Ante Post Betting Guide

Ante Post Betting Guide at Bet UK

Ante Post betting, also known as futures betting, is well known with regards to horse racing betting. Horse racing betting often offers odds on big races long before they actually take place, allowing you to potentially get better odds and bigger returns.

What is Ante Post betting?

Ante Post betting is when you place a bet on a horse race before the race card is confirmed and the race actually takes place. For example, the Cheltenham Festival Gold Cup is a popular Ante Post race, as it is one of the biggest races of the horse racing calendar. In the run up to the race, there might be a wide selection of horses that are speculated to be entered into the race. Until the racecard is officially confirmed, any bet placed on the race will effectively be classed as Ante Post.

There are also some risks with Ante Post betting however. As the racecards are not yet confirmed, there is a chance that your selection might not even race. So although you might get increased odds on a sure favourite, there is a chance that your horse has no chance of winning. With Ante Post betting, any bet that is placed and then does not run, will be resulted in a loss. This means that no refunds will be issued and the stake will be lost.

Ante Post betting also applies to more betting markets than just horse racing. There are also other sports that feature ante post betting, including football betting. For example, a bet on the outright winner of the Premier League would be an ante post bet, as it will not be settled until the end of the season. These kind of ante post bets provide less risk however, as the team you bet on is guaranteed to take part in the Premier League season.

Ante Post Betting Example

  • The Cheltenham Gold Cup is raced every March at Cheltenham racecourse, but markets for the race are typically open all year round. In anticipation of the race, you decide to place a bet on Horse A in January.
  • As the race draws closer, the race card is confirmed. Horse A has instead been entered into another race and will not be taking part in the Gold Cup.
  • With Horse A entering into another race, your bet will be resulted in a loss. Unless there is a special ‘No Runner No Bet’ offer, a horse not running will always result in a loss with no stake being returned. If there is ‘No Runner No Bet’ offer, then the stake will be returned.
  • If Horse A does run, then the bet will be settled as normal. The bet will also avoid any Rule 4 declarations, meaning that your chances of winning will be increased, but your payout will remain the same.

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