Politics Betting

If you’ve got a keen eye for politics then it’s likely that you’ll have a competitive edge when it comes to political betting. Unlike football betting and horse racing betting, politics is a lot more clear-cut when it comes to who will win or lose an election. In a football match or a race, anything can happen and it all comes down to a short period of time. Meanwhile, the likes of presidential elections take years of planning, and preparation and you often have a good inclination of which party will be victorious.

UK Politics Betting

In the United Kingdom, the main market for betting comes from who would be the next Prime Minister of the country. There are two main parties, the Conservatives and the Labour party. The Conservatives are led by Boris Johnson and the opposition are led by Keir Starmer. Many felt that the popularity of Boris Johnson during his stint as London Mayor meant his appointment to the head of the Conservative party and to the position of Prime Minister was almost guaranteed. If you’re someone who thinks the current Chancellor of the Exchequer - Rishi Sunak - is being prepped for a similar rise, you can find those odds at Bet UK with just the click of a button.

US Politics Betting

Across the pond in the United States, the last two elections have gone against the trend and actually provided surprise results. Hilary Clinton was expected to defeat Donald Trump in 2016 but it was clear that neither candidate were the people’s favourite. Since winning against Clinton, Trump gradually gained more supporters and was expected to narrowly beat current President Joe Biden in 2020. However, Biden edged Trump in what was the tightest presidential election since 2004. Election betting hasn’t started for the 2024 vote, but you can find odds as soon as they’re available at Bet UK.

Next UK Election Betting Odds

Betting odds for the next UK election provide a unique opportunity to get an unbiased look at how the next campaign will go. So, if we look at the current live betting odds, they would suggest that despite being under pressure, Boris Johnson is likely to leave his post in 2022 rather than in the next year. Rishi Sunak is his likely replacement as leader of the Conservative party while Andy Burnham is the likely candidate to take over from Keir Starmer when he leaves his post. However, no matter who is in charge, the Conservative party are still overwhelming favourites to win the next election in 2024.

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