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Ice Hockey is a sport that has significant importance around the world, but in the UK, it isn’t one of the most popular sports in the country. The sport is particularly popular in the United States, Canada and India, but when it comes to placing a bet online, UK Ice Hockey betting is equally as popular in other countries. Bet UK brings a multitude of markets for Ice Hockey betting, so whether you’re looking for the E.I.H.L (Elite Ice Hockey League) in the UK or the National Hockey League in USA & Canada, you can find live and outright markets today at Bet UK.

Ice Hockey Odds

Discover some of the most common selections across outright and live betting markets when betting on ice hockey.

Outright odds

With outright betting, you have the option to bet ahead of an event or competition taking place. This can include bets such as:

Outright winner - Whether you're looking at a specific match or a league, you can predict the team that will win.

Over/Under - Before a game starts, you can guess how many goals you believe will be scored. This often comes in the format of over and under betting, where you need to predict whether the total number of goals will be over or under a specified number.

Live odds - As you follow all the action on the ice, you can find live, up-to-date odds for events in-play. Across the markets, you can find odds for:

Overtime - This period will occur if a game is tied at deadlock after the standard 60 minutes of play. During overtime, there are multiple events that you can bet on, including; total number of goals, next team to score and more.

Last team to score - Aside from betting on the next team/player to score a goal in regular time, you can also predict who will score the final goal of the match.

Betting on the EIHL Hockey League

There are ten teams in the Elite Ice Hockey League, making it the most prestigious ice hockey competition in the UK. Originally formed in 2003, professional ice hockey has been played at this level for a good time, bringing together teams from; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Throughout the season, the ten teams will match-up against each other six times, making a total of 54 games.

The ten teams in the league include:

  • Sheffield Steelers
  • Nottingham Panthers
  • Coventry Blaze
  • Belfast Giants
  • Guildford Flames
  • Cardiff Devils
  • Manchester Storm
  • Fife Flyers
  • Dundee Stars
  • Glasgow Clan

Elite Ice Hockey League betting covers all the typical betting markets, with outright and live bets available for you to select from.

Betting on the EIHL Challenge Cup

The EIHL is not only restricted to the league. There is also the Challenge Cup tournament, breaking down the ten teams into three groups. One group will be made up of four teams, whilst the other two consist of three teams.

Other Ice Hockey Betting

Across the world of ice hockey, you can discover betting odds for some of the most popular leagues, including those in; Finland, Austria, Denmark and more.

Liiga - Finland

Consisting of fifteen teams, the Ligga ice hockey competition is the highest level of the sport in Finland. Its popularity showcases that ice hockey is not restricted to America, with many desired leagues existing throughout Europe.

ICE Hockey League - Austria

Austria's top ice hockey league is another example of its popularity within Europe. Throughout the regular season, you can find the latest outright and in-play betting odds for each game that takes place.

Extraliga - Czech Republic

The Extraliga represents the highest level of ice hockey in the Czech Republic, and it has been running since 1993. Typically, the season will run from September until April.

NHL - Canada/USA

With the likes of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Dallas Stars, starring in the NHL, the league is massively competitive and is one of the biggest sports across Northern America.

Ice Hockey Betting FAQs

How do you bet on ice hockey?

At BetUK, you can browse the latest ice hockey betting markets for outright and in-play betting options.

Before you place your first bet, make sure you have researched the latest news surrounding hockey, including any recent form of hockey players and teams. Doing so can give you a better insight into what each of the odds mean.

What does +1.5 mean in hockey?

This is a form of handicap betting, which is often used when one team is considered to be a strong favourite against the other. In the context of ice hockey, a handicap bet of +1.5 would mean that the favourite would need to win the game by two or more goals. This is because the +1.5 starts the opposition on a 1.5 goal advantage.

What is the best bet on hockey?

There is no specific answer as to what the best is as this comes down to personal choice. No particular bet can guarantee to win either.

However, there are several popular selections, including the outright winner of a match and handicap betting.

Is hockey hard to bet on?

Like any sport, no approach or strategy will guarantee your success with hockey betting. Universal betting tips, such as researching the sport and teams, can help you to understand the markets better, but you can't guarantee this will result in a correct prediction..

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