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About Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches is arguably where it all began for Slingo games and their successful endeavour to establish themselves as an online casino staple, and it has tremendous playability and winning potential. With a top prize of 200x your stake for uncovering an entire grid of Slingos, alongside smaller but significant payouts, there’s lots on offer in this fantastic game.

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How to Play Slingo Riches

Total Bet

Use the green - and + buttons in the bottom left to determine your total stake for the next round of 11 spins.


Commence the round with the Start Game button in the bottom right once you are happy with your total bet. During the 11 spins, Jokers will let you cross off any number on your card in the same column, while Super Jokers allow you to cross off any remaining number on your grid. Free Spins will extend the length of gameplay by one spin at the end of the current round.

Slingo Riches Prize Ladder

One Slingo

Prizes are available from your very first Slingo, in the form of a return of 0.1x your stake.

Two Slingos

0.2x your stake is the prize for a second Slingo.

Three Slingos

Three Slingos will lead to a prize of 0.5x your total bet.

Four Slingos

Four Slingos will return your initial wager.

Five Slingos

2x your stake will be the prize for a fifth Slingo.

Six Slingos

Six Slingos awards 4x your total bet.

Seven Slingos

Seven Slingos will reward you with 7x your bet.

Eight Slingos

A prize of 10x your stake is on offer for eight Slingos.

Nine Slingos

25x your bet is the third-best prize in Slingo Riches, and is awarded for nine completed lines.

Ten Slingos

Ten Slingos award second prize, in the form of 50x your original wager.

Full House

200x your total bet is the reward for completing all twelve Slingos on your card.

Bet UK Slingo Riches Review

At Bet UK we’ve seen a wide variety of Slingo games on offer, with some staying true to their roots and others expanding to offer a new dynamic to what is already a fantastic innovation in the world of online casino games. Slingo Riches falls into the former camp, which is no bad thing, as the simple structure and straightforward gameplay are what have made Slingo games so popular over the years. 200x your stake as a top prize for a Full House is certainly a substantial amount, and the smaller prizes such as those found for the Joker Bonus are also valuable. If you’d like to know more about these slot/bingo hybrids, our What Are Slingo Games guide could be highly useful.

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