Betting on the Next Labour Leader

That’s what the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn did when they were in charge – and currently it’s current Labour party leader Starmer who has the focus on politics bettors.

When it comes to betting on the next Labour leader much of the focus is on the front bench and who could succeed Starmer when he eventually steps down. This has been one of the most intriguing political betting markets ever since Starmer succeeded Corbyn in 2020. Labour was in opposition then and Starmer had had to rebuild the party’s reputation. Now, Labour betting analysts are trying to figure out who is best placed to replace Starmer – and there are some intriguing candidates out there.

These include:

  • Angela Raynor
  • Rachel Reeves
  • Andy Burnham
  • Wes Streeting
  • Bridget Phillipson
  • Lisa Nandy
  • Yvette Cooper
  • Sadiq Khan

Next Labour party leader odds

As you can see above, there are plenty of options in the Labour leader odds. Starmer’s front bench and close colleagues make up much of the favourites but there are some interesting periphery figures there too.

The likes of Angela Raynor, Rachel Reeves and Wes Streeting are well-known in Westminster and across the country. However, others such as Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and London mayor Sadiq Khan are in the mix too. Both mayors would need to secure seats in Westminster first before running for the leadership, and if either did this it would be a big red flag that they are angling for the top job.

The Labour leadership odds are never quiet. Starmer may be in control of his party for now but events happen fast in politics. This is a live market and Bet UK’s odds setters are on hand to react to political changes and scandals.

How to bet on Labour leadership odds

To bet on the next Labour leader odds you first have to sign up to Bet UK or log into your profile. Make sure your account is charged with funds, and then head to this page in the politics betting part of the sportsbook. Click on the candidate you want to be the next Labour leader and enter your stake in the pop-up bet slip. After that, check your risk and potential reward once last time before hitting Place Bet to complete the process.

Remember, Labour leadership odds will rise and fall depending on a wide variety of factors. This live market will always reflect the chances of candidates replacing the current leader, and there may be a cut-off date.

Next Labour leader betting tips

Before looking at Labour leadership tips, it’s worth understanding how a party leader is elected. Candidates can get on the ballot if they have at least 22% of fellow MPs supporting them. They also need support from 5% of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) or at least three affiliated groups (such as trade unions).

Eventually a ballot is formed of viable candidates, which is then sent out to the membership. A candidate needs 50% + 1 of the votes to be declared the winner, and thus the new leader. If this system takes place while Labour are in power then the leader becomes the new prime minister.

While the above sounds a little complicated, in reality politics betting experts don’t follow every twist and turn among Labour’s extensive network. Instead, media profile and position within the party is more crucial, as anyone angling for the leadership will likely get the backing they need.

So, here are some useful tips for betting on the next Labour leader:

Consider the present leader – If the current leader holds a strong position within the Labour party, it's unlikely their closest colleagues will be their successor. Instead, turn your attention to first-term MPs with significant majorities. Starmer replacing Corbyn was a perfect example of this in action. He was not near the front bench when he entered Parliament in 2015.

When's the upcoming election? – If Labour experience a loss in a general election, they always change their leader. This is the same with the next Conservative leader. So, the candidates with better odds leading up to an election are prepared to step into the shoes of the departing figure.

Who's drawing more attention? – A minister with a strong PR team supporting them and who's garnering significant media attention could be vying for a leadership role. Look not only at MPs but also metropolitan mayors who are growing in popularity.

Understand why odds are shifting – If the odds for a certain candidate are in flux, consider why this is the case. Has the media spotlight suddenly fallen on them, or perhaps they're being overlooked?

Keep track of the polls – Constantly monitor the polls and how they correspond to the next Labour leader betting odds. Although polls aren't entirely infallible, they can assist in shaping your betting decisions.

Whatever your bet choice, remember that you can always bet on other candidates at later dates too. The live market means bettors can wait for the odds to move to a suitable position before placing a wager, without being denied the opportunity to bet on Labour at another date too.

Recent Labour Leader History

NameStart DateTenure
Keir Starmer4th April 2020Incumbent
Jeremy Corbyn12th September 20154 years, 6 Months
Ed Miliband25th September 20104 years, 7 Months
Gordon Brown24th June 20072 Years, 10 Months
Tony Blair21st July 199412 Years, 11 Months

Before Keir Starmer took on the role of Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn and Ed Miliband had very similar reigns as Labour party leader, very little success and division in the labour party. Labour party leader odds are more favourable towards current leader Starmer staying on than they would have been for Corbyn or Miliband.

Gordon Brown was the last labour leader to win a general election and since then, the odds of a labour party leader being elected have become larger very year with an overwhelming majority of public favour going against labour in recent elections.

Bet on General Elections

Under Starmer, labour have become a stronger opposition and Starmer sits as the favourite to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the labour party have sat at odds as low as 1/10 to win towards the end of 2023. When will we see a labour leader? It might be a long time away if the success Starmer has had in his opening tenure continues for future years. We may see the roles of Shadow Foreign Secretary and Shadow Chancellor change before we see a new labour leader.

More Next Leader Betting odds

It'll often depend on the success of the opposition on whether or not someone will replace a labour leader. If labour lose the next general election or look likely to lose, from the position they were in when Rishi Sunak took over as conservative party leader, you would expect labour to replace Keir Starmer. If labour win the election, you'll likely wish to look at the next conservative leader betting odds.

Don't forget, you can quickly see the next Labour leader odds on your phone or tablet by downloading the Bet UK app! Our app gives you immediate access to the full Bet UK sportsbook, encompassing politics betting as well. Take a look at the odds on the next Labour leader, who will be the future prime minister, and who will triumph in the forthcoming election.

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