ICC Champions Trophy Odds

With the first edition of the Champions Trophy coming in 1998 when it was known as the ICC Knockout Trophy, it has since evolved to include varying formats, taking place every four years.

Although it has many similarities to other test cricket competitions, the ICC Champions trophy is completely different and features eight teams. Having been founded by the International Cricket Council, they opted for a slightly shorter competition, lasting around two weeks.

It selects the eight highest-ranked teams in ODI cricket to make up the current eight teams.

Over the years, the ICC Champions Trophy has changed format several times, incorporating varying amounts of teams and the number of games each would be required to play.

In 2017, the ICC Champions Trophy was set to be replaced by the ICC World Test Championship, which was soon withdrawn to continue the Champions Trophy. This would also be a special tournament for Pakistan as they would go on to win their first title.

ICC Champions Trophy Betting

You can find the outright and in-play odds on the latest betting markets for upcoming ICC Champions Trophy matches and competitions.

Outright ICC Champions Trophy Odds

If you're looking to make predictions before the ICC Champions Trophy has started, you have the option to select outright bets. Some of the popular outright selections can include:

Winner of the Champions Trophy - Predict which country will win the ICC Champions Trophy. As the Champions Trophy begins, you can still make this bet; however, the odds will be updated as it becomes more clear who the favourites are.

Match results - Before each game gets underway, you can bet on the team you believe will win that match-up. There are other variations of this bet, such as handicap betting, allowing you to place a handicap on a team that are considered strong favourites. This would mean the favourites would need to win by a certain number of runs for the bet to be successful.

Player of the tournament - With outright betting, you can bet on individual awards, including the player of the tournament. At the start of the tournament, you can browse the odds for each player before making a prediction for which player will be the most valuable.

In-play ICC Champions Trophy Odds

Some prefer the option of in-play betting, allowing you to follow the Champions Trophy live as you browse the latest betting odds.

Betting on overs - For every match played in the ICC Champions Trophy, you can bet on each. This can include bets on the number runs that will be hit during that period.

Next wicket - In-play betting odds can be more specific than outright betting, including the option to bet on when the next wicket will be hit during the Champions Trophy matches.

Totals - This can also be considered an outright bet with the option to place an over/under bet on the overall game; however, you can also bet in-play during each over. For example, you could place a bet on the number of runs to be under a certain amount in the upcoming over.

Betting on the ICC Champions Trophy

Throughout the competition, Bet UK will have all the latest odds for both betting markets, allowing you to follow the Champions Trophy's action while browsing the betting options available.

ICC Champions Trophy Betting FAQs

How can I find the best ICC Champions Trophy betting odds?

The ICC Champions Trophy will occur over a couple of weeks, with each country playing through pool games before qualifying for the semi-finals and the penultimate final.

With that being said, there are plenty of games to follow and consider before deciding to place your bet, especially with each match and moment affecting the latest odds.

Following each result, can be better for spotting the best odds available on the markets as you are more familiar with the favourites and what the odds suggest.

Who is the most successful in ICC Champions Trophy history?

With the first tournament taking place in 1998, this a relatively new competition. As a result, only eight tournaments have been hosted in its history.

Ranging from knockouts to a round-robin format, the tournament has also included different numbers of teams over the years, making it slightly more challenging to judge the country that is truly the most successful.

Despite this, Australia and India have the most titles to their names, whilst other past winners include the West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

What betting tips are available for the ICC Champions Trophy?

There are no guaranteed tips or methods for correctly predicting the outcomes of the tournament. However, some general tips can be applied to each betting decision.

In the run-up to the tournament, ensure you understand the teams competing, including their form going into the first matches. This can help you when searching for the best odds.

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