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Patent bets are one of the smallest forms of multiple betting as only seven bets are placed on three different selections. Often compared with the Treble bet and the Trixie bet, this bet is one that is commonly placed on sports such as football and horse racing. Patent bets are used to cover all potential outcomes and offer players a return even if only one of their bets payout.

Patent Bet Calculator

Use our bet calculator to calculate your patent bets and compare how it would compare to the likes of Treble and Trixie bets before confirming which bet best suits you.

What is a Patent Bet?

A patent bet - also known as a 'full coverage multiples bet', consists of three selections and seven bets. This mean that you'll find three singles, three doubles and one treble bet. The difference between this bet and similar bets is that a patent bet provides the kind of insurance that other online bets simply would not provide.

One of the main elements of this bet is that only one bet actually needs to win for the bet to payout. So, if the odds were high enough, you could still make a profit despite having two selections lose.

Can Patent Bets be profitable?

Patent bets have the potential to be very profitable if placed on something with high odds. For example, if you were to place a patent bet on a horse racing event with three horses at 6/1, you would make your money back if one horse won due to the bet being multiplied by seven due to there being seven bets in a patent. If all three selections came off, you would receive over 70x your stake.

The exact calculations can be found below:

O Selection Wins - £0 return with a loss of £0.98p

1 selection wins – £0.98p return as you break even.

2 selection wins –  £8.85 return with a profit of £7.84

3 selection wins – £71.84 return with a profit of £70.56

With this bet, one winner makes a world of difference due to the multiples factor. In this situation, there is a £63 difference between two and three selections at less than £1 total stake.

Patent Bet Pros

Despite Patent bets being some of the most ordinary of multiple bets, there are a number of reasons why it could prove fruitful to place one. Firstly, it adds some interest to a standard treble bet, as with a treble, one loss ruins your bet, with a patent, if you lose the first game, you could still easily make a profit with the other two games. If you only need one winning selection to guarantee a return, you're always going to be more invested in each game in comparison to bets of the same number of selections.

There is also high potential value in these bets and it doesn't need to require a high stake. You can place a bet as small as you like and a number of players find multiple bets preferable to the standard format of a treble, double or single.

Patent Bet Cons

Similar to any multiples bet, the bettors' stake is increased when they place a patent bet. However, this is one of the smallest bets in that bracket, meaning that if you're looking for bets with large upside potential, you may wish to look beyond the patent bet. If you're looking for a straightforward winner bet, you may also wish to look at the likes of singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators.

Can I place each way Patent bets?

You can place an each-way patent bet, however, it isn't recommended for the majority of sports. Sporting events such as the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National are good examples of where Patent bets can come in handy but in most scenarios punters opt for larger or smaller bets. As multiplier bets already have significant multiplications, you must bear any stake-related complications in mind before placing an each way Patent bet.

Are Patent Bets popular?

Out of the total bets placed in the online betting community, Patent bets take up an incredibly low number of bets. However, bettors who know how to properly utilise these bets have found them to be profitable, a number of bettors more commonly place bets with more selections such as Yankee and Heinz bets.

So, currently, Patent bets aren't the most popular type of bet but what you will find is that - similarly to all multiples, this bet type is significantly increasing in regards to popularity.

What sports should I use for Patent Bets?

It is worth placing Patent bets on sports that have relatively high odds such as Horse Racing and Greyhounds, that being said, if you're looking for wins of a smaller variety, then a Patent bet works for any sport you choose. However, Patent bets with significantly higher odds can be valuable for any sport, whether you're looking for outright or live bets.

Can I use Free Bet stakes on a Patent bet?

Yes! Although it won't tally up to the exact amount of your free bet stake. If you've unlocked £10 in Free Bets, you'll only be able to use up £9.94 on a Patent bet which equates to £1.42 per bet. You can turn our bet calculator above into a free bet calculator by clicking the free bet option attached when adding your bet details.

If you're looking for free bets at Bet UK, be sure to check out our free bet offers. We currently have an offer for £30 in free bets with a £10 required deposit. We also have free bets for events but they have a free bet expiry date, so you won't be able to claim these bets outside of the competition time. Please note that all free bets exclude virtuals.

What odds format should I use for the Bet Calculator?

You can use Decimal or Fractional odds when utilising the bet calculator on Bet UK. To change this, click the drop-down menu attached to our calculator and select your option. We recommend using the Fractional odds format, so it is easier to work out your Patent bet. Decimal bets are typically harder to read and therefore aren't recommended for multiples bets such as the Patent bet.

What bet types can I find at Bet UK?

There are dozens of bet types that can be found at Bet UK, including:

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