Cricket Betting

Cricket betting provides plenty of different opportunities and markets to bet on. Bet UK's online betting has markets on major cricket matches, from county cricket games to the biggest test matches. Cricket Betting doesn’t stop when the match starts either, there is a huge selection of in-play markets throughout the match.

Some say cricket is the second most popular sport on the planet, with an estimated three billion fans worldwide. With its unique pace and fierce yet friendly rivalries, cricket is a popular sport for both viewership and online betting.

The rich nuances and subtlety of cricket make it a wonderful game to immerse yourself in. There are all manner of different codes with short, sharp limited-over contests through to Test matches that stretch over days, which means there are plenty of options when it comes to cricket betting.

Developing a detailed understanding of cricket opens up the tremendous potential to unearth some value bets and the prospect of solid profits. But first, you need to arm yourself with a little knowledge of how the game works.

Best Cricket Odds

Looking for the best cricket odds around a wide range of tournaments ranging from the competitions that happen every year such as the Indian Premier League to the tournaments that happen on occasions such as every two years or every four years. As for the formatting of the odds, these don't change between sports, so for all sports betting markets odds will be formatted the same in either a fractional, decimal or American format. For cricket odds, we recommend using fractional betting odds as it's easier to read than the alternatives.

Cricket Betting Markets

Cricket betting offers another opportunity for Bet UK to bring a range of markets to our players. Cricket is a sport that can have lots of different events and possibilities, in both test matches and in Twenty20. Bets can be placed on the highest individual score, whether or not there will be a 100 hit, or even as simple as which team will win the toss. If you want to get a bit more in-depth with your cricket betting, then betting markets such as top bowlers or top batsmen might be more up your street. Here are some additional betting markets that you may look to use when betting on Cricket.

Match Odds - Bet on the team who are going to win the match.

Toss Winner - Bet the the team who are going to win the coin toss.

Top Run Scorer - Bet on either the top run scorer for a team or the whole game.

Player Runs - Bet on the number of runs scored by individual players. Whether they'll score a century or a half century and more!

Player of the Match - Bet on the player who will receive the player of the match prize at the end of the game.

Top Wicket Taker - Bet on which bowler will take the most wickets during a game. Commonly, you will find wicket keepers aren't included in markets for the top wicket taker.

Totals - Bet on the best opening partnership, individual score totals and the total run-outs in matches.

Match Events - Bet on the number of 4s, 6s, highest opening partnership and other individual events such as the Super Over.

Fifty/Century - Bet on whether a player scores either a half-century or full-century during the game.

1st ball/1st over - Bet on the outcome of the first ball or the first over.

Dismissals - Bet on the way the first dismissal will happen.

Domestic Cricket Betting

The Indian Premier League is the world’s biggest club competition. Played in the T20 format over six weeks in April, the razzmatazz and hype are like nothing else in cricket. Nationally, England has its T20 Cup and Australia hosts the Big Bash League each year.

In England and Wales, domestic competition centres around county cricket with 18 first-class clubs playing in the County Championship and 19 further sides in the Minor Counties Championship. Both leagues operate a home and away fixture set-up with four-day matches played out.

Betting on Test Cricket

The nature of Test match cricket sets it up perfectly for the strategic bettor. With games straddling five days, each session lasts two hours with around 30 overs played in each.

Because of the length of a Test match, the conditions and pattern of play can vary enormously throughout the contests. The natural breaks in action though allow fans to take stock of where the action, and the betting markets, are heading.

The variables in Test cricket can be huge. Weather plays a significant role, as does the condition of the wickets. Tactical tweaks are a feature throughout each Test. Some players are naturally suited to Test match cricket and some more to the shorter formats.

Even the pre-match toss of a coin - to decide who bats or bowls first - will influence how the session and the day’s play pans out, as does the state of the ball which is in play.

Betting on ODI Cricket

One Day and T20 cricket are hugely popular worldwide with stratospheric audiences, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. The focus in one-day cricket matches switches somewhat because rather than the Chess-like strategies employed in Test cricket, the whole aim is to get runs, and quickly.

This means that more aggressive tactics are employed with power plays, and batsmen suited to the task, are much more of a feature in each team’s approach. From a spectator's point of view, matches are over in less than a day meaning that in-play cricket betting moves right to the fore.

Markets can fluctuate rapidly during the action which then requires nimble attention to how play is going and quick-fire bets are in order to maximise the odds on offer and the value that can be achieved.

Betting on T20 Cricket

T20 cricket essentially elevates the excitement of the one-day version at an even faster pace. With only 20 overs to rack up a winning score, each team is limited to just 80 minutes in which to do so.

A draw is impossible in T20 cricket too as the rules don’t allow it. If there is a tie after regular play, each team nominates three batsmen and one bowler to face-off in a single “Super Over”. If a team loses two wickets in those six balls, they lose the game outright and the other team wins. If that doesn’t happen, the team with the highest score from the single over will win.

Live Cricket betting Odds

So many factors can affect the outcome of any match rapidly meaning that live betting on cricket can be both entertaining and rewarding.

As with other sports, live betting - or in-play betting - enables you to place bets on the outcome of a match, or on events that may take place during a match, as it is being played.

Live online cricket betting means that you’re able to get a feel for the game and place your bets accordingly. For example, if one team takes a significant lead early on, it might be hard for the other to catch up. Conversely, you may see the odds for the favourite to win get longer if the underdog plays better than expected. If you still believe the favourite will finish as eventual winners, this can provide an opportunity to back them at better odds than were available pre-match.

Betting in-play on cricket also opens up a number of opportunities to wager on what will happen during the course of the contest, meaning that you can sport opportunities as the game progresses as you get a feel for how the match is going, and can account for variables involved.

What competitions can I bet on at BetUK?

When you look at the Cricket betting calendar, there are a number of major cricket competitions that you can bet on at BetUK.

In regards to domestic cricket tournaments, you can find the following:

Big Bash League

Indian Premier League

T20 Vitality Blast

The Hundred

In regards to international cricket competitions, the top competitions are:

Cricket World Cup

ICC Champions Trophy

The Ashes

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