Premier League Top Four Odds

Back in the day, the top four of the Premier League was the main aim for a lot of teams as it guaranteed entry into the Champions League, in the modern day, that has changed due to the new formatting of Europe's top competition. However, the idea of finishing in the top four of the Premier League table is still a fantastic feat. So much so that outside of the Premier League's top six teams, only three teams have infiltrated the top four since 2001. They are Newcastle United, who have done so on three occasions, Everton and Leicester City who have managed it on just one occasion. This season, it looks likely that Aston Villa will join them when looking at the latest standings but even with just four teams making the cut in 23 years shows how difficult the task is.

Who could make the top four in upcoming seasons?

This could be the first time that different teams have broken the top four in back-to-back seasons with Newcastle United finishing fourth in 2022/23 and Aston Villa set to do the same in 2023/24. There are two teams that are virtually guaranteed to finish in the top positions, they are Arsenal and Manchester City. Liverpool are expected to match them over the course of a season but with Jurgen Klopp and likely a number of players leaving the club, who knows what the future holds for Liverpool.

Newcastle United and Aston Villa are the two that are likely to challenge the top four again next season. However, many fans are interested to see how West Ham United will look next season, will an attack-focused manager replace David Moyes? Will Lucas Paqueta leave? These two questions could be the difference between challenging for top 7 and top 4 in the greatest league in football.

Another team that aren't mentioned but are improving are Chelsea, who haven't been winning a lot of games in recent seasons and have had two of their lowest points totals in history. They as a club are used to fighting with Man City and Man Utd for the title but in the modern day, they may have to accept that top four would be an achievement.

The most likely team to finish in fourth position next season are Tottenham Hotspur, who have improved under Ange Postecoglou despite losing star striker Harry Kane.

Premier League Top Four FAQs

When it comes to the top four, over the last ten years the highest points total to make the top four is 79, which was Arsenal in 2023/24. The lowest was 66, which has happened twice. The average over the 10 years is 71 points, which is exactly how much Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United had in 2021/22 and 2022/23.

No! If a team wins the Europa League, they will automatically qualify for the Champions League for the next season. With the new format, 5th place can achieve a position in the Champions League. However, it requires England to be in the top two coefficients in Europe, they are currently sat in third after a poor showing from Premier League teams in the Champions and Europa Leagues.

The betting market for the Premier League top four is very unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. However, it is likely - with England's quality in Europe, that the coefficient changes in upcoming years, making five Champions League places in the English Premier League.

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