Betting on Greyhounds in the UK

From the trap to the finish line, Greyhound Racing has been one of the biggest sports to bet on in the world. In the UK, questions around the morality of the sport have been raised which has led to a slight decrease in bettors year-on-year. However, the sport still remains as popular as the likes of Football and Horse Racing in some regions of the UK. If you're looking to bet on Greyhound racing, then you'll need to know a number of things about the sport and you can find everything you'll need to know about the sport below.

Greyhound Betting Odds

Greyhound Racing is very similar to Horse Racing; however, there is more focus on speed and agility in comparison to it's more popular compatriot. There are a number of things to take into consideration when betting on Greyhounds, including the track and format of the race, the different wagers that can take place and the rules and regulations of different organisations.

All of these elements are already taken into consideration when it comes to creating betting odds, so you'll often find each dog represents the correct value for money. However, if you're an expert on the sport and know the ins and outs of a race, you can often find value in places many couldn't. The variance in Greyhound races is significantly smaller than in Horse Racing, so be sure to bare that in mind when you place your bets.

How to read Greyhounds Betting Odds

Greyhound odds can be viewed in three different ways. The most popular version of Greyhound Racing odds that you'll find are fractional odds, this is because of how popular the odds are in the United Kingdom, fractional odds come in the form of a fraction as such: 1/2. This means that for every £2 put on the bet, you'll receive £1 back if it wins. Now, typically for Greyhound betting, you won't see odds, where the second number is larger than the first number as anything, can happen in racing. In a way, betting on this sport is similar to horse racing betting, just because a dog has low odds, it doesn't mean it's even the most likely dog to win under the conditions of the race but it does mean that it is the most fancied amongst the dogs in that race, which is why you'll find the first number is typically smaller than the second.

The other fancied form of Greyhound racing odds is decimal odds, which come in the form of a figure similar to 4.0, this represents the value that you would receive when placing a bet with a stake of £1, so in this occasion, you would receive a total of £4 from your bet. There is another form of betting odds that are less popular in the betting world and that is American odds which are a little more complicated and you can read all about them in our betting odds explained.

Dog Racing Betting Markets

When looking to bet on Greyhound racing, you'll need to know the different betting markets that can be found when betting on Dog racing. The main market for Greyhound racing is the winner betting market, where you predict the winner of the race. You'll also have options to bet on the 1-2-3 of the race where you'll predict the top three in the race and the order of which they'll finish in, this is also known as a tricast.

Biggest Greyhound races

The biggest Greyhound races in the United Kingdom include:

Start DateRaceVenue
FebruaryThe Golden JacketCrayford
AprilThe LaurelsNewcastle
MayThe Grand NationalCentral Park
MayShawfield's Scottish DerbyGlasgow
JuneThe Irish DerbyShelbourne Park
NovemberThe St LegerPerry Barr
NovemberThe OaksSwindon

Greyhound Terminology

  • Ante-post – Place a bet on the outcome of the even
  • Forecast – A bet relating to the first two dogs to cross the finish line.
  • Going – Speed of the track - judged by an official track handicapper.
  • Grade – The official rating of the race, levels are determined by the ability of the participants.
  • Lay bet - To bet against something happening.
  • Odds - The price of a selection
  • Open race - A race at the highest level of greyhound racing.
  • Reverse forecast - A variation of a forecast where you’re picking the first two greyhounds without predicting their exact positions.
  • Place - A dog that finishes in the top two of a traditional six dog race.
  • Puppy – A young greyhound, specifically under the age of 2.
  • Tricast - A bet where the punter identifies the top three dogs.
  • Trap – The starting box that dogs are in before the race.

What makes Greyhound Betting different to other sports

The sport we could most commonly compare Greyhound betting to is Horse Racing betting as the set-up is largely the same where the racers chase a lure and bettors place a bet on who reaches the finish line first. Millions of bettors place bets on both sports every single year and their popularity is only growing every year.

If you're someone who is unfamiliar with racing betting we recommend checking out football betting as a sport that is a little easier to follow before sinking your teeth into more complex betting sports such as Greyhounds and Horse Racing.

Greyhound Racing Betting FAQs

What is the biggest Greyhound Race in the world?

The biggest race in the UK is the English Greyhound Derby. However, the English Greyhound Derby is nowhere near the biggest in the world, that honour goes to the Melbourne Cup which is the crown jewel of Australian Greyhound racing and is currently the biggest Greyhound event.

What is the biggest Greyhound stadium in the world?

The largest Greyhound stadium until 2020 was the Belle Vue. However, it has seen been closed and demolished, leaving Swindon Stadium as the largest existing Greyhound stadium in the UK.

What is the biggest event in the UK Greyhound Calendar?

The biggest race in the UK is the English Greyhound Derby, consisting of 500 metres, this race has a prize of £175,000, which is the largest total in the UK.

How many Greyhounds are typically in a race?

There are usually six dogs in a race but there can be a much larger number of dogs in a race, you can find out how many dogs are in a race by checking the latest greyhound odds.

Can I watch a race while Greyhound betting?

Yes! By using the live streaming service attached to BetUK, check out our Greyhound live streaming to find out how to watch a particular race when betting on Greyhound racing.

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