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eSports has grown greatly in popularity in the past decade, but it was never as easy as just watching eSports. There are many different eSports events across the year, and it wasn't always easy to watch. But live streaming changed the game, so to speak, by making live eSports events accessible to everyone. So, let's talk about live streaming and how it affects your betting.

What is eSports live streaming?

eSports live streaming is the ability to stream and watch live eSports games in real-time. There are a number of platforms available to do this now, from Twitch to YouTube gaming; watching eSports has never been easier. So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you're planning on betting on eSports events, it means that you can place bets in real-time across matches and watch the gameplay progress right in front of your eyes.

Not only have eSports live streams become essential for the sports, but much like other sports, there are commentators and live chats, so you can feel completely immersed in the game you're watching. Live streams also mean that you can watch matches from anywhere as long as there's an internet connection available.

What are the most common eSports live streams?

At BetUK, as one of the UK's top betting sites, we stream directly from Twitch for a variety of eSports such as Counter Strike Global Offensive (also known as CS: GO), League of Legends (also known as LoL), Dota 2, and more, as these are some of the biggest and most popular eSport live streams, with some of the biggest prize pools and most well-known eSports teams.

But these aren't the only live-streamed games. Almost everything with a competitive edge has a tournament that can be streamed, including games like Street Fighter, Rocket League, and Fortnight. It's always worth checking for your favourite eSport and seeing if there are any streamed events.

Which eSports live stream should I watch?

When it comes to eSports and keeping up to date with eSports news, then watching live streams gives play-by-plays of recent events and relevant commentary, as well as live events across multiple different online games.

The most popular eSports tournaments are the likes of Worlds, the International, and the ESL, as far as major tournaments go, but there are also popular regional and global games such as the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) played all around the world. Smaller qualifying tournaments are a great way to get to know the eSports teams and choose your favourite. All streaming services will show these events, as most eSports companies find it essential to show as many of these games as they can, which is great for the fans.

What are eSports live streaming platforms?

Simply put, these are the places you can watch eSports live. Twitch and YouTube are the two most obvious choices, as they're easy to find and have dedicated live streaming services. But sometimes, the website of the game you're hoping to watch will also provide a live stream. Not only that, but our betting site provides a live stream for when you place your bet. Side bets appear before rounds in a match and can offer additional bet potential if you're interested. Some of these include teams or characters to draw first blood or reach a secondary objective first. There's a lot of choice and variety per eSport, so it's worth checking some of these other options while you're watching.

Why is eSports live streamed?

Well, that's easy; it’s so that fans can enjoy the show even when they're not in the arena to watch and support. Just like Football or Horse Racing is shown on TV, live streaming is where the action is, and being able to watch and share the experience from anywhere in the world is something special. Not only that, but live streaming services offer the chance for fans to interact with each other all over the world using live chats. Everyone wants to be passionate about their team, and that's always more fun with like-minded people to keep you company. As much as watching rerun videos can be fun, it's not quite like watching live. So, if it's the Overwatch League, the Counter Strike Global Offensive ESL, or the League of Legends World Championships, you have access to them all through various streaming sites, including Bet UK, where you can watch eSports live. Watching eSports live streams is completely free, and as long as you can connect to the internet, you can watch from anywhere. So if you want to watch the competition progress, check out eSports live streams today.

How does BetUK live stream eSports?

You may notice on our sportsbook that we don't stream every game from the eSports industry, this is because for eSports and eSports only, we are linked up with Twitch which means that the main tournaments streamed on Twitch can also be found on BetUK, allowing bettors to track their bets and watch eSports online. Other sporting events that can't be viewed on Twitch like eSports, have other methods of viewing, you'll be able to find everything we stream on our sportsbook.

What is eSports and why do people watch it?

eSports are competitive gaming competitions. Around the world, thousands of players are part of teams that compete on gigantic stages in the gaming world, with this in mind, millions gather on live streaming platforms to watch these players play their chosen game at once. Why? For the same reason that football fans watch Lionel Messi, for the same reason that Basketball fans watch Lebron James, because people enjoy watching the best of the best fight it out to determine who wins massive prizes. It can start off with playing a few games with friends and it can end up with millions of viewers and subscribers on a single platform.

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