Double Chance Betting Guide

Double Chance Betting Guide

A Double Chance bet may not be the first thing you think of when looking to wager on sports. You might be focused on other markets like win/draw/lose, first goalscorers, live betting or even outrights. Sometimes we forget that Double Chance even exists as a bet option – but it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Whether you’re in a football fan, like to wager on darts, horse racing or even test cricket, the Double Chance bet and its various sister forms is a great way to improve your chances of winning back profit. Because of the low odds often associated with the double chance betting market, many people place accumulators when looking at this market. If you're looking to place an accumulator on double chance markets, check out the BetUK acca club where you can gain profit boosts on your acca.

In this Double Chance betting guide we’ll take you through the meaning of the bet type, in which sports it is used, and the best ways to deploy it. You’ll also learn the differences between Double Chance, Each Way bets, Draw No Bet, and Dead Heats.

What is Double Chance in betting?

Double Chance betting is a type of wager you can place on sports where there are three match outcomes: Home Win (1), Draw (X) and Away Win (2). The idea of the Double Chance bet is to back two of the three outcomes, and therefore improve your chances of winning.

Here’s a Double Chance bet example: Alloa are playing Falkirk in Scotland, and you want to bet on Alloa not to lose. You can’t bet on a Falkirk win, because what happens if it’s a draw? The answer is to bet on Alloa/Draw (1X) on the Double Chance. As the example shows, the odds are shorter at 1.67, but you have a better chance to win! This bet type covers two of the three possible match result outcomes.

How the double chance bet works

The Double Chance bet works by covering two of the three match outcomes in sports where draws are possible. It’s therefore perfect for football betting because draws happen so regularly.

With a Double Chance bet you’ll wager on one of the following three outcomes:

  • Home Win/Draw (1X)
  • Draw/Away Win (X2)
  • Home Win/Away Win (12)

The beauty of the Double Chance bet is that you can wager on either team to win, and avoid a draw. This is great if, for example, you’re betting on a big derby such as the Old Firm, where draws are less common and both teams are incentivised to go for the victory.

One of the important things to note about the Double Chance betting type is how the odds work. Because you’re backing two of the three possible outcomes in a game, your odds will be shorter than if you, for example, just bet on the home team to win, or for the game to be a draw.

Sports with Double Chance bets

The main sport for double chance bets is, of course, football. This makes sense because football has a fairly even balance between home wins, draws and away wins. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only sport with the double chance. Here are just a few that you might find in the Bet UK sportsbook soon…

Football – Around one-quarter of all Premier League games end in a draw. This means the Double Chance is a viable option when placing wagers on football. After all, if you want to bet against a team but aren’t confident they’ll lose, it’s the ideal bet type!

Darts – Some darts tournaments facilitate draws if there is a league format. The Premier League of Darts used to allow 6-6 draws, which meant you could place a wager on the Double Chance. Keep an eye out for upcoming darts contests for Double Chance options.

Ice Hockey – Another sport with draws as a viable format, ice hockey betting odds carry Double Chance markets in case there’s a tie within regular time. You can also bet on teams to win or lose including overtime.

Handball – Some handball leagues allow draws rather than pushing into overtime, and therefore the Double Chance becomes an option here too.

Double Chance betting is a great way to get used to a new sport or league, without risking as much with your wager. You have a better chance of nailing a winning bet – especially if you bet on the heavy favourite not to lose – but there remains enough risk to make the wager worthwhile. 

Other bet types like Double Chance

The principle of Double Chance betting is that you have two chances to win, because your bet covers two of three possible outcomes. But there are other bets used in different sports that cover multiple outcomes too – they’re just not called a Double Chance. Below are some of the different types of bet that are similar to Double Chance, which are used in other sports…

Each Way – An Each Way bet is used in horse racing and greyhounds. Your bet is split in half, with the first half wagering on your pick to Win, and the second half wagering on it to Place. It means if your horse doesn’t win but does place in the top three, four or perhaps even five, then you still earn some money back.

Draw No Bet – Boxing at Bet UK carries a Draw No Bet market that accounts for the unlikely event where a bout ends in a draw. If this happens, you get your stake back from any wagers on the win market. The same happens in most Test cricket matches, such as The Ashes.

Dead Heat – Draws are uncommon in rugby, so Bet UK uses a ‘dead heat’ rule that means your odds are divided in two if there is a draw. You still win your bet, but the payout is smaller.

Double Chance Live Betting

You can bet on the Double Chance during live football games via Bet UK’s in-play odds. It’s important to remember that these odds fluctuate in response to events on the pitch. So, if you’re betting on England/Draw in a match against Lithuania, and they’re already 2-0 up, don’t be surprised if the live Double Chance odds are incredibly slim for 1X.

The Double Chance can, however, be a great bet option if the underdog scores early. Competitions where this is most likely include:

FA Cup – The tournament with the biggest cup upsets

EFL Cup – Lower-ranked teams can upset under-strength Premier League opponents

International Friendlies – There’s always the chance of an upset in a meaningless friendly

Pre-season friendlies – Likewise, a pre-season friendly can provide bettors with plenty of options to bet on upsets via the Double Chance markets

Double Chance FAQS

What does Double Chance mean in betting?

Double Chance in betting gives players the option to bet on two of three match outcomes: Home Win/Draw, Away Win/Draw, or Home Win/Away Win. Your chances of winning your bet are increased, but your odds are decreased.

How do I bet Double Chance

You can bet Double Chance at Bet UK by signing up for an account and heading to our sportsbook. All our football odds have Double Chance bet options. Simply click on the Double Chance outcome you want to back, enter your stake in the bet slip, and hit ‘Place Bet’.

Is Double Chance only in football?

No. The Double Chance bet is most popular in football because there are three viable outcomes to any game: Home Win, Draw, Away Win. But you can also find Double Chance wagers in ice hockey, darts and handball.

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