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Guide to Betting on eSports

Bet UK's online betting doesn't just hit the target with traditional sports but also features betting on the new ever-growing esports market. A growing favourite with bettors worldwide, the global esports betting market continues to grow with well-known teams such as Fnatic, G2, Cloud 9 and Liquid paving the way as the leaders in League of Legends betting.

Here at Bet UK, not only do we offer a huge range of sports betting markets, you wager on League of Legends in esports betting UK markets, you can also bet on DOTA 2, bet on CS-GO and more! You can bet on single matches or add multiple different selections to your bet slip as you browse esports odds to create an accumulator with larger odds.

How are odds calculated for eSports?

Even if you're new to esports betting, you'll have a wide selection to choose from at Bet UK. Whether you're placing a bet on League of Legends or you prefer to browse the Dota 2 betting markets, or you're looking to place a call of duty bet, we'll have all of the top markets.

However, placing esports bets can be completely different to some of the other online sports betting we offer. Every match, whether it's the leading markets in League of Legends betting, CS, or Dota 2, will have a match favourite. Within the betting odds, you'll also be able to predict who will win a specific part of each game, including maps, kills and in-game objectives.

The Biggest esports Events

The popularity of eSports continues to grow, with new introductions of online video games being added to betting markets regularly. The esports calendar continues all year round, and we'll also have all of the esports betting odds for the key tournaments that we've listed below.

JanuaryThunderpick Bitcoin SeriesCG: GO
FebruaryESL Intel Extreme MastersStarcraft II
MarchESL One SpringDota 2 31st May
AprilBlast Premier Spring ShowdownCS
JuneBlast Premier Spring FinalCS
JuneESL One SummerDota 2
AugustThe InternationalDota 2
OctoberBlast Premier Fall Showdown 2022CS
NovemberBlast Premier Fall Final 2022CS
NovemberLeague of Legends World ChampionshipLeague of Legends

League of Legends Betting

One of the significant eSports betting markets at Bet UK is League of Legends. For those new to esports, this game is one of the most popular worldwide, with League of Legends teams from Europe, the USA, China, and South Korea all battling it out for places with the League of Legends World Championships on offer.

As well as the World Championships, there is also the League of Legends MSI tournament, so there will be plenty of opportunities to browse the LOL Betting Markets. Whether you're looking to bet on outright betting of each game, who'll win the number of games in a specific match, or the number of towers to be taken. League of Legends betting markets can change throughout the match, so be sure to take a look at the live in-play betting options when taking a look at all of the esports odds.

Bet on League of Legends

CS Betting at Bet UK

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS, as it is more commonly known in the eSports world, is a first-person shooter that sees two teams face off against each other in major tournaments across the globe. The biggest of those is the Major Championship, and the team with the most victories is Astralis. Here at Bet UK, we offer top esports betting odds for all major leagues and invitationals, including total maps betting and individual rounds for each game. As well as our betting odds, we'll also have top CS betting predictions for big events throughout the year.

Bet on CS

eSports Betting on Dota 2 at Bet UK

See the top teams in the world clash in Dota 2. Played between two teams of five players, this game is all about defending your own area on the map. First developed back in 2009, the game has developed into an online phenomenon, and The International is one of the most-watched esports tournaments in the world.

How to Find eSports Tips

Looking for an exclusive insight into the next big esports tournament or not sure to pick from in the esports betting odds? Here at Bet UK, we have you covered with our selection of eSports betting tips that will feature all of the bigs sports on offer, so whether you're looking to place a LOL bet or you're on the lookout for CSGO betting predictions, you'll find them all in our esports tips.

Guide to betting live on eSports

One of the draws of esports is the fast-paced action that can happen instantly. All of the esports betting odds we have at Bet UK will offer live in-play betting for each of the games in play, so whether you're watching Fnatic league of legends team or the top players across Dota 2 or Starcraft, you'll be able to place a bet on the next in-game action. If you're looking for our eSports live betting , then head over to our live in-play betting page at Bet UK and click esports. Here you'll find all the latest odds and betting combinations.

More Betting Guides

Looking for more insight into the main eSports we have on offer at Bet UK, then why not browse our specific betting guides where you'll find all the key details on how to bet on League of Legends, CS and Dota 2. Not only that, but we'll also tell you the key teams to look out for and who could come out on top in the biggest tournaments. For more information check out our betting guides page.

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