Politics Betting

If you’ve got a keen eye for politics then it’s likely that you’ll have a competitive edge when it comes to political betting. Unlike football betting and horse racing betting, politics is a lot more clear-cut when it comes to who will win or lose an election. In a football match or a race, anything can happen and it all comes down to a short period of time. Meanwhile, the likes of presidential elections take years of planning, and preparation and you often have a good inclination of which party will be victorious.

Political Betting Markets

When looking at Politics around the world, there is a vast level of competition that determines the leaders each country. For the vast majority of politics, these are determined by elections. So, for example, in the United Kingdom, the Conservative leader and the Labour leader will typically be the leading candidates in all Political betting markets for the UK. In a general election, parties such as the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats may appear but they will always be secondary or tertiary options in contrast to the two big parties.

UK Politics Betting

In the United Kingdom, the main market for betting comes from who would be the next Prime Minister of the country. There are two main parties, the Conservatives and the Labour party. The Conservatives are led by Boris Johnson and the opposition are led by Keir Starmer. Many felt that the popularity of Boris Johnson during his stint as London Mayor meant his appointment to the head of the Conservative party and to the position of Prime Minister was almost guaranteed. If you’re someone who thinks the current Chancellor of the Exchequer - Rishi Sunak - is being prepped for a similar rise, you can find those odds at Bet UK with just the click of a button.

US Politics Betting

Across the pond in the United States, the last two elections have gone against the trend and actually provided surprise results. Hilary Clinton was expected to defeat Donald Trump in 2016 but it was clear that neither candidate were the people’s favourite. Since winning against Clinton, Trump gradually gained more supporters and was expected to narrowly beat current President Joe Biden in 2020. However, Biden edged Trump in what was the tightest presidential election since 2004. Election betting hasn’t started for the 2024 vote, but you can find odds as soon as they’re available at Bet UK.

Political Figures Betting Markets

When placing bets on Politics in the upcoming years, you may find betting odds for individual figures in the world of Politics, the likes of Joe Biden and Donald Trump will reappear for American Politics and the likes of Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer may regularly be viewed in the markets for UK Politics. These typically involve questions such as whether they will last as the leader, whether or not they will make it into the role etc.; in most scenarios, these are easier questions to ask knowing how things should go but in some scenarios we may see a surprise.

Next UK Election Betting Odds

Betting odds for the next UK election provide a unique opportunity to get an unbiased look at how the next campaign will go. So, if we look at the current live betting odds, they would suggest that despite being under pressure, Boris Johnson is likely to leave his post in 2022 rather than in the next year. Rishi Sunak is his likely replacement as leader of the Conservative party while Andy Burnham is the likely candidate to take over from Keir Starmer when he leaves his post. However, no matter who is in charge, the Conservative party are still the overwhelming favourites to win the next election in 2024.

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2024 US election betting

The 2024 US election will likely pit Donald Trump against either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. However, the uncertainty over which Democrat will face ex-president Trump is leading to fluctuations in the market.

Indeed, the likes of Pete Buttigieg, Michelle Obama and even Dwanye Johnson have seen their odds rise and fall in recent months. We still don’t know if Biden will run again, or if Harris will throw her hat in the ring. All this means is that the 2024 US election odds are a maelstrom of turbulence.

Tip: If you think an outsider like Pete Buttigieg could run in 2024 then it’s worth backing them early before their price crashes.

US midterms betting

Misterms betting is the time where politics betting experts focus on parties, rather than individuals. And it’s fair to say there has been a big swing in favour of the Republicans since Biden was elected in 2020.

All the polls indicate the Republicans will win majorities in both the House and Senate in 2022. For punters, this is a chance to wager on what looks like two dead-cert outcomes. It’s also possible to bet on individual states but it’s always worth reading around the political battles in each territory before placing a bet.

Tip: Throw a Republican House and Senate win into the same bet to enhance your profit potential.

Donald Trump betting

These days much of the market is cornered by Donald Trump. That’s because he attracts so much attention that punters are willing to stake a small wager on him winning elections, just in case he achieves it. This tactic made a lot of people profit in 2016 when Trump beat Clinton to the White House.

Tip: Trump’s odds for the 2024 election are low because it’s unlikely any other Republican will challenge him for the nomination. But his odds could greatly inflate come 2024, so it’s probably best holding off backing him just yet.

World politics betting

Our election betting odds aren’t restricted to only the UK and US. In fact, every year we drop more odds to preview whichever elections may be on the horizon. This includes the Brazilian election and the Swedish election, both of which could see big changes in government.

It is also possible to bet on referendums, such as IndyRef and whether another country will leave the EU. If there is a second Scottish independence referendum then be sure to check back at Bet UK for the latest odds and markets on the poll.

Other Bets Related to Politics

Politics betting doesn't just include political figures but also issues that impact the wider world, some Politics betting sites may have these terms under miscellaneous but the wider range will have these betting markets down as Politics. These areas include the likes of the European Union, whether the UK will return to the EU, who the next country to leave could be and more! These markets aren't always available but you may find them if the issue is currently being discussed in Parliament.

Politics Betting FAQs

Want to know more about political betting? Check out these answers to our frequently asked questions…

Can I bet on politics?

Yes! Bet UK offers extensive political betting markets from across the world of politics. This includes UK election betting, placing 2024 US election bet, and even backing the next British prime minister.

How does political betting work?

Political betting works the same as sports betting. Generally, you will back either an individual or a party to succeed at an election, and if they do then you’ll win a payout. Golf is the sport most like politics betting because each individual is fighting for the same prize.

When is the next UK election?

The next UK general election is not scheduled until the summer of 2024. However, there is a possibility that a snap election may be called before then.

Can I bet on Donald Trump?

Yes. You can bet on Donald Trump to win the next election and be US president once again. You can also bet against Trump by backing his rivals Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Ron DeSantis. Keep an eye on Bet UK for more Trump odds the closer we get to the 2024 US election.

Can I bet on Politics?

Yes! You can bet on UK & US Politics at BetUK. We have markets regarding world leaders and a wide range of odds surrounding each market. These bets include the Next Prime Minister, Next Labour Leader and Next Conservative Leader markets.

When is the next US Election?

The next US Election will take place on November 25th 2024.

Who is the current UK Prime Minister?

The current UK Prime Minister is Rishi Sunak, who has taken over from former Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the Conservative MP was removed from his role.

Who is the current US President?

The current US President is Joe Biden who beat Donald Trump in the last US election to win Presidency.

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