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Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the USA; almost every fan will follow a specific team in the hope they can win their division in their allotted league and hopefully clinch a spot at the World Series match which is expected to take place in October of each year. If you're looking to join these fans then why not take a look at all of the baseball betting odds we have on offer for the entire season of games which includes spring training and see if you can select the winning team in your MLB moneyline bets or accumulators of multiple teams.

MLB Odds

Within our wide selection of MLB odds, punters will see many of the big teams split into divisions and leagues. As well as placing bets and browsing the betting odds of individual MLB games, they will also have a chance to bet on the outright winners of each specific division and whether or not they believe a team can make it all the way to the World Series, which means if a team has failed to make it for a number of years, they may offer higher odds and bigger potential returns.

However, if you're looking for specific baseball odds today, we have a wide list of all the games which are happening live and those which are upcoming, so if you're looking to place a bet while the games are happening, head to our in-play markets.

Major League Baseball Betting

Before placing any MLB bets, we would advise getting to know the ins and outs of a baseball game, as the performance of teams in previous games and whether they can reach nine innings can have an impact on the MLB betting markets on offer within online sportsbooks.

A Single game of baseball will normally last nine innings, during a game, the home team and the away team will each take turns to bat and pitch. One team will come out the winner, and if you've bet on which team wins, you'll be awarded a payout.

National League Baseball Odds

As well as betting on the overall outcome of the season in the world series and the playoffs, punters can follow MLB betting lines for specific teams and leagues. The National League is the older of two leagues which are operated and feature teams from both the US and Canada, and for all of the matches across the divisions, you can bet on the games outright.

Within the National League, there are three divisions where you browse MLB odds and select the winners who you think will make the playoffs. Whether you're backing an underdog team or one of the favourites, we'll have the best odds on some of the top available teams.

National League East Betting

Three of the top competing teams in the National League East are very well known and head the betting markets for this division. The Atlanta Braves, New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies are among the strongest contenders within the division. These three teams have a long history of outdoing the rest and feature strongly within our sportsbook.

National League West Odds

Across on the west coast, there are many teams also looking to make the MLB playoffs. The teams which top the baseball bets markets are the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, who will both look to be main players across the MLB season for this division.

National League Central Betting Markets

The final division with this Major League baseball segment is the central division, and it's here punters will see the future bets available for the teams within that league to win, including St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs.

American League Baseball Odds

The alternative league to bet on within the MLB betting odds is the American League, and as well as the outright betting for all MLB games, we'll also have the MLB spreads and run line for each of the games.

As with this league, there are also three divisions in which players can place bets on the outright winners, who will make the playoffs and the game outright results.

American League East 2023 Betting

Within this division, the MLB teams which have iconic status are second to none, and the biggest of those is the New York Yankees. These have the most world series wins, with 27 in their 40 appearances, the most recent coming in 2009. Their closest rival in that division is the Toronto Blue Jays with a strong presence.

American League West 2023 Odds

The American League West provided the winner of the 2022 World Series with the Houston Astros, and it was the second successive MLB season this team reached the playoffs. They are the current favourites to win this league again and make the playoffs for the third consecutive seasons.

American League Central Betting 2023

The final division on offer within the MLB is the American league, and these are the last teams who have the chance to make it to the playoffs during the regular season. If you wager on games within this division, odds are it's the Cleveland Guardians and Minnesota Twins who'll be the teams to look out for.

MLB Betting - World Series

The focal point for all teams at the conclusion of the regular season is to make the World Series. The final series of baseball, it is played between the two teams who win the playoffs of the National and American League. Hosted in 2023 in Las Vegas, we have all of the latest MLB Vegas odds, so you can place your bets for the end of the MLB season now.

Major League Betting Types

When browning the MLB odds, you'll see there are many different types of bets on offer within our sportsbook. We've listed some of the most common sports wagers you can place on the sport below:

Parlay Bets

A parlay bet is similar to accumulators you will see across the normal betting markets and will feature two or more teams staking a single amount on all of them to win.

Moneyline Bets

Within baseball, this type of bet is simply on which team you think will win a game. This could be your favourite team and if they do manage to win the game, your bet has come in, and the winnings will be added to your account.

Futures Bet

These are basically outright bets, and these will be placed on which team you think will win a division.

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