England and South Africa tend to be exceptionally tight contests with two top sides that look to push the very best the world of Cricket has to offer. However, it has to be said that South Africa have had the better of the two teams in recent years. Can England shift that poor form?

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England Vs South Africa in Test Matches

Despite South Africa being more than formidable opposition, England have had the better of the two sides in recent history. The two teams are ranking 3rd and 4th in the test rankings respectively but ratings indicate that there is still a fair distance between the two sides in regards to test match quality - do the recent results match that? Find out below.

YearMatchesEngland WinsSouth Africa WinsDraws

Because of the two teams, you'll find that the teams are more evenly matched in regards to the betting odds in this category of match in comparison to others.

England Vs South Africa in ODI Matches

England and South Africa may be one of the most evenly match fixtures in the ODI game. South Africa have had the edge in recent years but the two teams always provide a fantastic contest on the big stage. Check out some of their

How have Australia dominated in recent years? See the ODI results below.

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
October 21st 2023*EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa by 229 runs
February 1st 2023South AfricaEnglandEngland by 59 runs
January 29th 2023South AfricaEnglandSouth Africa by 5 wickets
January 27th 2023South AfricaEnglandSouth Africa by 27 runs
July 24th 2022EnglandSouth AfricaDraw
July 22nd 2022EnglandSouth AfricaEngland by 118 runs
July 19th 2022EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa by 62 runs
February 9th 2020South AfricaEnglandEngland by 2 wickets
February 7th 2020South AfricaEnglandDraw
February 4th 2020South AfricaEnglandSouth Africa by 7 wickets

In regards to betting odds, Australia will be favoured in most ODI matches.

England Vs South Africa in T20 Matches

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
July 31st 2022EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa win by 90 runs
July 28th 2022EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa win by 58 runs
July 27th 2022EnglandSouth AfricaEngland win by 41 runs
November 6th 2021*EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa win by 10 runs
December 1st 2020South AfricaEnglandEngland win by 9 wickets
November 29th 2020South AfricaEnglandEngland win by 4 wickets
November 27th 2020South AfricaEnglandEngland win by 5 wickets
February 16th 2020South AfricaEnglandEngland win by 5 wickets
February 14th 2020*South AfricaEnglandEngland win by 2 runs
February 12th 2020EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa win by 1 run

*Game was played on neutral ground

In regards to betting odds, the two will be evenly matched in this format with England as slight favourites.

England Vs South Africa FAQs

England and South Africa currently aren't scheduled to face each other in at test series. However, the two clubs could face off in the World T20 if they best Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands and Nepal in the group stage.

The last time these two sides faced off, it ended in humiliation for England. England were all out for 170 in 22 overs after South Africa managed a fantastic 399/7, meaning the winners won by 229 runs.

It could have been much worse for England who were 38/4 and 68/6. However, bowlers Gus Atkinson and Mark Wood made the score look somewhat dignifying

Yes! England have won a number of test series' in South Africa, their 2019/20 test series finished 3-1 to England and you actually have to go back to 1999/2000 to the last time South Africa beat England on home turf in a test series.

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