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Welcome to the Bet UK darts betting hub, where you’ll find all the latest darts odds, matches, tournaments and special bets right here. Access the best darts betting markets, follow your favourite players with live score updates, and enjoy elite-level darts events every week of the year.

Here at Bet UK, we’re passionate about delivering the best darts betting experience to our community to players. That’s why each match features around 100 markets, so you can find the darts odds that suit you.

Wager on events ranging from match and tournament winners to highest checkout, leg betting and even bullseye finishes. What’s more, keep an eye out for offers when you bet on darts, and explore our player specials for the latest unique odds!

How Darts Betting Works

You can access all the best darts betting odds in our hub here. Betting is split into two sections: Live & Upcoming, and Outrights. In the Live & Upcoming tab you can wager on individual matches, follow games live and bet in-play, and also look ahead to upcoming fixtures. Our outrights tab grants players access to tournament bets, such as who will win the PDC World Darts Championship, the Premier League of Darts, and the Masters.

No matter what bet you decide to make, the process of placing a wager is always the same. First, make sure you’re signed into your Bet UK account and make a deposit. Then simply check out the odds available here, and click on an outcome you want to back. Enter your stake in the bet slip, check your risk and potential winnings, and hit Place Bet when you’re ready to bet.

Any winnings will be automatically paid to your profile once the bet is settled – and you can follow all the latest scores and live updates right here!

Best Darts Betting Markets

Darts betting centres around some core betting markets that are similar to those found in most sports where one player is facing another, such as tennis betting or snooker betting. Some of the most popular Bet UK darts betting markets include:

Match Winner – Simply bet on who you think will win the match in question

Leg Betting – Wagering on events in an individual leg, with markets such as checkout total, who will check out, and checkout points totals

Total 180s – A popular bet is to wager on the total number of 180s you think will emerge during a match. This can focus on an individual player or be a combined total

Highest Checkout – A simple bet on which player will nail the highest checkout, which usually floats around the 130 mark

Correct Score – Wager on what the correct score will be. Much like in football betting, nailing a correct score bet can result in big profits

Darts Betting Tips

When it comes to betting on darts many players deploy the same tactics used in other individual sports, such as tennis and snooker. For example, wagering on heavy favourites in the early rounds of tournaments is a usually-reliable way of securing profit, even if the gains are small.

Most punters will wager on the match-winner markets, but others discover much more profitable ventures elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to explore the Bet UK sportsbook and look at markets such as total 180s, highest checkout and tournament progress.

One big tip is to look at leg betting when you want to wager in-play. Here, you can bet on individual legs within the match, and focus your bets. This is perfect if you want to bet on a player you know struggles in the early rounds of matches, but always pulls through towards the end.

Another great tip is to keep an eye on the latest stats and league tables, especially the averages. A player nailing consistent high averages is likely to do so again, even if they’re not all winning their matches. It’s, therefore, better to wager on another high-average game for said player, rather than risking a bet on the match winner market.

If you're looking for betting tips on darts check out our darts betting tips hub.

Best Darts Events To Bet On

There are darts tournaments being played across Europe every week but some attract more interest – and prestige – than others. Here are three of the best darts events to bet on…

World Darts Championship (December-January) – The PDC World Darts Championship is a spectacular showcase of elite-level darts players on the oche. The Worlds take place at London’s Ally Pally and attract thousands of enthused fans every night. Betting on World Darts Championship matches offers punters access to more detailed odds, live scores and in-play betting specials. The tournament has a £2.5m prize fund – and punters can also win big across the Christmas period too!

Premier League of Darts (February–June) – The Premier League of Darts consists of 16 thrilling weeks of action during the group stage, before a Finals showdown every June. The tournament has proved a big success with spectators and darts betting fans alike. Eight of the world’s best players compete on the oche around the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany each year – and it all culminates in the final. Michael van Gerwen, Jonny Clayton and Gary Anderson are past champions who regularly compete in this league, and have helped Thursday nights truly become Premier League of Darts nights.

World Matchplay (July) – The third and final jewel in darts’ Triple Crown is the World Matchplay. Phil Taylor dominated this tournament until 2014, after which Micahel van Gerwen and Peter Wright have excelled, among others. The prize money now stands at £800,000, and the tournament is famed for regularly featuring matches with averages over 100. Held at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, it is a classic on the darts calendar and not to be missed.

Darts FAQs

Want to know more about how to bet on darts? Check out our FAQs below…

Q. How do players win at darts?

Darts players must whittle down their total score from 501 to exactly zero, throwing three darts at a time. A player must finish on a double in order to win a match.

Q. How does each Way betting work in darts

Each-Way betting doesn’t strictly exist in darts. But you can bet on other outright markets, such as a player to reach the World Darts Championship final, or make the Premier League of Darts Finals.

Q. When is the PDC World Darts Championship?

The PDC World Darts Championship begins in early December each year, and runs to the first weekend of the New Year. Usually the tournament takes a break before Christmas Day before starting up again on the 27th December. The next World Darts Championship final is scheduled for the first full weekend of January.

Q. How does Premier League Darts betting work?

Premier League Darts betting is slightly different to other tournaments, because you can also bet on the league standings. This is a multi-week tournament that runs from February to June, so wagering in the outright markets is perfect if you want to exploit the changing odds at a later date.

Q. When can I bet on darts?

You can bet on darts all year round via the Bet UK sportsbook. We have darts betting markets to cover every wager, from match winning markets and player specials, to tournament odds and bet boosts. Keep an eye on the latest darts betting odds and live scores every week of the year!

