Bet UK's Bet Calculator

When inputting your bet information into Bet UK's bet slips, you can view the UK betting odds, their payouts and more! With our bet calculator, you can view any potential winnings alongside odds without making any changes to your bet slip. You can view a wide range of bet types that are available using our sportsbook, these options will also be provided in any odds format, so whether you're looking for American, decimal, or fractional odds, you can search with them today at Bet UK.

What is the purpose of a Bet Calculator?

A bet calculator offers a simplistic way to calculate your bet, whether it's a double bet or our more complicated bets such as Yankee and Lucky 63 bets. Bettors will find the bet calculator useful for sports such as Horse Racing whether a multitude of betting odds are combined into one bet type. A betting calculator is particularly helpful at removing any potential confusion behind online betting, simply input your initial stake and the odds of each bet and it will calculate your potential winnings.

Can I use the calculator with free bets?

If you've unlocked a free bet, you'll be able to use it as bonus funds for any bet on-site, once your qualifying bet has settled. (Exceptions may be added in the terms and conditions of the offer) This means that any and all bets made up of free bets can be calculated using our free bet calculator.

What bet types can I find at Bet UK?

There are dozens of bet types that can be found at Bet UK, including:

Accumulator Bets*

Canadian Bets

Double Bets

Each Way Bets

Goliath Bets

Heinz Bets

Lucky 15 Bets

Lucky 31 Bets

Lucky 63 Bets

Patent Bets

Trixie Bets

Yankee Bets

*Anything that is a fourfold or higher can be found under Accumulator Bets.

How do you calculate betting odds?

Our betting calculator is set up with a series of algorithms that are made to read specific odds in any odds format. If we take an example in the form of a Lucky 63, which is a bet that is primarily placed in horse racing. This bet consists of six different bets, six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and one six-fold accumulator. However, as your bet plays out, if only 4 of your six bets come off, you can input the odds of your bets that have won and it will show you exactly how much you'll return from your bet. Bet calculators are a must for any who wish to partake in sports betting.

How many selections can I add to the bet calculator?

The biggest accumulator that can be created on Bet UK is a 20-fold accumulator, which means that up to 20 selections can be added, to add more selections, click the add button. We recommend for your first usage, testing out different bet types with four selections to get the hang of the widget. You can input odds at different formats, input your total stake and go through the multiple options available to you. For example, with four selections, you would be able to choose between 4 singles, 2 doubles or 1 four-fold accumulator. Once you've added in additional information such as free bets and your type of bet, your bet returns will be calculated.