England and New Zealand are two evenly matched sides in most formats. However, both sides are too inconsistent - when they are good, they can beat the best in the world, when at their worst, they lose to far inferior sides. What will happen when the sides face off in 2024?

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England Vs New Zealand in Test Matches

England and New Zealand have participated in some classic matches over the years with both sides picking up huge victories against the other. It could be said that this is one of the most evenly matched matches in recent years. The versus record between the two sides in the test match format can be found below.

YearMatchesEngland WinsNew Zealand WinsDraws

Because of the quality of the two teams, you'll find that the teams are more evenly matched in regards to the betting odds in this category of match in comparison to others.

England Vs New Zealand in ODI Matches

One Day International's between England and New Zealand have favoured the home nation in recent years. However, their is no denying that New Zealand are a quality outfit. The two teams have had some truly quality match-ups and every time the two teams are drawn against each other in a major competition, we know that we are going to see a very good day of Cricket.

How exactly have England had the better of the two teams recently? Check out the results between the two teams below.

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
October 5th 2023*EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand Win
September 15th 2023EnglandNew ZealandEngland Win
September 13th 2023EnglandNew ZealandEngland Win
September 10th 2023EnglandNew ZealandEngland Win
September 8th 2023EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand Win
July 14th 2019EnglandNew ZealandDraw
July 3rd 2019EnglandNew ZealandEngland Win
March 10th 2018New ZealandEnglandEngland Win
March 7th 2018New ZealandEnglandNew Zealand Win
March 3rd 2018New ZealandEnglandEngland Win
February 28th 2018New ZealandEnglandEngland Win
February 25th 2018New ZealandEnglandNew Zealand Win

*Match was played on neutral ground.

In regards to betting odds, New Zealand will be favoured in most ODI matches.

England Vs New Zealand in T20 Matches

England and New Zealand are two of the top teams in the world when it comes to the T20 format. Although, England struggled more in 2023, we find that the two nations have a lot of work to do moving forward. With many T20 events coming up, the two teams could face off and if they do, check out the results below to get an idea of what to expect in their upcoming matches.

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
September 5th 2023EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand Win
September 3rd 2023EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand Win
September 1st 2023EnglandNew ZealandEngland Win
August 30th 2023EnglandNew ZealandEngland Win
November 1st 2022New ZealandEnglandEngland Win
November 10th 2021*EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand Win
November 10th 2019New ZealandEnglandDraw
November 8th 2019New ZealandEnglandEngland Win
November 5th 2019New ZealandEnglandNew Zealand Win
November 3rd 2019New ZealandEnglandNew Zealand Win
November 1st 2019New ZealandEnglandEngland Win

*Game was played on neutral ground

In regards to betting odds, the two will be evenly matched in this format with New Zealand as slight favourites.

England Vs New Zealand Cricket FAQs

As it stands, the next guaranteed match between England and New Zealand will come in November 2024 when New Zealand will host England in a three-test series.

It is however, possible that the two sides will face off before then in the World T20. Both teams sit as favourites to get out of their initial groups according to the cricket betting odds, which could lead to the two sides facing off in the second group stage known as the Super 8s.

The last time these two nations faced off, New Zealand won a very one-sided contest by nine wickets (82 balls remaining).

England finished 282/9 after 50 overs and a 273 not out partnership between Devon Conway and Rachin Ravindra gave New Zealand the perfect platform in the opening game of the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

The only positive for England came in the batting, where not a single player was out for less than 10 runs but at the same time, only one player made a half-century and that was Joe Root.

Records go back extraordinarily far for England Vs New Zealand matches, so we've divided these figures back to just the last 10 years.

During this time, England have beaten New Zealand:

  • Five times in the test match format (out of 13 matches).
  • 11 times in the ODI format (out of 19 matches)
  • 8 times in the Twenty20 format (out of 16 matches)

Overall, this gives England a 50% win record over New Zealand in all forms of Cricket in the last 10 years.

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