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Betting Guides

Here at Bet UK, we have dozens of guides introducing our players to betting types they otherwise may be unfamiliar with. We also have guides for particular sports, so if you're only interested in finding out the best ways to bet on football or cricket, look no further than Bet UK. To fully utilise our betting guides, we recommend checking out our betting tips for individual sports and leagues.

Betting Guides and Descriptions

Accumulator Betting Guide - One of the most popular betting guides in the world are accumulator guides, which accurately represent the popularity of the betting type. If a bet slip contains more than four or more separate bets, they can be combined to create an accumulator. Accumulators are often maxed at 20 bets for one slip. These bets come with the most risk, but can reap the highest reward if you manage to combine several successful bets. But watch out as just one incorrect selection will lose you your bet.

If you'd like to check out our accumulator betting guide, click the image below or select the Accumulator betting guide from the betting guides hub above.

Ante-Post betting guide - If you're looking to place a bet on Horse Racing events at venues such as Cheltenham or Ascot for events such as the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot, this is the guide for you. Our Ante-Post betting guide will provide an in-depth description of how to place a bet on these popular events and how your approach should contrast for these events in comparison to smaller races.

As a guide for beginners and advanced bettors, we recommend this guide to our players. If you're looking to learn more about Ante-Post betting, click the image below or select Ante-Post betting guide from the betting guides hub above.

Asian Handicap betting guide - One of the centrepieces of sports betting is the Asian Handicap. This bet takes a fixture and adds a unique twist to the game. Take Manchester City Vs Manchester United, for example; if you put a -1 Handicap on a Manchester City win, they must win by two or more goals for this bet to pay off.

Asian Handicap styles will vary depending on which online betting sites you use, but you can utilise all of the betting strategies found on Bet UK today on our betting markets page.

Are you looking to learn more about the Asian Handicap? Click the image below or select Ante-Post Betting Guide from the betting guides hub above.

Beginners Guide to Betting - Are you interested in betting, but aren't particularly clued up on where you should begin? Check out our Beginners Guide to Betting. In this guide, you'll find all the necessary information you'll need to start betting, and it includes topics such as betting strategies and placing your first sports bet!

If you're interested in learning how to bet, click the image below or select Beginners Guide to Betting from the selection above.

Betting Odds Explained - Entered a betting page and found a mixture of decimal, fractional and American betting odds? Are you wondering what they all mean? And how do we read them? Our in-depth guide to betting odds tells you everything you'll need to know about each type, how to read them, how to switch odds to your preferred setting and how Bet UK does its utmost to ensure we have competitive odds for all sports events.

Boxing guide - Do you know the difference between different weight classes and how expected results differ between each of them? If the answer is no, then it's likely that you'll want to check out our Boxing betting guide. Take Floyd Mayweather, for example; at Super Featherweight, he had 15 knockouts in 25 fights, but in his final 15 fights, he had just three knockouts while fighting at Middleweight and Welterweight. It was always clear that Mayweather would aim to win by decision. For Anthony Joshua Vs Oleksandr Usyk, it was clear Usyk would try and outbox Joshua for a decision victory; the question remained over Joshua's tactic, would he fight to his strengths, or would he set out to demonstrate his boxing ability? Unfortunately for the Brit, he aimed for the latter and was taught a lesson in tactical boxing that many saw coming.

Want to develop a better understanding of betting in the sport of boxing? Check out our guide by clicking the image below or selecting the Boxing Betting Guide from the selection above.

Each Way betting guide - Another guide for Horse Racing fanatics. An Each Way bet represents a fantastic opportunity to win money even if your horse isn't the first across the finish line. Bettors double their stake to ensure payouts for second, third and fourth-placed finishes depending on the number of runners. Again, the exact number of payout places and their percentages will differ depending on where you bet, so check out our guide and place a bet at Bet UK for guaranteed accuracy.

If you're looking for more information on how to place an Each Way bet, click the image below or select the Each Way Betting Guide from the selection above.

Each Way Betting Guide

eSports Betting Guide - Very few sports have seen the growth that eSports has seen in recent years, whether that would be through League of Legends, Counter-Strike: GO, or FIFA, our players can bet on hundreds of games every single week.

