Chess Betting

Chess is one of the oldest games in history and it's only right that it gets the respect that it deserves on the online betting front. A more competitive competition than the latest TV fad, what Chess may lack in popularity, it more than makes up for in competitive betting action. Chess enthusiasts and masters gather from around the world to test themselves at the biggest events and see who the greatest chess player currently is. Fascinating, thrilling yet simple and easy to play, Chess is a game that has been played by millions of people around the globe and with in-depth strategies in place, it is almost impossible to predict your opponents' next move, which makes picking a winner, an art.

Chess Betting Odds

When checking out our Chess page, there are two areas in-which players will look to place bets. The first of which is outright betting odds, so if our players are looking to place a bet on Chess competitions such as the World Chess Championship, they would look to place an outright bet. The second bet type is an in-play bet, this is a scenario where in a 'best of' series of games, players can bet on the winner of the next game and what is going to happen during the game.

Chess Betting with ELO Rankings

If you're unfamiliar with ELO Rankings, the best way we can compare is using the FIFA rankings in Football, ELO Rankings, tell us who the best players are in individual categories. Like how the FIFA rankings would tell football fans who the best team in Europe, South America etc; are, the Elo Rankings tell us who the best players in each of the four Chess categories are. The most common category for Chess betting odds is the 'OPEN' category, for tournaments such as the World Chess Championship, you'll find the betting odds tend to corelate alongside the rankings with the likes of Magnus Carlsen sitting at the top of their rankings. We recommend checking out the rankings before you bet because true Grand Masters are incredibly difficult to defeat and that is how you'll find the best odds to win.

Chess Championships

When looking at betting on Chess, many will look to the World Championships, where you can be on many individual games, predict correct scores based on the current score and more. However, it is also worth noting for speed chess competitions the time delay doesn't exist, players must play within the allotted time and this can have a major impact on players but it can also be a sharp indicator of the odds, odds will quickly change depending on what happens during a match.

Some of the most prestigious Chess tournaments include:

  • The Candidates Tournament
  • Wiijk aan Zee (The Chess Wimbledon)
  • Grand Prix 2023
  • American Cup
  • Grand Chess Tour

You'll be able to find more information on these tournaments on Bet UK's sportsbook.

Chess Betting FAQs

Can you bet on Chess?

By having an account at Bet UK, you can place a bet on any Chess competition year-round. The most famous competition for betting is the World Chess Championship. However, if you're looking to be on the most prestigious prize, that would be the World Chess Cup, which takes place bi-yearly and is organized by the International Chess Federation (FIDE). However, there aren't just betting markets for the biggest chess events, bettors can also find a wide-range of tournaments across the year to bet on.

Where can I bet on a Chess game?

The best place to place a bet on a singular Chess game is at Bet UK, with hundreds of matches containing various markets both in-play and outright. You can bet on the winner of a game, the winner of a tournament and much more! With our top class betting selections, there is nowhere better to bet on Chess than at Bet UK.

Do people bet on Chess?

Absolutely! Betting on Chess dates back to the Elizabethian era when scholars would place bets on two Chess players facing off in competition. In the modern day, the value of bets has changed and the way of betting has changed with in-play score information available, you can analyse a Chess game without watching it from your computer screen, making it a very good opportunity to bet.

Is Chess a Sport?

The International Olympic Committee considers chess to be a sport, they ask the question of whether or not Chess requires skill or if it is a game of chance? Of course, Chess is a game of skill, meaning that yes! It is a sport and you will be able to find it with our sports betting markets.

How did Chess betting become popular?

There are many positives and many negatives of social media; however, one sport that has received a major uplift in popularity is Chess, which has led to a number of betting options fo r Chess betting. Many influencers have uploaded Chess-related content which has reached a wider audience of players who perhaps wouldn't have tried to sport otherwise. The TV show 'The Queen's Gambit' also helped raise the popularity of the sport across multiple markets and has increased the number of players, particularly on mobile devices.

Where can I watch Chess games I bet on?

When placing a bet on Chess, there are a number of gaming platforms that host live streaming for Chess. Popular gaming live streaming sites will host competitions such as the Chess World Cup, other than that you can find live betting on Chess on our sportsbook and follow matches that way/

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