Darts Betting at Bet UK

Darts is a classic British sport that is loved around the country. With tournaments now taking place all year round, and all around the world, darts is becoming a global interest. Alongside the growth in popularity, darts betting has become one of the most popular online betting markets. With the likes of Michael Van Gerwen, Peter Wright alongside growing names such as Rob Cross, Nathan Aspinall and Fallon Sherrock.

Bet UK’s Darts Betting Markets

Darts betting doesn’t offer as many different markets as football betting or horse racing betting for example, but there are still plenty of markets to take a look at. Particularly in-play, there are plenty of different opportunities to bet on. Similar to tennis betting, each darts match is split into a number of legs, which can each be treated as an opportunity to place bets on. Darts betting on the highest checkout is also popular. Betting on which player will have the highest checkout throughout the match and correct scores markets can offer some of the biggest odds. Betting on the correct score will offer some of the biggest darts odds, but obviously, this means it's much harder than choosing an outright tournament winner.

Darts Odds and Tips

Darts betting strategy follows a similar strategy to golf betting, it’s all about researching the player you want to bet on. With so many different events, there are a number of different formats that dart matches and tournaments might follow. Some events might have shorter matches, with more sets or more legs. This could easily affect your darts betting, with certain players performing better in shorter matches than in longer matches. Head to head results should also come into account when darts betting, with some players struggling against certain opponents. Particularly when facing big names such as Michael Van Gerwen, some players might not be able to handle the pressure. Bet UK will have all of the darts betting tips for the big events throughout the year.

The Biggest Darts Betting Events

Darts betting is normally focused on 3 major events, alongside several other events that are scattered throughout the year. The PDC World Darts Championship is the headline darts betting event. Held annually at Alexandra Palace, the home of darts, the World Darts Championship crowns the best darts player in the world. The BDO World Darts Championship is another worldwide event that is perfect for darts betting. Although not as prestigious as the PDC Championship, the BDO still pits a number of world class darts players against each other. Finally, the Premier League of Darts is the only league format available for darts betting. Only containing 8 of the world's elite darts players, the Premier League has all star match ups each week.

Darts Betting Useful Terms

Darts betting has a lot of markets that are similar to different sports. Just to make sure that everything makes sense, Bet UK have put together a short list of terms for darts betting.

Highest Checkout - The figure that a darts player wins a leg on is known as a ‘checkout’. The higher the checkout, the more impressive it is, making highest checkout an interesting market to bet on.

Legs Handicap - Similar to an Asian Handicap in football betting, Legs Handicap gives a player a legs advantage or disadvantage. Rather than -1 or +2 in football, legs handicaps are a bit bigger, often +3.5 or -4.5.

9 Dart Finish - A 9 Dart Finish is the darts equivalent of a striker scoring a hattrick. A 9 dart finish requires 9 perfect darts, that allow the player to checkout after just 3 throws. It rarely happens, but when it does, it could mean a big payout in darts betting.

Online Sports Betting at Bet UK

Darts betting is only a small part of Bet UK’s online sports betting platform. Bet UK offers sports betting on sports and major events throughout the world, including football betting, horse racing betting and tennis betting. Alongside our online sportsbook offering, Bet UK also has offers and free bets available to our customers. You can also join our UK online casino, which is full of online slots and live casino games like Roulette and Blackjack. You can also be assured that Bet UK is safe and secure as part of our Safer Gambling efforts.

Other Sports Betting Markets at Bet UK

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