Want to know all about the available games and the markets we provide? Click the image below or select the eSports Betting Guide from the selection above.

European Football Guide - European Football leagues are known for very different reasons; Serie A has a reputation for formidable defences, La Liga for goals, and the Premier League for competitive action. However, how does this translate into betting? In this guide, our experts delve deeper into individual leagues and select the markets that are best suited for each league.

If you're looking to place a bet on football games from various leagues, be sure to check out our guide to find out if you're better off adding a Both Teams to Score bet or a double chance to your bet slip. Click the image below or click the European Football guide in the hub above to find our guide.

Football Betting Guide - Meanwhile, if you're looking for a guide that goes into football betting markets, types of bets associated with football and more, then you'll likely look to check out our main football betting guide rather than the European guide described above.

For more information, click the image below or click the Football betting guide above.

Free Bets Betting Guide - Here at Bet UK, we set out to give our players the best possible betting experience, and a large part of that comes from our free bet welcome offer.

Read all about free bets and how you can claim yours today! It's as simple as staking the qualifying bet mentioned on-page and following the instructions provided, and you'll find your free bets credited to your account.

If you're looking for free bets or a guide, click the image below or select Free Bet Guide from the betting guides hub above.

Over/Under Betting Guide - In our betting guides, the over/under bet is something that we'll consistently refer to due to its popularity in the online betting community. This is a bet primarily used in football but can also be found in sports such as Basketball, American football and Rugby. This sports bet allows players to bet on the number of goals/scores in a particular match. Typically, players go for an under 2.5 goals bet in football, but selecting under 1.5 or over 3.5 can provide players with substantially better odds.

For more information regarding the over/under goals bet and how to select matches to go on your accumulator, check out our guide by clicking the image below or selecting Over/Under Guide from the betting guides hub above.

Betting Guides - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you bet without losing?

A. The simple answer to this is there are no guarantees. Otherwise, we'd all be millionaires. Every bet placed comes with a level of risk attached to it. We recommend checking our safer gambling initiatives to monitor your wins and losses.

Q. What sport is easiest to win in betting?

A. This varies depending on the sport in question and your knowledge of the sport. If you're a football wiz-kid, then it's only natural that'd you look for football markets. We recommend tailoring your bets to sports you're knowledgeable about or putting in the required research to place a bet.

Q. What are the basics of betting?

A. We have three basics that we urge all of our bettors to follow. They are:

Don't stake anything you can't afford to lose.

If your bet loses, don't chase your losses.

Only bet on what you're knowledgeable about.

Q. Why do we believe Bet UK's betting tips are the best?

A. Here at Bet UK, our experts only write about their specialist topic. Our football expert isn't going to start writing NBA betting tips. You may notice that some large events aren't covered at Bet UK, and that's simply because we don't have an expert on that topic just yet. All our betting tips are carefully selected by experts who perform detailed research about what they're writing about and have existing sporting knowledge on the topic.

Q. When should I use betting guides?

A. We recommend checking out betting guides around big events, when you may be more tempted to bet on sports that you're less familiar with, take betting on the Cheltenham Festival for example, Cheltenham is an event that gets massive coverage, meaning that more players are inclined to place a bet. In 2022, the biggest event for betting looks likely to be the 2022 World Cup, if you are placing a bet on the World Cup, we recommend checking out our betting guides first.

Biggest Sporting events in 2022

Date Event
4-20 February Winter Olympics, Beijing
5 Feb-19 March Rugby Union - Six Nations
4-13 March Winter Paralympics, Beijing
4 March-3 April Women's ODI World Cup, New Zealand
15-18 March Cheltenham Festival
9 April Grand National, Aintree
14 May FA Cup final, Wembley
28 May Champions League final, St Petersburg
14-18 June Royal Ascot
27 June-10 July Wimbledon
6-31 July Women's Euro 2022, England
15-24 July Athletics World Championships, USA
28 July-8 August Commonwealth Games, Birmingham
15 Oct-19 Nov Rugby League World Cup, England
17 Oct-14 Nov Men's T20 World Cup, Australia
21 Nov-18 Dec World Cup, Qatar