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IPL betting has never been so exciting and now you can get the latest IPL odds, stats, live updates and more right here with Bet UK. Betting on IPL games began as soon as the tournament was launched way back in 2007, and to this day the IPL is the world’s flagship T20 domestic competition. Especially as it has the most attended cricket league in the world.

The millions of pounds spent attracting the best cricket players in the world to India, no wonder cricket betting fans from across the planet book out the IPL season for their wagers. Whether you support a team like the Chennai Super Kings or Mumbai Indians, or prefer to bet on cricket players at an individual level, Bet UK has everything you need to place IPL bets today.

What’s more, the winning bet cricket fans crave to master is more easily found within these markets, which offer extensive stats and updates so you can make the most reasoned decisions.

How to bet on IPL

IPL betting online is primarily focused on two bet types: either betting on individual matches and players, or betting on season-long wagers. The first is where you can get IPL odds online covering everything from who will win a match, which player will take the most wickets, and which batter will top score. This is also where you can bet live on IPL cricket games, to do this check out our live betting markets where you can bet on IPL games as they happen.

The second type is for punters who love looking ahead to the end of the season. Bets such as who will win the IPL, who will top score, who will be named MVP and which players will be sold to which teams can all be found here.

No matter how you bet on IPL, the way to place a wager is always the same. First, log into your Bet UK profile or sign up for an account today. Then once you’ve made your first deposit, head over to our sportsbook where you’ll find the IPL betting odds in the search bar. Choose your market to bet on, select the odds and enter your stake in the pop-up bet slip. Once you’re happy with the risk and reward required, his Place Bet to complete the process.

Any winnings will be placed into your account, available for you to re-bet or to withdraw. Please check terms and conditions for details of free bets and bonuses.

2024 IPL Betting on the Group A Format

When looking at World Cricket, most countries don't have the sheer number of teams to have two different groups in their league; however, the Indian Premier League isn't an average age and the IPL betting odds demonstrate this. The first group is Group A which contains:

  • Mumbai Indians
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Lucknow Super Giants

Last time out it was a relatively new side that led the way in Group A, after a good performance in 2022 they pushed even further forward in 2023 with Lucknow Super Giants finishing top of their group but still had less points than the top two teams in Group B, perhaps indicating that group B is a stronger group than Group A. The new team have 100% records against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals, so you would likely be able to back a win if you backed the Super Giants against those teams.

2024 IPL Betting on the Group B Format

The Group that hosts the defending champions of the IPL is Group B. Outright markets demonstrate that the Chennai Super Kings will go on to have another good season but Gujarat Titans had the best results in the league table last season finishing on 20 points. Typically even the top teams finish with between 4-6 defeats but judging who will beat those teams will determine how profitable your bets will/can be.

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Gujarat Titans
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Punjab Kings

Best IPL teams to bet on

The Indian Premier League has produced some legendary teams down the years and the best thing about this tournament is that any team can win it. The IPL auction acts as a leveller where teams can choose how much they want to pay for the elite stars. This means we might not know the best teams in IPL one year until just a few weeks before the tournament.

Some franchises have, however, fared better than others since the Indian Premier League’s inception. Here are just some of them to look out for:

Rajasthan Royals – Winners of the inaugural IPL in 2008, the Rajasthan Royals have never replicated that feat. However, the team reached the IPL final in 2022, losing to newcomers Gujarat Titans.

Mumbai Indians – Having won the Indian Premier League five times between 2013 and 2020, the Mumbai Indians are many people's favourite team. And they're usually a good source of profit for any bet cricket fans may think of placing.

Delhi Capitals – The big team from Delhi still hadn't won an IPL title as of 2022, despite reaching the semi-finals five times and the final once. They're usually a good bet for season-long markets however, after a dreadful season in 2023, it's unlikely that many will bet on them next season.

Punjab Kings – Arguably the worst IPL franchise, Punjab Kings are one of the better teams to bet on because they are predictable. However, last time out, they picked up six wins out of 14 games, could a change of fortunes be on the horizon for the Kings.

Popular IPL & cricket bets

When it comes to making a bet cricket fans usually focus on the general match odds, such as match winner, top bowler and top batter. Here’s a little more detail about what the most popular cricket betting markets are and what mean in relation to the IPL…

Match result – Most cricket betting fans wager on the match result. And whether it’s Test cricket or the IPL, this popularity remains strong. The IPL is great for match result betting in a live context, because boundaries and wickets can trigger big swings in the odds.

Top bowler – IPL bowlers are famed for their dexterity with the ball in hand, and cause havoc for inexperienced batters. Betting on who takes the most wickets is a common wager.

Top batter – Likewise, you can wager on which player will top score at the crease either for their team during an innings, or in a match overall. Quite often the IPL odds favour top-order batters.

Over/Under – Wager on how many runs a team will score, whether it be over or under a specific line. Over/Unders are a smart wager to follow and help improve your knowledge of the teams.

IPL betting tips

When it comes to the Indian Premier League there are a few additional IPL betting tips that are worth considering before you place a wager. Remember, the IPL is a fast-paced tournament where new favourites are created every season. So we can’t simply rely on the usual big boys every year.

Some top Indian Premier League betting tips include:

Do your research – It’s worth reading up on which teams fared well in the IPL auction, and which have the pick of the star international talent. From here, you can place smarter bets by knowing who the key players for each cricket team.

Back the batters – The IPL is a batter’s game. It’s all about slogging those deliveries over the boundary, and so the team with the best batters usually comes out on top. So, keep an eye on the batting stats and consider your wagers from there.

Follow live – Here at Bet UK you can follow the IPL live and bet in-play on scores of bet types. Following a game live gives you deeper insight and a better understanding of how a game might pan out.

Follow the toss – Researchers a few years ago found the team that bats second win Indian Premier League games 58% of the time. If you keep an eye on the toss and bet on the team batting second, then over the course of the season you should, the theory goes, win wagers at a 6:10 ratio.

IPL Betting FAQs

Is IPL a betting game?

The IPL presents vast betting opportunities for UK viewers, the popularity of the game meant that sportsbooks in England have begun to accept bets for the competition. You can show your support for the Indian Premier League and place bets on your favourite teams at Bet UK.

How do I bet on IPL?

To place a bet on the Indian Premier League, you must have an account with a licensed sportsbook that will accept bets on the Indian Premier League like Bet UK who have thousands of betting markets across a number of sports and cricket matches and competitions, including the Indian Premier League.

Who won the 2023 Indian Premier League?

Chennai Super Kings won the 2023 IPL beating Gujarat Titans in what was the longest ever IPL final due to rain on a number of day, this meant that the Super Kings were set a revised target which they met with the final ball of the game. This tied Chennai & Mumbai for most IPL trophies.

Who are the worst team in Indian Premier League history?

Despite finishing as semi-finalists and finalists in their history, Punjab Kings are technically the worst team in Indian Premier League history based on win/loss record. They have played 226 matches (stat taken before 2024 season), losing 123 games and winning 102. This is a win ratio of 45.33%, the lowest in the history of the competition.

How do I watch the IPL in the UK?

There are two ways you'll be able to watch the Indian Premier League in the United Kingdom, the first is on Sky Sports Cricket and the second is on DAZN, both will feature cricket in other markets and other competitions such as the Hundred in the UK.

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