England Vs Australia happens regularly thanks to the Ashes, which is a men's test cricket series between these two nations. The next edition is to be hosted in 2025-26 in Australia but the two teams are very likely to meet several times before then with the likes of the World T20 competition.

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England Vs Australia in Test Matches

Historically, England and Australia have mainly faced off in test matches during the Ashes series. However, there are several instances of the teams facing off in test matches almost every single year. How have those matches gone? You can view the test match results and trends for England Vs Australia below.

YearMatchesEngland WinsAustralia WinsDraws

*No matches between the two in 2020 or 2016.

Because of the two teams, you'll find that the teams are more evenly matched in regards to the betting odds in this category of match in comparison to others.

England Vs Australia in ODI Matches

One Day International's between England and Australia are more sporadic than test matches with just seven matches between current day and 2020. Australia tend to dominate England in this format, and many argue that this is England's weakest format while ODI's are where Australia are specialists and sit second in the world behind India.

How have Australia dominated in recent years? See the ODI results below.

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
4th November 2023*AustraliaEnglandAustralia by 33 runs
22nd November 2022AustraliaEnglandAustralia by 221 runs
19th November 2022AustraliaEnglandAustralia by 72 runs
17th November 2022AustraliaEnglandAustralia by 6 wickets
16th September 2020EnglandAustraliaAustralia by 3 wickets
13th September 2020EnglandAustraliaEngland by 24 runs
11th September 2020EnglandAustraliaAustralia by 19 runs

In regards to betting odds, Australia will be favoured in most ODI matches.

England Vs Australia in T20 Matches

England Vs Australia in the T20 format is very similar to in the ODI format as the Ashes changes the complexion of the two teams in the test match format but most matches here will be in either a series or a competition. In regards to rankings, England are actually ranked higher than Australia in the T20 format. England are ranked second and Australia ranked third, both behind India.

How have matches between the two sides gone recently? Check out the results since 2020 below.

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
October 14th 2022AustraliaEnglandNo result
October 12th 2022AustraliaEnglandEngland by 8 runs
October 9th 2022AustraliaEnglandEngland by 8 runs
October 30th 2021*AustraliaEnglandEngland by 8 wickets
September 8th 2020EnglandAustraliaAustralia by 5 wickets
September 6th 2020EnglandAustraliaEngland by 6 wickets
September 4th 2020EnglandAustraliaEngland by 2 runs

*Game was played on neutral ground

In regards to betting odds, the two will be evenly matched in this format with England as slight favourites.

England Vs Australia Cricket FAQs

England and Australia are currently set to face off on June 8th 2024 in the Group Stage of the World T20. The match will take place in the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados.

The last match between Australia and England was on the 4th November 2023 in the Cricket World Cup where despite an inspired bowling performance by Chris Woakes, Australia beat England by 33 runs.

England and Australia will face off in November 2025 in the next series of the Ashes, the early cricket betting odds have Australia as the favourites for the series with odds of 1/2 at the time of writing.

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