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Live In-Play Sports Betting

Bet live at Bet UK and get access to thousands of in play odds from across the world of sport at your fingertips today! Our sportsbook features extensive live sports betting from tournaments, leagues and races from all over the globe.

Live in-play sports betting at Bet UK gives you the chance to bet how you want. With incredible live in-play markets available for Football Betting and many more popular sports, using these in-play markets, you really can hit the target Bet UK. Betting in-play on live games is an ideal online betting solution for those that can read the game, understand tactics and can tell what is going to happen next.

Whether you’re into live football betting, love to bet on in-play tennis, enjoy being able to live stream horse racing alongside your wagers, or simply want to find a new sport to follow, then our sportsbook is the place for you!

We use dedicated live odds software and data analytics from hubs around the world to bring you updated odds in an instant. As soon as a goal goes in, a shot goes wide or a foul is awarded, our sports odds are ready to react and change in an instant. This way you get the very best betting live experience, whether it’s online or via your Bet UK app!

What is live sports betting?

Live sports betting has revolutionised the way we enjoy betting on football, rugby, cricket and the like. Over the past 20 years the development of online software and explosion in sports stats collection means you can now live bet in play on practically any professional event.

Live betting is different to traditional sports betting because the markets remain open while the action unfolds. And when there are changes to the match, race or event, then the live betting odds change accordingly.

So, for example, you might choose to bet on New Zealand to beat Australia at rugby. New Zealand are the pre-game favourites but Australia score two early tries. The live rugby odds immediately change, so that Australia are now the favourites. This could be the perfect time to wager on the All Blacks, or perhaps it’s time to cash out on that pre-game bet on Australia?

There are scores of betting markets for you to track in the live odds, and they range from which horse will finish second in a race, to which ice hockey player will score next.

Live stream alongside live sport betting

Here at Bet UK we’re dedicated to giving our players the maximum amount of information possible, so you can place the smartest bets and maximise your chances of winning. Because of that, we launched streaming alongside live sport betting that covers some of the world’s biggest.

Now you can watch online and bet live on a range of events. What’s more, you can access our updated stats bank, get betting trends, see the latest odds and read form guides for many sporting events, races and matches every day of the week!

To get started with sports live streaming, you’ll need to make sure you’ve joined the Bet UK community and activated your profile. From here you can select to play a stream that is running alongside the betting odds of your chosen event. Some sports will require you to place a bet before you watch the stream. Our streams are compatible on the Bet UK website as well as our Apple and Android apps!

Live Stream Sports

Bet UK’s Live In Play Sports Betting Markets

Bet UK offers a number of different sports betting markets on all sports around the world. Whether you are looking to place a live bet on the next frame at the Crucible, or back a next set win at Wimbledon, Bet UK has the market for you. Particularly popular with football betting, live in-play betting allows you to place selected bets as a match is taking place. These include; game-winner, last to score, next yellow card and many more. Can you always guess what's going to happen next? Live in-play betting could be the best way to place your bets.

Types of Live Bets

When looking to optimize the live betting experience, Bet UK have begun to offer hundreds of unique markets for anyone looking to place a bet during a game. These are divided into individual bet types, which can be found below.

Traditional bets

Traditional sports bets are the sort that are most popular with punters. They feature simple, uncomplicated outcomes like match winner, first goalscorer, HT/FT score and total goals or points. These bets generally either win or lose, there’s no grey area. However, they are also all susceptible to changes in the odds as the relevant sporting events play out. So, keep an eye out for odds changes in traditional bets when goals are scored, cards brandished, laps completed and serves aced.

Proposition Bets

Also commonly known as "Prop Bets" and these bets are now some of the fastest rising bets in online betting. A proposition bet is a bet based on a particular event happening in a game, such as goals or shots in football, blocks in basketball and touchdowns in American Football. These sport-specific bets can't be found in other sports and are largely specific to their sport. These are often bets that require more of a statistical analysis before being placed. There may be some overlap in markets with disciplinary issues such as yellow cards, the sin bin etc;

Special Bets

Bet UK has developed special bets over the years that draw the best bits from traditional bets and give them an extra twist. In most cases special bets focus on players, or minute incidents within games. For example, they’re known as prop bets in America and can be used to bet on blocks in NBA, successful throws in NFL and even strikes in baseball. Keep an eye out for Bet UK promos and offers that improve odds on specific special bets – particularly around football and tennis.

