The Ashes Odds

Having started way back in 1882, The Ashes has become one of the most recognised and prestigious Test matches, bringing together the international teams of England and Australia.

After a strong history between the two teams, The Ashes has been built on a great rivalry that makes for an exciting match-up. Adding to the intensity of the series, the total number of Ashes titles is distributed relatively evenly between both countries, demonstrating how competitive it can be.

The series will feature five Test matches, where the sides compete to obtain The Ashes trophy. As one of the most anticipated match-ups in the world of cricket, this series comes around once every two years, with the host location alternating between Australia and England.

Originating from Ashes history, the Ashes Urn has become an iconic trophy, inspiring the prize for the successful team at the end of the competition. The original Urn is not the official trophy and is said to contain the ashes of a cricket bail from one of the first matches.

The Ashes Betting Odds

During each Ashes series, you will find the latest Ashes odds across our online betting markets, including outright and live in-play options.

As this Test series takes place over five matches, The Ashes betting odds are likely to be updated throughout to reflect the events occurring in each. This can include changes to outright bets, such as the series winner and individual awards.

The Ashes Outright Odds

Outright betting allows you to predict key events before The Ashes has started, including the option to bet on the outright winner, individual awards and the results of specific matches.

Some of the most common outright bets for the Ashes include:

Outright winner - Before the series starts, you can predict which country (England or Australia) will win the overall competition.

Match Results - The Ashes consists of five test matches, and you can bet on the correct score of each throughout the series. You can also bet on which team you believe will score the most runs, making them the winners of the match.

Handicap - If you feel one of the sides has a strong advantage, you can place a handicap bet, requiring the favourites to beat the other side by a set amount of points.

Compton-Miller Medal Winner - This is an individual award that is provided to the top performing player throughout the series. Before the competition has started, you can bet on which individual you believe will perform the best.

The Ashes In-play Betting

Ashes betting can become even more detailed with the introduction of live in-play betting. This allows you to bet on specific events occurring during games as they are being played.

Below are some of the popular options for in-play Ashes betting:

Number of runs - Throughout each match, you can predict the number of runs achieved for the current or next over. This bet is often linked with over/under betting, where you predict whether they will score over or under a set number of runs.

Number of wickets - As the game progresses, you can bet on whether a wicket will be hit or the number of wickets that you expect to see in the remainder of the test match.

Overs betting - For each overplayed during The Ashes, you can bet on the events you predict will occur during that period. This can include the number of runs and wickets.

How to bet on The Ashes

If you're searching for Ashes betting odds, you can find all the latest options at Bet UK, including the choice to bet on each match and outright predictions ahead of the highly anticipated clash between England and Australia.

Alternatively, if you're looking to bet on Cricket, the first thing you'll need to do is head to our sportsbook, filter by our cricket betting options and view the events available to bet on directly via our sportsbook.

The Ashes Betting FAQs

How can I find the best Ashes odds?

The Ashes is a reasonably long competition between two teams, with five matches throughout the series. Each match can last up to five days, with plenty of time for events to change and favourites to be decided.

Following each day of The Ashes will give you a good indication into which team and players are performing the best, which is great for understanding the latest Ashes odds on the betting markets.

It's also likely that many of the Ashes betting odds will be updated in relation to how the competition is playing out.

Who usually wins The Ashes?

Competed between two strong sides, The Ashes is a very close Test Series, where England and Australia have a similar total of series wins.

Before you start betting on The Ashes, ensure you have checked each side's form going into the competition, including injuries to key players that could exclude them from the squad.

There is no guaranteed approach of correctly predicting outcome, but you can make more informed decisions before selecting your bets.

What happens if The Ashes results in a draw?

In the result of the competition ending in a draw, the current holder of the Ashes retains the trophy until the next series.

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