England Vs India Odds

Since the sport of Cricket was invented there are two nations that have almost always sat at the top of the rankings and they are England and India. Both nations have had their good and bad times, India with more of the good times in recent memories but when the two clash, they are always highly anticipated affairs.

In 2024, England and India clash in test match competition. However, with the World T20 coming up, it wouldn't come as too much of a surprise if we end up with England Vs India betting markets during that tournament as both teams will be looking to reach the latter stages of the competition. England's test match series with India expands from January to March and is one of the cricket betting highlights during the early months of the year.

England Vs India In Test Matches

Every few years, England face off against India in the Pataudi Trophy, a series of matches that add a little more fire and excitement to the standard friendly matches. It's like England's Ashes series with Australia just without the heat behind the rivalry. Both teams want to win as it lays down a fantastic marker for the year ahead but in 2024 if you're looking to place bets on the series as a whole, the odds have rarely favoured India as much as they currently do. As India sat as a healthy 1/9 to win the series before the first match and England sitting on the other end of the two numbers at 9/1. It is rare to see the odds so against England but given the nations recent form, it is probably justified - although don't be surprised if you see cricket betting tips offering a tip for England to win a match, they have the quality to avoid a whitewash here.

If you're looking to bet on future test matches, it's likely that India will have the edge but we don't think England will lose every game of the series.

England Vs India in T20 Matches

In a shorter format, bets are a little more limited but the games are significantly less predictable. Particularly if you're looking at the likes of England Vs India where the two teams are of high quality, if one team is slightly off-form on a certain date, you might find the team with the higher odds can claim an unlikely victory.

England's T20 victory over India in the Semi-finals of the T20 World Cup in 2022 will live fresh in the memory as one of the top games for England in recent years. A team that looked so disjointed in 2023 looked near unstoppable in 2022 with Alex Hales and Jos Buttler each scoring 80+ as England eased to a 10-wicket victory against a side that had comfortably beaten them in the last four series'.

Unfortunately for England, the 2022 success isn't something that comes to them normally against India. In-between their two World Cup meetings, the two sides have faced off in 17 T20 matches with India winning 10 and England winning 7 - which is still a better record than what most nations have against India. When the two face in a one-off fixture, England come out on top more often than not but when it comes down to a series, India often get the better of the home nation.

England and India could face off in the upcoming which would provide England a chance to get back to back tournament victories over India in the format - which would be a huge boost to their confidence. However, as it stands, India will be the favourite for those looking to bet on the game.

England Vs India in ODI Matches

England's latest ODI against India went almost as bad as it could have with India taking a 100 run win with England losing all wickets for just 129 runs. However, it hasn't always ended like that for the home nation, India may be one of the top names in Cricket but England have taken that crown from them on a few occasions. Their most recent ODI victory came in the 2019 World Cup as England went on to win the tournament after beating India in a fantastic group stage affair. India would go onto lose to beaten finalists New Zealand in their semi-final while England beat Australia to make it to the final.

It'll likely be another few years before England face India in the ODI format but based on their recent performances, that's a better thing for England.

Who will win the next match between England and India?

Unfortunately for England fans, it looks likely that India will win their next upcoming match. However, the odds are stacked against England meaning that if you were to place bets on England to perform well and they come off, you could find larger profits for those bets than others.

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