Premier League Betting Odds

The Premier League is one of the most commonly viewed leagues in regards to football betting. As the pinnacle of English football, some of the most exciting matches in the world happen on a weekly basis and now you can bet on any game with just the click of a button! The BetUK Premier League sportsbook provides competitive odds and in-play markets alongside stats, latest scores and a live table.

The start of the 2023/24 season brings a number of betting markets to the forefront of Premier League betting, so whether you're looking at Manchester City to win the Premier League title, Luton Town to avoid relegation or simply wish to follow a standard Premier League game, you'll find a number of betting markets for each Premier League match.

Premier League Winner Odds

At the start of the season, fans of every top six club review the Premier League odds to see how likely it is that their club wins the Premier League title that season. Typically Manchester City and Liverpool sit as short favourites for the division title; however, the likes of Arsenal](/betting/football/england-premier-league/arsenal), Manchester United and Chelsea have all posed title challenges over the years.

In the upcoming season, Manchester City are the favourites in the outright betting odds while Arsenal and Liverpool sit at short-priced odds. Premier League betting odds are usually a good indicator of which teams will come out on top at the end of the season, with City sitting as title favourites in all of the last five years, winning all but one of those occasions when they narrowly lost out to Liverpool.

This means that if you're looking to bet on the Premier League title winner, you should seriously consider the favourite in the odds.

Betting on the Premier League winner is just one of the betting markets that is available all-year round, during pre-season this is the most popular market. However, during the season, you can sometimes determine who will win the league based on their early performances. Many punters use the live betting markets to wager on clubs at different times of the season, and cash out to make a tasty profit. Indeed, most punters who bet on Premier League winners are in it for the long-haul. And this can prove to be a valuable market! However, if the likes of Man Utd or Arsenal have a good start to the season, fans will remember Arsenal's capitulation during the 2022/23 season. So, betting during the season on the league leader, can go wrong.

Premier League Relegation Odds

At the other end of the Premier League table, Premier League relegation betting can prove to be the most profitable bets the Premier League can offer. This is due to the large number of betting markets available based around Premier League relegation to the football league.

The first option available to bettors is the standard to be relegated market, when selecting a team for this, you then have three spots in the league for the chosen team to be relegated. So, let's say for example, you've backed Sheffield United to be relegated, you'll be paid out if they finish 18th, 19th or 20th but the odds will be smaller than for other relegation betting markets.

The second option available to bettors is the 'team to finish bottom' betting market, this is the process of betting on the team that will finish at the foot of the table. So, if you backed Burnley to finish bottom of the Premier League table, you will only be paid out if they finish bottom. However, because you've picked a specific position these Premier League odds will likely be substantially higher than if you just picked the team to be relegated.

The final option is a forecast bet, this is the process of picking all three teams to be relegated. There are two methods of doing this, a standard forecast and straight forecast, the standard forecast will allow you to bet on the three teams to be relegated and if all three teams finish in the bottom three positions in any order, you'll receive the payout. A straight forecast on the other hand, means that you must bet the correct positions of all three teams. So, if you backed Burnley 18th, Luton Town 19th and Sheffield United 20th, and they all finished in the bottom three but Luton Town and Sheffield United switched positions, you would not receive a payout. These bets are the potentially the most profitable but are the hardest to win as you're predicting three positions in the English Premier League.

Premier League Relegation Odds

Premier League Top 4 Betting

One of the most popular Premier League bet types is found in the top four market. Securing a Champions League place by finishing in the top four positions is vital for seven or eight clubs – and this means there’s a scramble each season to get into the competition.

This is great for football betting fans because these top clubs can all beat each other, and the top four is always changing. The odds, therefore, are also in flux. It means you can bet on teams at one stage of the season and then wager against them later on, making a profit regardless of what happens in the end.

You can bet on a team finishing in the top four at any point in the season by simply scrolling down to the bottom of the EPL odds page. What’s more, you can wager on more than one club to secure a top-four finish in an accumulator bet created within your bet slip. Simply click on each odds selection and the bet slip will combine them together into a mega wager at greater odds!

