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Placing bets on American Football at BetUK is the perfect place to hone your wagers, back your predictions and upset the odds during every gameweek of the season. From NFL betting to the NCAAF and CFL, BetUK is here to bring you all the latest American Football odds, tips and special offers.

Our detailed UK sportsbook means betting on American Football has never been easier. You can wager on multiple bets at once, bet on your favourite teams and players, access live NFL betting odds and trigger boosts.

How to Bet on American Football

This is one of the more straightforward sports to place wagers on. Unlike traditional football where draws complicate the match result market, in the American version, teams play until there’s a winner. It means there are only two variables to choose from when betting on the game, rather than three, which improves the odds of winning.

Another great aspect of American Football bets is the number of individual events you can wager on within one game. Here at BetUK, we offer extensive odds on everything from who wins the coin toss, who scores the first touchdown, how many yards a player will make, and how many points a team will score. Any bets that win will automatically be credited to your account.

Best American Football Bets

Most American Football betting fans focus on the NFL and it’s fair to say the usual suspects are where the majority of wagers gravitate towards. This means betting on the likes of the New England Patriots, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cincinnati Bengals, the San Francisco 49ers, and more.

Of course, it’s all good and well backing the big boys, but the beauty of this sport is that the Draft system makes it possible for teams to forge a good season from nowhere. Betting on the underdogs in the early rounds of the season sometimes isn’t such a bad idea.

American Football Betting Tips

There isn’t exactly a shortage of betting tips out there, so we’re not going to offer you any “expert” opinions here. But some smart tips to be aware of when betting on American Football, such as the NFL and the Super Bowl, include:

  • Do your research – Make sure you know the bet type you’re backing and the teams involved, and why the odds NFL teams are priced at are the level they are.
  • Test your risk – You can see how much profit you stand to make from a bet when entering a stake amount in the bet slip. Make sure to change your proposed stake and consider how much you’re willing to risk for the reward, before hitting Place Bet.
  • Follow the sport – Part of research is immersing yourself in the sport. So, if you don’t already, become a fan of the sport and learn the game inside out!
  • Forget loyalty – Most of us has a team we support but betting on your team isn’t always a good idea. Remember to bet with your head, not your heart.
  • Get support – If you need support when betting then be sure to contact us or read more on safer gambling

American Football Betting Markets

To place a bet on any match, you must first be aware of the betting markets available at BetUK. Here is a list of those available to our bettors.

  • Winner Bet: Bet on who will win the match.
  • Handicap: Bet on whether a team will win with a small advantage/disadvantage.
  • Total Points: Bet on how many points will be scored during the game.
  • Parlays: A combination of various bet legs.
  • First Half: Bet on what will happen in the first half of the game.
  • Quarter Bet: Bet on what will happen in each of the four quarters of the game.
  • Touchdown Bets: Bet on the number of touchdowns there will be in a game and who will earn those touchdowns.
  • Player Bets: Bets that are based on players receiving, passing and rushing.

American Football Terminology

Down - When the play is ruled as being dead, and the play is completed. The offence gets four downs to advance the ball ten or more yards. Failing to do so will lead to the team on offence surrendering the ball.

End Zone - The 10-yard-long area at each end of the field. If players enter the end zone with complete control of the Football, they will score a touchdown. Alternatively, being tackled in your team’s end zone while in possession of the ball will lead to the other team receiving a safety.

Field Goal - Similarly to betting on tries in Rugby Union, this is a kicking goal worth three points.

Fumble - When a player loses possession while running with the ball or being tackled. A fumble that is picked up by the defending team is called a Turnover.

Handoff - When the quarterback hands the ball to another player, setting him off for a running play.

Huddle - When the 11 players on the field come together to discuss strategy on the field.

Incompletion - When a forward pass falls to the ground and isn’t caught by the receiver or is caught out of bounds.

Interception - A forward pass caught by the defensive player, this ends the offence's spell of possession.

Red Zone - The 20-yard line to the opponent’s goal line.

Sack - When a defensive player tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, subsequently causing a loss of yardage.

Touchdown - A score worth six points occurs when a player in possession of the ball enters the opponent’s goal line, when a player catches the ball in the opponent’s red zone or when the ball is recovered in the opponent’s end zone.

American Football Betting Quick Links

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American Football FAQs

Want to know more about American Football bets? Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about betting on this sport.

How Does American Football Betting Work?

Betting on this sport works in exactly the same way as any other sports bet. Simply find the outcome and odds you want to back, enter your stake and place your bet. If you win, your payout will be relative to the stake you placed and the odds you backed.

What Does Money Line Mean in American Football Betting?

Money line in American Football betting is another way of saying the match result. If you bet on one team to beat another in the NFL, you’ve bet on the money line.

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