Yankee Bet Calculator + Guide

If you’re seeking to boost your profits when betting on sports but don’t want to rely solely on accumulators then a Yankee Bet might be perfect for you. Betting terminology can sometimes sound pretty complicated if you’re new to sport betting, or haven’t experimented with different types of wagering structures and Yankees are certainly something not everyone will be accustomed with.

They provide one of the best betting systems to structure your wager in a smart, calculated way that can significantly maximise profit.

In this guide we’ll take you through what is a Yankee Bet, how they’re structured and how to place one. You’ll also discover the pros and cons to Yankee Bets and why there are better for certain sports over others.

Yankee Bet Calculator

What Is A Yankee Bet?

A Yankee Bet is made up of 11 bets of equal value that cover four individual events: one four-fold, four trebles and six doubles. Here’s a quick overview of what these mean:

Four-fold – You pick four outcomes that must all happen to win a four-fold

Treble: You pick three outcomes that must all happen to win a treble

Double: You pick two outcomes that must all happen to win a double

Yankees are is usually used in horse racing and football – two sports where punters are most likely to bet on more than one event. You don’t need every bet in a Yankee to win a payout. In fact, even one winning bet can be enough to secure profit.

Here are a few pros and cons to Yankee Bets to be aware of:

Yankee Bet Pros

  • Spreads risk wider than accumulators
  • Offers chance to win big money if you strike lucky
  • A single double can cover your losses if structured right, which provides some form of risk cover
  • Your potential winnings grow with each individual win
  • Ideal for punters who plan and prepare

Yankee Bet Cons

  • Pays out lower than a typical accumulator on a pound-for-pound basis, as the risk is wider spread
  • Less ideal for impulse bettors who wager in-play

You can find more about Yankee Bet payout structure below…

How Yankee Bet works

In a Yankee Bet, each individual bet covers a possible outcome from your four events. People often ask what is a Yankee Bet in horse racing. Because of this, let’s take racing as an example of how Yankee Bets work.

Say you decide to place a Yankee on horses to win in four races:

- Race 1: Horse A to win - Race 2: Horse B to win - Race 3: Horse C to win - Race 4: Horse D to win

Between these four races there are 11 combinations.

- 6x Doubles: Wins for horses A&B, A&C, A&D, B&C, B&D, C&D - 4x Trebles: Wins for horses AB&C, AB&D, AC&D, BC&D - 1x Four-fold: Wins for horses ABC&D

In a Yankee Bet you wager the same money on all 11 combinations. Say you place £1 on each possible outcome, that’s an £11 total stake.

Yankee Bet payouts explained

What sets a Yankee Bet apart from an accumulator is that losing one of the 11 bets doesn’t kill the entire wager. Instead, it simply scraps that outcome from the overall bet.

Using the example above, here’s how Yankee Bets are paid out:

- If only two horses win – 1x of your Double bets pays out - If only three horses win – 3x of your Doubles and 1x of your Trebles pay out - If all four horses win – All x11 of your bets pay out

Remember, your stake on each bet is the same. However, the odds on each individual bet will be different. So you can still earn a big payout even if just two horses win… depending on the horses your backed!

In what sports can I make a Yankee Bet

A Yankee Bet is popular across many sports because its structure means it offers more options to win compared to an accumulator. Here are some of the best sports for Yankee Bets…

Horse Racing – Racing betting fans have placed Yankee Bets for years as a means of maximising potential earnings off combined races. The Yankee Bet allows for errors in judgement, falls at jumps and surprise winners during a race. It also extends the excitement past one race, whereas accas can end at the first loss.

Greyhounds – Just like horse racing, betting on the dogs is an ideal platform for the Yankee Bet.

Football – Football betting fans are gradually coming to terms with Yankees as a form of betting. This is because they offer multiple profit levels even if one chosen team loses. However, it’s fair to say the acca is still the king of football betting.

NFL – Yankee Bets in the NFL usually focus on +/- points markets, in order to truly maximise profit potential. It’s not uncommon to see punters wagering heavily on favoured teams to win by +13.5 points across a four-pick Yankee.

In reality you can create a Yankee on any combination of events, be they of different sports or even politics. So long as there are four individual wagers, the Yankee can be crafted.

How do I calculate my wins in a Yankee Bet

While you could sit down and go through the maths on each leg of your 11-fold Yankee Bet to determine your winnings, it’s much easier to use a Yankee Bet calculator.

Simply enter the odds for each of your four bets and let the calculator do the work. In doing so you’ll swiftly be able to see your risk and potential profit figures, to better determine whether or not to place the bet.

Remember, each leg of your Yankee carries its own odds, which accumulate into the wider wager. If you stick £1 on each pick at odds of 10/1 you’d stand to win £20,680 profit. But with that comes risk. How likely is it that four 10/1 shots will all come off? Well, ore than 20,000/1 to be exact!

How to place a Yankee Bet

When it comes to placing your wager, simply log into your Bet UK sportsbook profile and find the races, matches or events you want to back. Then simply click on your chosen odds and they will be added to your bet slip.

Once you’re happy with your four choices, click on the ‘System’ tab in your bet slip, which will then show you the Yankee option at the bottom of the list.

Enter your stake per bet in the box, and your total stake will be shown below. For example, enter £1 here for an £11 total wager. From here, click Place Bet to confirm.

And that’s it! You’ve placed your first Yankee. From here it’s time to kick back and follow all four events you’ve wagered on. The more events you win. The bigger your eventual payout.

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