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Trixie Bet wagering may not be the first thing most punters think of doing when they head to the Bet UK sportsbook and browse the latest betting odds.

After all, bet mechanisms such as the Trixie aren’t always clearly explained to new players. And with the wealth of options in bet types like accumulators available, why would you consider a Trixie anyway?

Well, there's a good reason why this bet type is still around today and not fallen into obscurity. A Trixie Bet offers more than one chance to win and enhances the odds of individual wagers by bringing them under one roof.

Trixie Bets are most commonly found in horse racing betting but football punters are also open to wagering this way. In fact, the great thing about a Trixie is it can be applied to any sport or event, even if they’re not connected!

In this guide, you’ll learn what is a Trixie bet, how to place a wager and which sports are best for Trixies. Afterwards, you’ll be able to head to the Bet UK sportsbook and bet with confidence!

What Is A Trixie Bet?

A Trixie Bet is a combination of four bets of equal value, placed on three separate selections: 3x doubles and 1x treble. Here’s a quick overview of what these mean:

Treble: You pick three outcomes that must all happen to win a treble Double: You pick two outcomes that must both happen to win a double

The idea is that each combination has its own chance of winning and therefore paying out at better odds than if you simply wagered separately on three events.

Trixies are usually bet on horse racing and football where punters have a sound knowledge of the sports and are seeking to increase their odds.

Part of the appeal of a Trixie Bet is it provides some level of insurance should one of the three horses, teams or events wagered on fails to win, as there are still two other selections that could combine to turn a profit.

Here are a few pros and cons to Trixie Bets to be aware of:


  • Spreads risk wider than accumulators
  • Offers the chance to win big money by wagering on one big outsider
  • A single double can cover your losses if structured correctly, which provides some form of risk cover
  • I deal for punters who plan and prepare
  • Uncomplicated payout structure


  • Smaller average payouts than Patent or Yankee bets
  • Pays out less than an average accumulator, as the risk is wider spread
  • Less ideal for impulse bettors who wager in-play
  • Needs at least two of the three bets to win
  • You can find more about Trixie Bet payout structure below…

How Trixie Bet works

In a Trixie Bet, each individual wager covers one specific outcome from your three events. Let’s take horse racing betting as an example, as this is where Trixie Bets are most commonly used.

Say you opt to place a Trixie on horses to win the following races:

Race 1: Horse A to win

Race 2: Horse B to win

Race 3: Horse C to win

Between these three races there are four combinations in a Trixie:

  • 3x Doubles: Wins for horses A&B, A&C, B&C
  • 1x Treble: Wins for horses AB&C

Note that the Trixie doesn’t incorporate Single wins on these races, only Doubles and the sole Treble. If you want to add single wins in there as well, you’ll actually have what’s called a Patent Bet.

In a Trixie you must wager the same amount on each of the four bets. So, if you stake £1 per bet, your total risk will be £4.

Trixie Bet explained

What’s great about Trixie Bets is punters often use them as a form of insurance when wagering on big odds, such as an unfavoured horse or an out-of-form football team. The idea is that two of your selections back dead-certs, and one chases the big payout. If that high-odds bet doesn’t win, then at least those two dead-cert bets cover your risk.

Of course, it’s not always as simple as that and other punters use Trixies to simply combine three heavy favourites into one mega wager, and withstand less risk than if it was an accumulator.

Using the example above, here’s how Trixie Bets are paid out:

  • If only two horses win – 1x of your Double bets pays out
  • If all three horses win – All your bets pay out

Remember, your stake on each bet will be the same across all four of them. However, the odds will be different per bet, which is why the risk/reward ratio of Trixies can greatly fluctuate.

In what sports can I make a Trixie Bet

Trixie Bets have been around for decades and they are most commonly found at racing events, such as the horses or greyhounds. But that’s not to say they aren’t useful in other sports, especially ones where against-the-odds upsets are common. Here are some sports where Trixies can thrive…

Horse Racing – The natural home of the Trixie Bet is at the racecourse. Horse racing betting fans will go with a Trixie when they want to boost their potential earnings on three favourites across a race meeting. Others will also use the Trixie to act as cover when betting on a big outsider.

Greyhounds – Like horse racing, betting on dogs is an ideal place for the Trixie.

Football – The deep knowledge of your average football fan means Trixie Bets and other combinations prove to be popular across the country. Punters will likely wager on home favourites to secure wins. Football is a fickle sport and can ruin peoples’ accumulators, which is why the fall-back to a single Double bet in the Trixie is so appealing.

Basketball – Likewise with football, NBA betting tends to focus on the favourites when it comes to creating combined wagers. And again the Trixie is ideal for backing in-form teams to win while having an extra layer of cover if one wager goes wrong.

How do I calculate my wins in a Trixie Bet

Calculating this sort of wager isn’t exactly easy as there are four bets, with four different odds types, all channelling through different variables. Therefore the best way is to use a Trixie Bet Calculator, or simply build your Trixie into the sportsbook and let your bet slip do the work.

How to place a Trixie Bet

Here at Bet UK our betslips automatically offer the Trixie option once you have made three selections. Simply click on the odds you want to back, and they will be added to your betslip.

Then, select the ‘System’ tab in your betslip and enter your per-bet stake in the Trixie box. You’ll see your total risk and potential payout, before deciding whether to click ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.

How does Each Way affect Trixie Betting?

In an Each Way Trixie bet, all three E/W selections will cost you double your usual stake, as you’re betting on two possible outcomes.

Each Way bets improve your chances of winning a Trixie but reduces the potential payout, because they are easier to win. So, think carefully about your risk and reward before clicking the E/W button in your betslip.

What bet types can I find at Bet UK?

There are dozens of bet types that can be found at Bet UK, including:

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Trixie Bets

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