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When it comes to the esports community and the esports betting markets, one of the most popular games available is Counter Strike Global Offensive. Often shortened to CS: GO, the game is played by two teams who compete against one another in multiple game modes where the overall aim is to win 16 rounds. Within the games, there are numerous esports betting markets on offer and online sports betting odds for many of the top leagues and teams across the world

Best CS Betting Site

For beginners to CS, the betting markets can be tricky to navigate, so bettors need to choose the best CS betting websites to suit their needs. Here at Bet UK, we offer a wide range of CS betting options, including outright match odds, the total rounds within a game, the round handicap and whether the game will go into overtime.

How to Bet on CS Matches

To place esports bets on CS at Bet UK couldn’t be simpler. Head over to our esports betting hub, which features all of the top tournaments within the CS esports space, including the 1x Series and The CS Major Championship. Bettors can select their preferred game and browse the featured betting markets. Click on your bet choice, and then you’ll have the chance to watch the game unfold with the live stats and scoreboard shown within each betting selection.

Top CS Betting Odds

Esports features many markets bettors will see in traditional sports betting, whether you’re looking for the outright betting odds or looking to bet in-play, we have all of the esports betting odds you’ll need. If you’re new to the CS esports betting markets, we’ve listed the top categories you can expect to see below:

Match Odds - This is the most straightforward bet we offer on CS, as here you wager on the match winner of each of the game. The favourite team to win a game will normally have the shortest odds, so it's

Round Handicap - Here, you can place a bet on whether you think a team will win the game with a + or - handicap. Total Rounds - Within this betting market, you can choose whether you think the game will be won in a specific number of rounds. This could be over 26.5 or under 26.5.

Overtime- There is the possibility that the game could be a draw. In this case, overtime will be played to determine who the winner will be.

Map Betting - This esports bet type allows players to decide which team will win a specific map used during the game. There will be 30 rounds of each match played per available map, which will change when a particular team reaches 16.

Tournament Winner - This bet will be placed before the start of any tournament and allows players to browse esports markets and bet on the outcome and select the overall winner.

Live CS Esports Betting at Bet UK

As well as pre-match betting and ante-post tournament betting, Bet UK offers live in-play betting on many Counter Strike Global Offensive games. The live betting odds available at Bet UK will appear after a match starts and will feature the overall match odds, and during each game, the live stream display next to the odds will show the current score between the two teams and match stats within the betting page, so you’ll know which map is being played and the scores.

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS) FAQS

What are the major CS Tournaments

Many CS major tournaments run throughout the year and feature teams from across the world. The most prolific is The Majors, which is the biggest tournament held annually. However, there are also smaller events called S-Tier competitions, including the Extreme Masters and Blast Premier.

What is CS?

Also known as Counter Strike Global Offensive, CS is a first-person shooter video game which has grown in popularity in the esports community. The game is played by teams of five players. The objective of the game is to attack or defend an objective on either the terrorist or counter-terrorists team.

Can you bet on CS?

Yes, as you can see above, we have some of the top esports betting markets available for each game, so whether you’re watching live or monitoring a game, you can place a bet.

What maps will be used in competitive CS games?

There are a multitude of maps available in CS games. However, in competitive play and during tournaments, there will only be seven used:

  • Dust 2
  • Mirage
  • Overpass
  • Nuke
  • Vertigo
  • Inferno
  • Train
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