What are Slingo Games?

What Are Slingo Games?

Slingo games are essentially a cross between bingo games and online slots, providing an innovative casino alternative for those that are looking to expand from live casino, table games, slots, and other gaming options. Despite being founded back in 1994, it’s only been in recent years that they’ve risen to the top of popularity in the UK, but they’re seriously challenging Megaways slots as some of the most played games right here at Bet UK. This guide helps to explain why the Slingo revolution seemingly has the momentum of a runaway freight train, and why they’re here to stay.

How Do Slingo Games Work?

As the name suggests, there are elements of both online slots and bingo incorporated into Slingo games. While the layout may initially look like a standard slot game, the “reels” are in actual fact mostly a large bingo-esque card, with numbered positions. The first slot element comes from the lowest row, which will spin as the game is played and reveal a series of symbols, usually numbers. If any of these correspond to any of the numbered positions in the respective column of the grid, they will be crossed off. Each game will have its own setup, but the general objective is to cross off as many win lines (known as Slingos) as possible on your card, as you would in a bingo game, in order to try and win prizes, such as the bonus rounds found in slots. To further help you achieve this, Slingo games feature a wild symbol or two, which allow you to choose which numbers to remove. We’ll explore this in further detail shortly.

How to Play Slingo Games

At the start of each round of Slingo, players select a stake that will cover the entirety of the set number of spins; often 10, but not always. The reel at the base of the grid spins and matching numbers can be crossed off the card, with Joker symbols aiding you in your efforts. There are often two of these that can come into play, with the standard Joker allowing you to cross off any numbers in the column on which they appear, and the Super Jokers allowing you to cross off any remaining number on your card - a more efficient way of completing Slingos. At the end of the allotted number of spins, you can often place additional wagers to try and complete further lines after the base game has been completed. The price for each of these will vary, but will be clearly displayed on the Spin button.

Are Slingo Games Better Than Online Slots?

Whether or not Slingo games are better than other online casino options such as the best live casino games and unique slots is open for debate. While games like the out-of-this-world Starburst slot and the revolutionary Live Mega Ball offer a wide range of intriguing features and valuable benefits, that doesn’t mean they’re untouchable. Much like Mega Ball, Slingo games plug the gap left by having such diverse games by combining elements of more than one, in this case with slots and bingo. This makes them an interesting prospect for both veteran and novice casino players, but whether they’re better than online slots is largely down to personal opinion.

What Slingo Games Are There?

There are a wide variety of Slingo games available, but below is a brief list of some of the most popular we have in our collection at Bet UK:

Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance presents a unique spin on the conventional Slingo setup, as it takes on an appearance that is reminiscent of 80s video games. You have to meet certain criteria to advance up each of the levels, which are each worth more in terms of the amount they add to your prize fund. As ever, completing full lines of numbers will add a more significant cash value to your total amount. But that's not all, as completing Slingos in other patterns such as the shape of a T or the shape of an X will be worth even more, with the top prize of 10,000x your stake being awarded for a full house.

Play Slingo Advance

Slingo Cascade

While the overall structure of Slingo games can vary, Slingo Cascade largely follows the standard pattern. However, it offers a dynamic mechanic through which double the number of wins are potentially up for grabs. With a system that shares similarities with tumbling reels found in a variety of online slots, completed Slingos are blasted from the reels by the cannons that form a significant part of the game’s pirate theme, which is slightly more on the bright and vivid side than the likes of the Pirate Gold slot. Furthermore, Angel symbols can land on the reel, which will instantly clear up to five numbers from your card, once again adding to the vast winning potential on offer in Slingo Cascade.

Play Slingo Cascade

Slingo Centurion

With a Roman theme, Slingo Centurion follows the general layout associated with this type of game, but packs in some additional features that can help to complete lines. These are presented by the titular character from the Centurion slot, who emerges from his hiding place to the right of the grid, and blows his trumpet to award a variety of bonuses. These can include a guaranteed number of matching numbers, Free Spins, or Jokers. All of these can help you climb up the bonus ladder to the left of the grid. Five Slingos award the Reelus Maximus Bonus, which features a giant 3x3 symbol on a standard set of slot reels for a free spin. There are other prizes in between, but a full house of Slingos will award Wild Power Spins, where columns of wild symbols can be placed on the middle reels to boost wins.

Play Slingo Centurion

Deal Or No Deal Slingo

The classic TV show is seemingly the perfect theme to adapt into online casino games regardless of their format, as we’ve seen with the live casino variant of Deal or No Deal Live, and the slot that offers up to 117,649 ways to win on every spin, Deal or No Deal Megaways. Therefore, it makes sense that Deal or No Deal Slingo would be in our collection, and it doesn’t disappoint. You can choose your own lucky red box at the beginning of the round, and four completed Slingos will begin to see the banker make you offers for said box. You are free to accept or refuse as the game plays out with a combination of classic Deal or No Deal style, and dynamic Slingo features that can multiply the values within the remaining boxes for up to 1,000x wins.

