Baseball Betting Odds

Across the pond in the United States, Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the country, with millions of fans betting on the sport every week. If you’re looking to join them in betting one of America's pastimes, you can do exactly that at Bet UK, where you can find our wide range of baseball bets on every game. Check out our markets today and put together your best single bets or accumulator bets for the World Series or the MLB season.

Major League Baseball Betting

Although there are many different levels of baseball on offer within the US, the highest standard of play is in MLB or Major League Baseball games. The league is made up of 30 teams which operate across the US and Canada and will finish with the two top teams playing in the World Series.

Bet on Major League Baseball

Bet On National & American League

As part of the MLB season, teams will be split into two leagues, the National League and the American League. Within these separate leagues, there will be smaller divisions which include six teams from the east, west and central areas of the country, and punters will be able to find the best baseball odds for all of the games in each league whether you're looking to bet on teams such as the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers.

World Series Baseball Odds

Upon the conclusion of the regular season within the US, punters will be able to wager on the postseason tournament - The World Series. Punters are able to bet on the outcome of the World Series throughout the entire season by browsing the odds in our online sportsbook, and we'll also have baseball betting tips for the event as it gets closer.

Baseball Betting Competitions

Baseball is a sport vastly associated with the United States, which means you would expect to see the World Series and the MLB. However, you may not be aware of the presence of baseball in Asian countries, which led to Japan actually beating the USA in the 2020 Olympic Games. Bet on the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball, Japan), KBO (Korean Baseball Organization, South Korea) and the CPB (Chinese Professional Baseball, China) today at Bet UK.

As well as all of the best odds for baseball in the US, we have the betting odds for NCAAF College Baseball and the KBO league, including outright betting and the odds for each of the games as they take place.

Baseball Betting Markets

Outright Think you’ve got an excellent pick for the next winner of a major baseball tournament or season? Check out our outright bets on the National League or American League, where you can pick out your winner for any major tournament. One of the next major tournaments is the World Series, where you can find Houston Astros at 2/1 to win!

Game Bets This is a list of bets that can be made for individual games and their descriptions:

Match Winner Bet on the team that you believe will win the game at the end of the nine innings.

Handicap If one team are significant favourites or you’re expecting a closer game than the bookies, bet on one team to begin with a points handicap. Check out our guide if you want to know more about how asian handicaps work.

Total Runs Bet on the total number of runs to be made by a team or in the game as a whole.

First to score Bet on the first team to score a point in a baseball game.

Innings bets Bet on a team to lead by a set innings or a team to win an individual innings.

Match Parlays These bets allow you to combine bets, similar to the Bet Builder feature. However, these combinations are pre-made.

Listed Pitcher Place bets related to designated pitchers.

Baseball Betting FAQs

​​What does action mean in betting baseball?

Action is the opposite of listed in regards to the pitcher. So, if a bet is a listed pitcher bet, it is only active if the expected pitcher starts the game as expected, while action bets will consider all pitchers and provide a slightly higher set of odds to represent this.

What does moneyline mean in baseball betting?

Moneyline is the standard ‘to win’ bet. If you place a moneyline bet on any team and they win, you will be paid out.

Can you place a live bet on MLB?

Yes, Major League Baseball is applicable for live betting markets.

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