Multiple Bets

One of the newest additions to sports betting is the introduction of the bet builder, this is a feature which allows you to combine multiple bets into a single bet for a particular game. A good comparison would be to an accumulator, players input a series of betting markets such as goals, shots, cards etc; and create a treble or higher bet based on a singular game. These bets are incredibly useful for live bettors as you can often see how a game is going to go while watching the game, if Mohamed Salah is having significant success cutting inside a full-back and getting a shot away, you would look into Salah having a significant say on proceedings.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulators are one of the fastest-growing bet types in the UK and are now as popular as traditional wagers. Accas are combination bets, where you lump together multiple outcomes into one mega wager. In doing so, you greatly increase your odds because every leg of the accumulator must win in order for the bet to win. They’re popular in the early rounds of grand slam tennis tournaments where you can bet on all the heavy favourites to progress, and great for Football Betting in the FA Cup too!

How cash out works

Cash out is an option in the live sport betting world where you effectively end your bet early. It’s perfect for live sports betting when you’re trying to secure a big win, or when you think the tide is about to turn in a game or race.

Cash out is best explained through an example. Say you bet on Scotland to beat Spain in football, at odds of 10/1. Scotland score two quick goals, and suddenly their odds drop to 2/1. You’ll be offered the chance to cash out at a price somewhere in between your accepted price (10/1) and the currently live odds (2/1). If you want, hit Cash Out and claim your winnings immediately. You can then recycle the bet and place a new one, or withdraw your winnings!

Best In Play Markets For Betting

Now you know more about how live betting works, let’s take a look at four markets where live bets prove popular every day of the week…

Live Betting Market: Cards Betting

Cards betting is a truly unique bet live football has monopolised. Few other sports provide as many cards as football, and so that is where we’ll focus this example. In cards betting, you can wager on the total number of yellow cards in a game, the total number of cards shown to a specific team, and even which players could be shown a yellow or red card. The beauty of live betting is you can predict midway through a game which player might soon be booked, because they’ll be the ones accumulating fouls!

Live Betting Market: Over/Under Goals

The over/unders market is ideal for goals betting in football and a wide range of other sports. For football, punters generally tend to wager on how many goals a specific team will score. It’ll be something like: Costa Rica to score +2.5 goals. If they score three goals, you win your bet! But this market is also perfect for sports that feature much larger points totals, like basketball, American football and rugby. Here, you can bet on over/under total points across a game. This makes for compelling viewing if you’re betting live on sport!

Live Betting Market: Next Team To Score

A live bet that is applicable to most team sports, the Next Team To Score (NTTS) wager is often the perfect live bet. That’s because bettors can track patterns in a live game, and make more accurate predictions on who could score next. You can also use NTTS as an insurance bet. Say, for example, you’ve put £10 on England to beat Wales in the rugby. England are winning 27-10, and your bet looks good. But you decide to place a small NTTS wager on Wales in case they score next, just to act as an insurance against you potentially losing the first bet. If Wales don’t score, you’ll win your original bet and only lose a small amount from the second bet. If Wales score next, at least you’ve covered yourself.

Live Betting Market: Final Score

The final score market in any sport will always fluctuate when the betting is live. But what’s important to note about this market is that some scores will fall away as the game unfolds. Unlikely the match winner market in football, which can only go one of three ways (Home Win / Draw / Away Win) certain outcomes in the final score betting markets disappear as goals go in. So, if you bet on 0-0 at the start of a game and a team scores, your live bet is lost before the game’s even finished. Likewise, the odds on a 4-3 win for an away team will diminish if they’re leading 3-2 at half time. So keep an eye on final score bets and place wagers armed with this knowledge.

Online Live Sports Betting Strategies

Every sports betting fan will have their own strategy for live betting – and we’re not going to tell you how to place your bets! However, over the years expert sports bettors have worked out the in-play personality types that punters tend to gravitate towards. Here are three strategies that might catch your eye:

The form guy – You look at form books like they’re the bible and study them religiously. You won’t make a bet, even in play, without first knowing the form of the players or horses that are competing. This is live sports betting at its most attentive and something the pros do very well.

The acca master – You follow the odds and back dead certs in big accumulator bets. This is great for pre-game betting when heading into a weekend of football, for example. And you quickly get used to placing multiple live bets on numerous events at once, seeking to extract value from the odds. Use the bet builder to create your perfect accas.

The upset avoider – Betting on upsets isn’t easy, but what’s even harder is identifying live odds that suggest an upset is on the cards, and then backing the initial favourite. For example, an upset avoider would see England concede a goal against Iran and use that as the perfect moment to bet on England to avoid the upset. Effectively you’re betting on England at a better price than if the scores were level. Some punters use the handicap markets for this, others like to follow the live odds.

Mobile Live In Play Sports Betting

Remember, you can bet live both online and on mobile with Bet UK! We make sure players are at the centre of everything we do, and so we’ve developed an ultra-fast sports betting app so you can place wagers wherever you are, and at a time that suits you. Our sleek, fast and versatile mobile app is the perfect companion for live bettors who want to time their bets to perfection and exploit the live odds!

You can download our online betting app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.