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Potentially the biggest and most anticipated online eSports tournaments are the League of Legends games, the multiplayer online battle arena, also known as a MOBA. We're not just talking about the world championships, also known as Worlds, but the dozens of other leagues across the year, starting with qualifiers, and all leading up to the League of Legends world championship.

If you're interested in eSports betting, and LoL matches, check out the Bet UK sportsbook regularly, to find out which games are live and when. We have plenty of betting options, including a huge selection of side bets to go hand in hand with the regular League of Legends betting odds.

LoL betting odds

If you're interested in betting on League of Legends matches then you've come to the right place. Bet UK has everything you'll need to get started, with live betting, side bets, live footage of in-play tournaments, and much more. We have impressive outright odds for future games, as well as lots of side bets for first blood, first to kill The Baron, and much more.

All odds are easy to find in our sportsbook, as well as a live streaming feed to show you exactly what's happening in real-time. All different league events are shown throughout the year, so it's worth checking in often to see who's playing and when. Especially to check out the teams as different tournaments progress, the championships grow near, and the qualifying teams are made apparent. With all of these choices available, it's no wonder we're one of the best online betting markets.

How to bet on League of Legends

As it stands there are over 40 different LoL tournaments across the world, from smaller national events to the biggest league championships around. Each team that enters these competitions is aiming for Worlds, the biggest LoL tournament in the world. Teams are comprised of five players, and each player chooses from over 140 characters. During selection the opposing team can handicap the other to strategically remove the best characters from the list, putting pressure on their opponents.

So if you're into League of Legends betting, you'll be interested in what we have to offer. Log in or sign up to Bet UK to place your bet on both in play and upcoming eSports events. Use our sportsbook to watch matches live, bet on maps, and much more. New players can also check out our welcome bonus, and all bettors can see if any of our special promotions apply. Find the match you're looking for, click on the team you wish to bet on, then once you're happy with your stake in the pop out window, click "place bet" to complete your stake. Then it's time to watch the game unfold.

What are the best LoL betting markets?

There's a lot to take in when it comes to League of legends betting, so let's break it down a little. First of all, there are in-play betting and outright betting, these two betting markets distribute between in-play and upcoming games. In-play match betting means you bet on a live game, and gives a lot more options for additional bets. Outright bets are placed well before a tournament or match, in which you can preempt who you think will win from the selection of teams playing in those matches. Let's have a look at the individual markets and what they have to offer: Match Odds - this bet is used to predict who you think will be the match winner of the overall game.

Map Handicap - gives a handicap to one of the two teams playing, in an attempt to even your odds.

Map Betting - this bet lets you choose who you think will win each map. There are three maps in total per match, and each one has an individual betting market.

Map Kills - there are a number of bets relating to kills on each map:

First Blood - is used to choose which team will kill a member of the opposite team first, resulting in first blood.

First to 10 Champion Kills - is a bet commonly used to predict who you think will reach 10 champion kills first.

Total Champion Kills - this allows punters to predict which team will total the highest amount of kills during a single match duration.

Champion Kills Handicap - gives a handicap to one of the two teams depending on your preference.

Map Objectives - Similar to map kills, these bets are placed before the beginning of a match and take into account elements of the map and the game's objectives:

First to Kill Baron - predicts which team will be the first to gain a buff by destroying the baron that spawns on the map.

Both Teams to Slay Baron - this bet judges whether both teams will kill the baron before the match is over.

First to Destroy an Inhibitor - this is based on which team will destroy an inhibitor first. Inhibitors are towers that spawn minions for each team and have high health.

In contrast to the extensive list of in-play bets you can place, outright bets are placed before an event, and usually cater to punters interested in placing a stake on who they think will win a tournament.

League of Legends betting FAQs

What are the best League of Legends odds?

Like most sports betting, it comes down to how you choose to bet. Live matches might have fluctuating odds, whereas outright bets will give you the best odds for upcoming games. Each of our odds can be found in our sportsbook, and entering into the bet slip will show you the potential risks and benefits of your stake.

What are the best LoL tournaments to bet on?

If you're looking for the biggest competition, you'll be most interested to bet on Worlds. Lol Worlds is the most anticipated eSports event of the year, so if you're into esports betting, this is what you want to look out for. Usually taking place around October and November each year, the contest changes locations each time.

What is the best League of Legends betting site?

Here at Bet UK we have all of your betting needs. Bet types differ depending on what you're betting on, whether they're main bets, side bets, or outright bets, we keep up to date with the betting odds to make our site one of the best betting sites around.

Where can I find League of Legends betting tips?

We cover the major events at Bet UK and aim to provide the best betting tips for our punters, so they feel confident when they place bets with us.

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