Slingo games have gone through various iterations since first being founded in the 1990s, but the online casino structure is arguably the most ingenious. Combining aspects of bingo games and online slots was always going to be revolutionary, but the inclusion of popular themes that are widespread and easily recognised have helped to propel them to the forefront of the online casino industry. If you thought the momentum generated by the rapid growth of Megaways slots was unmatchable, then hold on to your hat.

Explore our wide range of Slingo titles at Bet UK, or if you're in need of some more information about how Slingo games work and what they are, read our handy Slingo games guide.

About Slingo

Slingo combines the best features of bingo with the best features of slots, for rapid and dynamic gameplay. The slot aspects come from symbols and the spinning reel at the base of the Slingo game, and the bingo aspects come from crossing off your numbers as matching ones are displayed. All in all, Slingo is a successful construct due to appealing to a wide variety of experienced players - those who are players of online slots, bingo, or both - as well as whipping up high levels of intrigue for those who are new to online casinos and want to know what’s popular.

Slingo Online

Slingo began life as an online game in 1994, where players could either play against other players in a manner similar to bingo, or in single-player mode. The objective of crossing off entire lines has generally been the same since its creation, but the idea of these leading to anything other than points scores is a much more recent addition.

Slingo Bingo

Slingo soon found its way into people’s everyday lives through being available as a computer game (in 1998), a mobile game (in 2005), and even a console version (in 2008). While some sequels to these have foregone the traditional Joker and Devil symbols (making them more like traditional bingo), the variety on offer swiftly helped to generate a new legion of fans.

Slingo Casino

The popularity of Slingo led to partnerships being formed with casinos to create cabinets that incorporated the key elements of the game, bringing Slingo to the likes of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. For the first time, completing Slingos became a function that could lead to cash prizes being won. While these early slots offered relatively small prizes, the demand saw online casinos begin to incorporate them into their collection. Here at Bet UK, we first welcomed Slingo games in May of 2020, and they’ve become a huge success. The size of the potential wins has also grown massively, with up to £1million being available to win in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Slingo, for example.

Slingo Games

Having begun life as a game to be accessed in a private environment, for entertainment purposes rather than the potential to win cash prizes, there’s no doubt that Slingo has evolved drastically. That said, there are games that specifically cater for a particular audience. If, for example, you want a no-nonsense round of Slingo, then games such as Slingo Fortunes and Slingo Riches may be right up your street. However, if you’re the type of person who wants a strong and recognisable theme attached to your gameplay, then Deal or No Deal Slingo or X Factor Slingo could be more your thing.

Slingo FAQs

How Do I Play Slingo?

Playing Slingo games is relatively straightforward, although some aspects change between different versions of the game. Generally though, you have to spin a single reel to match numbers to the 25 that are displayed on your card or grid during each round. Completing lines of five numbers will move you up a section on the prize ladder, almost always displayed to the left of the main section. You’ll need to get a certain number to earn the first available prize, often 4 or 5, but completing extra lines will swiftly take you to greater potential riches.

What Are Slingos?

Slingos refer to the bingo-slot hybrid games themselves, but also to the winning lines that are created when you match 5 numbers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Yelling the word “Slingo” every time you complete a line is optional, although we’re certainly not judging. For more information, you may wish to consult our what are Slingo games blog.

Why Should I Play Slingo?

If you’re a big fan of online slots, online bingo, or both, then Slingo games may be right for you. Even if you’re not, then the game is easy to understand, and in some instances prizes and bonus rounds can be unlocked in a more formulaic way than in slots.

How Do Jokers Work in Slingo?

Jokers are like wild symbols that are found in most slot games, but in Slingo games they allow you to cross off any number in the column in which they appear. Super Joker symbols allow you to cross off any number anywhere on your card, which can help to unlock rewards faster.

Best Slingo Strategy

When it comes to Slingo strategy, there is no sure fire way to guarantee a successful round. However, your use of Joker, Super Joker, or any other wild symbols could be the difference between making it to a valuable position on the game’s prize ladder, and coming away from that round empty handed. The general rule of thumb is to use these boosts to cross off numbers that get you closest to completing a Slingo. The key position to cross off your card would therefore be the central one, as it can lead to completion of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal win lines.

If there are multiple positions that get you equally close to a Slingo, then the choice is entirely yours to make. It’s worth noting that some games such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Slingo will cross off the most beneficial numbers, so make sure to check each individual game’s rules so you know if you will be able to implement your own personal strategy.

Where Can I Play Slingo?

You can play a wide variety of the biggest Slingo titles right here at Bet UK. We’re constantly looking to update our online casino collection with the best Slingo games on offer, which is why we have so many instantly recognisable offerings including Slingo Rainbow Riches available at the touch of a button. If you’re wondering exactly which Slingo games are available to play, then the handy grid below should help you to find the one that’s right for you, but you’re entirely free to browse the diverse selection.

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