Play Slingo Deal Or No Deal

Slingo Fluffy Favourites

Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites series of slots are some of the most-played here at Bet UK, and it’s not hard to see why. Channelling the general atmosphere of carnivals and funfairs, the Fluffy Favourites games offer you the chance to play mini-games to try and win prizes. That’s exactly what you find in Slingo Fluffy Favourites too, with the Toy Box Pick, Coin Pusher, and Hook A Fluffy bonus rounds available if you can complete enough Slingos. You can also earn upgraded versions of each of these, where the cash prizes on offer can climb even higher, and the duration of the feature can increase. 12 completed Slingos will award you five uses of the Toy Pick claw grabber, with a prize guaranteed each time.

Play Slingo Fluffy Favourites

Slingo Fortunes

Much like Deal or No Deal Slingo, this game allows you to select from a variety of hidden cash values that can directly impact your winnings. The difference is that in Slingo Fortunes it’s lucky red envelopes that you’ll be opening instead of boxes. As you cross completed lines off your card, you’ll move up the prize ladder as standard. These come in the form of multipliers to the totals hidden within envelopes, as well as the ability to receive offers for your chosen envelope, which is available after forming four Slingos. You can accept these offers, refuse them and carry on, or open your chosen envelope instead. The maximum prize available in this game is an intriguing 1,000x your chosen stake if the Gods of Fortune smile down upon you.

Play Slingo Fortunes

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Our Rainbow Riches Guide has had to be swiftly updated following the addition of the fantastic Slingo version. While other games in this series have been innovative, as we’ve seen with both Rainbow Riches Megaways’ 117,649 ways to win, and Rainbow Riches Leapin’ Leprechauns’ dynamic gameplay, Slingo Rainbow Riches is something else entirely. While it follows the overall structure of similar titles, the bonus features that can be triggered by completing enough Slingos are unparalleled, with the Road to Riches second tier and the Pots of Gold bonus both able to dispense wins of 1,000x your total stake. Elsewhere, the Wishing Well and Cash Crop bonuses can also lead to significant wins, while the Magic Toadstool round has two versions, both of which can lead to jackpot wins if you find Fairy symbols.

Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Reel King

The hugely popular Reel King slot series has made the leap to the Slingo format in Slingo Reel King. Each number crossed off your card will be replaced by a crown symbol, and you'll be able to claim cash prizes from your very first completed line. The main draw, however, comes in the form of the Reel King Bonus. If you've played any of the slot versions, such as Reel King Megaways, you'll know that turning reels yellow can be a huge boost. It's the same system here, as turning all five numbers on the reels yellow will award the bonus, where you can receive additional cash prizes.

Play Slingo Reel King

Slingo Riches

The most important thing about Slingo Riches is that it arguably set the mould from which all other Slingo games have been created. Given that fact, it’s perhaps surprising that the top prize is higher than some other Slingo games, with up to 200x your stake on offer for a full house. Each round also lasts 11 spins as standard - higher than many other instalments - and can be increased if the Free Spins symbols land on the reel. Additionally, prizes are on offer from your very first Slingo, albeit a fraction of your stake, but it’s a useful inclusion that can see your budget cover more rounds than perhaps other Slingo games do.

Play Slingo Riches

Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

When it comes to Slingo games that buck the established trends of the series, Slingo Who Wants to Be a Millionaire surely takes the gold medal. The general layout fits the brief, but that’s essentially where the similarities with previous titles end. Each round of gameplay is fully automated, meaning that even when Jokers and Super Jokers appear on the reel, they are crossed off automatically in accordance with the optimum Slingo strategy, which you can read more about in our Slingo guide. The other most prominent factor that sets this game apart are the ways in which you can win. The Prize Ladder works a bit differently, in that each time you complete a Slingo, you will receive a token, and three matching tokens are required for a prize. While this may sound convoluted, Slingo Who Wants to Be a Millionaire redeems itself by the fact that if you complete a full house in seven spins or fewer, you will win a prize worth 100,000x your stake. If you play with the maximum bet of £10, this means that one million pounds could be yours.

Play Slingo Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Bet UK’s Slingo Games Guide

Slingo games are the latest phenomenon to have hit the world of online casino in the UK, and they’ve got the versatility to ensure they continue to grow in number and popularity for some time to come. As we add more and more Slingo games to our collection, we’ll endeavour to give you something of an overview within our list above. Why not bookmark this blog so you can easily return to see the latest releases and additions to our Slingo offerings? These will also be clearly listed on our Slingo hub page, where you can also find out about the wider themes and aspects of many of our most popular Slingo instalments.

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