Other than betting on the top four, you can also bet on which teams will make the Champions League and Europa League as some of the other betting markets available when betting on the top tier of English football.

Live Premier League Betting

In-play football betting is hugely popular among punters as it offers the chance to make quick decisions and exploit the odds. Indeed, most football betting fans wager in-play during games, looking for gaps in the markets and timing their wagers to the optimal moment.

Here at BetUK, you can bet in-play on the Premier League with ease. Many of our markets stay open during games, and all you have to do to place a live bet is find the odds that are right for you. You can explore each in-play fixture, click on the odds and confirm your bet in the pop-up bet slip. But you may have to be quick as the odds can change in a flash if something big happens during the game!

In-play betting is our favourite way as it allows you to follow all the action. You can wager on markets such as:

Remember to keep an eye on the live stats available on each EPL game when you’re accessing in-play Premier League betting markets. These will help you make even smarter bet choices and potentially lead to bigger profits. Each of these markets can be used while placing bet builder bets on individual games.

Betting on Premier League matches

Sometimes the best Premier League odds come in the form of Premier League matches, betting on individual games can prove to be profitable if you can correctly predict how the match is going to go. This is significantly easier than picking Premier League winner odds or Premier League relegation odds at the same price as there are more variables in a season than in 90 minutes. However, for Premier League betting odds on markets such as goalscorers, time is restricted and the later in a game you place these bets, the higher the Premier League odds will be.

Bet on Premier League Derbies

They say form goes “out the window” when it comes to Premier League derbies and they’re not wrong. Derbies are the games where against-the-odds upsets are often found. There is no knowing exactly how a team responds to a derby – and there are some outcomes that are more likely to happen during a grudge match.

Derby betting trends include:

  • Increased number of cards – There are generally more cards shown in derby games than ‘normal’ Premier League matches.
  • More late drama – Derbies can be incredibly tight and it often leads to late drama, with goals, last-ditch saves and red cards all part of the action
  • More corners – This ties into the ‘late drama’ expected in derbies. There are usually more corners awarded in derbies because there is more attacking intent from both teams
  • More draws – More draws are produced in derbies compared to ‘normal’ football fixtures, sometimes by as much as 25% more each season

The league formed back in 1992 but English football’s historic derbies go back much further than that. The Manchester derby, the Merseyside derby and any Midlands derby are guaranteed to provide drama every season. There are also scores of cross-London clashes, due to the large number of London clubs in the league. Big derbies include:

Additional rivalries have also sprung up that don’t have anything to do with where clubs are based in England. Chelsea](/betting/football/england-premier-league/chelsea) and Leeds have a rivalry dating back to the 1970s, Arsenal and Manchester United’s rivalry sparked in the 1990s and these days Manchester City and Liverpool games are fiercely contested.

Betting on the Premier League Outright

Looking for Premier League outright odds? BetUK have a wide range of odds and markets for the Premier League, as seen below.

Premier League winner odds allow players to bet on the winner of the league.

Premier League relegation odds show who the most likely teams to be relegated to the Championship are.

Premier League top 4 odds show the teams who many will be predicting to be finishing in a Champions League position this season.

Premier League Golden Boot odds include the players that many believe will score the most goals during the campaign, those with the lowest Premier League betting odds are the players who are expected to score the most goals.

There are also a wide range of betting odds available for bets that include individual teams to finish above each other. So, you can avoid Premier League title odds or the Premier League relegation battle when selecting your bets on the division.

Premier League Betting FAQs

Who won the Premier League with the highest odds?

In 2015/16 Leicester City famously won the Premier League title despite starting the season at odds of 5,000/1.

Who won the Premier League last season?

Manchester City are the current Premier League champion finishing top of the Premier League table last season.

Who won the top scorer award last season?

When it came to top scorer odds nobody came close to Erling Haaland and unfortunately for many teams, the top scorer betting options were limited outside of the Norwegian striker as he won virtually every category.

Who finished in the top four last season?

Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle United finished in the top four last season, gaining a place in the UEFA Champions League.

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