefore, their fights are more likely to end in a knockout than those at lower weights.

Where can I find the latest boxing odds?

You can find the latest boxing odds for fights in our live betting sportsbook section if a fight has already started. If the fight you are looking for is yet to start, you’ll find the odds above in our sportsbook.

Can I bet on disqualification in boxing?

Yes! Disqualification is often included in the knockout or technical knockout winning category for betting on boxing fights.

Can I bet on a fight to end in a certain round?

Yes. Our Boxing betting section includes the options to bet on a specific round for a boxing match to end. You can bet on either fighter to win in that round or simply just for the fight to end at that time.

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