Big Bash League Betting

Since the origination of the BBL tournament in 2011, this Twenty20 Cricket tournament features eight teams from cities across Australia, including; Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Sydney Thunder, Sydney Sixers, Melbourne Stars, Melbourne Renegades, Hobart Hurricanes and Perth Scorchers.

When it comes to the playing format, each team will match up against the other twice over the course of the tournament, deciding who will make it through to the finals. Those that qualify for the finals will take part in a series of knockout matches consisting of; Eliminators, Qualifiers, Knock-Outs and Challengers.

Eliminators - The Eliminator round is where fourth place matches against fifth.

Qualifiers - Here, first place will play against second to determine which team will make it to the final.

Knock-Out - For the Knock-Out round, third place will match up against the winner of the Eliminator.

Challenger - The winner of the Knock-Out will be matched up against the loser of the Qualifier to decide which other team will feature in the final.

Final - Bringing the tournament to a close, the penultimate final will consist of the Winner from the Challenger and the Winner of the Qualifier. These two teams will go head-to-head for the BBL title.

Of the eight teams that participate in the BBL, six have been successful in obtaining the title; however, the competition has only been running since 2011, which shows how competitive it can be. The finals format also provides a good chance for teams placing further down the table to qualify for the grand final.

Big Bash League Odds

At Bet UK, you can discover cricket betting markets for outright and live Big Bash League odds as the action unfolds in Australia. In the weeks and months building up to the Big Bash League, the odds will become available on the markets for you to view.

Big Bash League Outright Odds

With the outright betting odds, you can select betting options before the first ball is thrown. Through the outright betting markets, you can discover some of the most popular selections, including outright winners and top performers in the competition.

Outright BBL Winner - Before the Big Bash League has started, you can view the odds for each of the eight teams to be the champions by the end of the competition. This bet will be available throughout the competition, but the odds will likely drop as it becomes clearer which teams are the likely favourites.

Key BBL Stats - Throughout the Big Bash League, several key statistics are collected for individual players and teams. This can include players tallying the most wickets or runs for the duration of the season.

Match Winners - For each game scheduled for the upcoming BBL, you can predict which team you believe will win. This bet type can be extended with handicap betting, allowing you to place a handicap on teams that are favourites so the odds can be improved.

Big Bash League Live Odds

As you follow each bowl and run in the Big Bash League, you can browse the live betting markets, allowing you to bet on key events in the game. With BBL games often showcasing their competitive nature, many punters prefer to bet live, so they can see how the game is playing out.

Betting on each over - Every over in the BBL will consist of six ball deliveries from the bowler. Before the next one commences, you can view live Big Bash League odds that allow you to bet on what you believe will happen in that over. This can include bets on how many runs will be achieved or any wickets to be taken.

Player statistics - Throughout the game, you can also view live odds for individual performances. For example, the number of runs a certain player will score by the end of the game or over.

Big Bash League Betting FAQs

How do you find the best Big Bash League betting odds?

With every run and wicket taken, the BBL odds will be updated to reflect the events that are taking place. Keeping track of the latest markets can be difficult, but following the latest news from the tournament, you can make more informed decisions about which bets you would like to place.

Take a look at the historical results of each of the eight teams participating to get a better understanding of those who are likely to be favourites going into the upcoming competition.

How many overs are there in the Big Bash League?

At the start of a game, the first team batting will have 20 overs to score as many runs as possible. Once their 20 overs are complete, the teams will switch sides to give the other team a chance to beat their score and win the game.

Which team is the most successful in the Big Bash League?

Since Cricket Australia introduced the BBL in 2011, the Perth Scorchers have cemented their status as the most successful team, having won the title on several occasions and consecutive seasons.

Other teams that have won the competition include; Sydney Sixers, Brisbane Heat, Adelaide Strikers, Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Renegades.

Where is the final played?

The final is always hosted at the stadium of the team that has performed the best over the course of the season. It is also an Australian competition meaning all the teams and matches are based in Australia.

How long is the BBL season?

The Big Bash League will run from the month of December, with the finals being played in January and February.

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