Bet UK’s Darts Betting Markets

Darts betting doesn’t offer as many different markets as football betting for example, but there are still plenty of markets to take a look at. Particularly in-play, there are plenty of different opportunities to bet on. Similar to tennis betting, each darts match is split into a number of legs, which can each be treated as an opportunity to place bets on. Darts betting on the highest checkout is also popular. Betting on which player will have the highest checkout throughout the match and correct scores markets can offer some of the biggest betting odds. Betting on the correct score will offer some of the biggest darts odds, but obviously, this means it's much harder than choosing an outright tournament winner.

For example, these are some of the betting markets you will find on Bet UK

Winner Bet: - This is a bet that is based on the player who will win either the event or match that you are betting on.

Highest Checkout - Bet on the player who will finish a leg with the highest checkout. For example, if Nathan Aspinall's highest checkout is 120, but Peter Wright's is 170, Wright would win.

Most 180's - Bet on the player who scores the most 180s during a match.

King of the Oche - Bet on a player having the most 180s, winning the match and having the highest checkout.

Correct Score - Predict the correct score of a game, this is particularly easier for the opening games of a tournament due to the number of legs/sets in each round.

Leg Betting - Predict what is going to happen in an individual leg (1 round of darts)

Darts Odds and Tips

Darts betting strategy follows a similar strategy to golf betting, it’s all about researching the player you want to bet on. With so many different events, there are a number of different formats that dart matches and tournaments might follow. Some events might have shorter matches, with more sets or more legs. This could easily affect your darts betting, with certain players performing better in shorter matches than in longer matches. Head-to-head results should also come into account when darts betting, with some players struggling against certain opponents. Particularly when facing big names such as Michael Van Gerwen, some players might not be able to handle the pressure. Bet UK will have all of the darts betting tips for the big events throughout the year.

The Biggest Darts Betting Events

Darts betting is normally focused on 3 major events, alongside several other events that are scattered throughout the year. The PDC World Darts Championship is the headline darts betting event. Held annually at Alexandra Palace, the home of darts, the World Darts Championship crowns the best darts player in the world. The BDO World Darts Championship is another worldwide event that is perfect for darts betting. Although not as prestigious as the PDC Championship, the BDO still pits a number of world-class darts players against each other. Finally, the Premier League of Darts is the only league format available for darts betting. Only containing 8 of the world's elite darts players, the Premier League has all-star matchups each week.

Darts Betting Useful Terms

Darts betting has a lot of markets that are similar to different sports. Just to make sure that everything makes sense, Bet UK have put together a short list of terms for darts betting.

Checkout - The figure that a darts player wins a leg on is known as a ‘checkout’. The higher the checkout, the more impressive it is, making the highest checkout an interesting market to bet on.

Legs Handicap - Similar to an Asian Handicap in football betting, Legs Handicap gives a player a legs advantage or disadvantage. Rather than -1 or +2 in football, legs handicaps are a bit bigger, often +3.5 or -4.5.

9 Dart Finish - A 9 Dart Finish is the darts equivalent of a striker scoring a hattrick. A 9 dart finish requires 9 perfect darts, that allow the player to checkout after just 3 throws. It rarely happens, but when it does, it could mean a big payout in darts betting.

Darts Events

Grand Slam of Darts

Held in the Midlands - typically Wolverhampton, the Grand Slam of Darts is one of the biggest tournaments of the year with half a million in total prize money. Phil Taylor is the most successful player in the history of the tournament with six wins. Michael Van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price have three apiece in second and third. The unique element of the Grand Slam of Darts was that it introduced BDO players to the PDC format, the only BDO player to ever win the tournament was Scott Waites in 2010 who defeated the likes of Adrian Lewis, Raymond Van Barneveld and James Wade en route to ending Phil Taylor's reign of dominance.

Find our Grand Slam of Darts betting tips

PDC World Darts Championship

Held at London's Alexandra Palace, the World Darts Championship is one of the most prestigious events in the world of darts tournaments. With a prize fund totalling to over 2.5 million, incredibly Phil Taylor made 19 finals in his 25 appearances with eight tournament wins in a row between 1995 to 2006 before losing to Raymond Van Barneveld in dramatic fashion in 2007. Michael Van Gerwen is second in total wins with a total of 3, 11 behind Taylor.

Find our World Darts Championship tips

Premier League Darts

A tournament based across the world, the Premier League brings months of darts entertainment to our doorsteps with a different venue every night. Phil Taylor once again holds the record for the number of Premier League wins but his reign of dominance was ended in 2013 when Michael Van Gerwen first took to the Premier League stage, the Dutchman reached seven finals in a row, winning 5 and losing two before Glen Durrant's 2020 win. In recent years, the format has changed with all competitors entering a nightly tournament to determine the winner of that week.

World Cup of Darts

The biggest team even in darts history is the World Cup of Darts, taking place in various locations around Germany, this event has a total prize pool of £350,000. However, it offers teams a unique opportunity to win as a unit rather than as an individual, they still must win their individual games but it offers a safety net if a player is off-form during a game. Only four nations have ever won the World Cup, the Netherlands, England, Scotland and Wales.

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The Champions League of Darts

The most recently created of all of our darts tournaments is the Champions League of Darts, created in 2016, there have been four tournaments in its history with a different winner every year. Based on the Champions League in football, this competition hosts the top eight players every year in a knockout tournament with the winner taking home 100k. The tournament hasn't been held since 2019 due to covid complications, however, the next installment of the tournament is set to be an amazing one with the current top eight in the rankings.

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When Can I bet on Darts?

You can bet on darts at any point, from the week before to the final dart, you'll be able to place a bet on a fixture due to the wide range of darts odds that we have on Bet UK. Whether you're looking for outright bets, match bets, or in-play betting on darts, you'll find it at Bet UK.