Manager Betting Odds

When betting on managerial status in football there are typically two areas of betting that is covered, departures and incomings. Managerial sackings and resignations happen almost every month in leagues across the world. This means that there are betting odds and markets for that designated topic.

Whenever a big team in the world has a vacancy there are always rumours based on which manager will take on the role next. For example, at the start of this season, the seats at Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane had about 20 candidates rumoured for each role. Manager betting odds tend to be heavily stacked in the favour of one or two names who have been heavily prominent in English football in recent years.

Betting on Manager Odds in England

As it stands all Premier League teams have a manager and it looks highly unlikely that we'll see any changes in managers before the new season. During the campaign, you'll likely see odds rise and fall around the status of Premier League managers and who will be the first to be sacked in a season. You have to go back to 2017 /18 for the last time the first managerial sacking came from a side that wasn't newly promoted. Last season it was Bournemouth who sacked Scott Parker and it proved to be beneficial, could one of the three newly promoted sides look elsewhere to boost their chances of staying the top tier of English football.

Next Premier League Manager to be sacked

Club's Next Manager betting odds

After a manager is sacked you'll find betting odds for the next manager of a club. The hiring of an interim manager won't pay out on the next pl manager betting market and it will be the next permanent manager that provides a pay out. If the current manager of a team is under pressure and could lose their job, it might be worth checking the club's next manager market and get ahead of the betting odds.

Betting odds for European Managers

Outside of the UK, there are dozens of opportunities to bet on football managers across the world with the likes of PSG, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid desperate for European success, it can often cost a manager his job if he fails to deliver. Bayern in-particular have had 14 managers in 15 years with only three of those being on a caretaker basis. The longest-serving in that time was Pep Guardiola who managed for three seasons. However, with teams in Germany, it is often very obvious who is going to replace each manager once they've been sacked so the odds will be considerably lower than those of potential Premier League managers.

Manager Specials Betting

When a new manager takes over a club, you may also find manager specials regarding the manager and the clubs' performance under the new boss. For example, the most recent high-profile managerial change in England, comes in the form of Mauricio Pochettino to Chelsea. So, you'll be able to find specials betting regarding their performance in the Premier League, domestic cups and Europa League.

This market is also sometimes available for managers who are under pressure, a prime example of this is England manager Gareth Southgate. However, in this scenario, the market opportunities are typically negative, such as Southgate leaving before the World Cup, England failing to qualify for the knockout rounds of the World Cup etc; When taking a look at this in comparison to the Premier League, manager odds are typically only added when a team looks likely to remove their manager from the role, for example, last season, Steve Cooper was much more likely to lose his job at Nottingham Forest than Pep Guardiola was at Manchester City, therefore the next Forest boss could have appeared in our manager specials.

Football Managers Betting FAQs

Which next manager markets can I find at BetUK?

We have a vast range of betting markets for club and international teams at BetUK, some of which you can find below.

I can't find betting markets for the bet I want to place, why is this?

If you can't find betting markets for the bet you wish to place there are a number of reasons why this may be the case, it could be that betting is suspended and that market has been removed. Alternatively, it could be that the sportsbook has decided not to add the market to it's selections. This typically demonstrates that the market simply doesn't have value at present, this could be due to historically low betting numbers on that market or simply low interest.

If you're wondering why a betting market may be suspended it could be for a number of reasons, for example, games could be being played at that moment that could impact the odds.

Who will be the next Premier League manager to be sacked?

Ultimately, nobody knows for sure. Teams can be incredibly patient with poor results and some may be incredibly hasty with their decisions. If Watford remained in the Premier League, they would always be a good bet. However, out of the top teams in the division, one poor start could create a new favourite to be sacked in the rumour mill every week.

Which club have sacked the most managers since 2000?

Crystal Palace have historically sacked the most managers since 2000 with a total of 29. In second place was Leicester City with 28. However, after Leicester's relegation, Palace sit a large distance ahead of any other team. Last season, we backed Crystal Palace, Southampton and Leicester City all to sack their manager during the season based on their previous record and within the year, it seemed almost inevitable that Brendan Rodgers, Ralph Hassenhuttl and Patrick Vieira would follow suit.

Are Football Manager bets the easiest to win?

Typically no, the easiest bets to win can often be found in live betting markets as you can often judge how a game is going to go when you watch. Managerial appointments can be deemed as 'easier' bet in comparison to other football betting markets given the longevity that goes into the selection, picking the right moment to place the bet is crucial, as you'll either get odds that are too short or pick a selection without a good level of information. It is worth noting that these markets, just like any betting markets can change in the blink of an eye and a manager could go from 1/10 to 100/1 with just one bit of news if it comes out that a manager has turned down the role.

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