League of Legends Betting Guide

Guide to placing bets on the League of Legends game

Riot Games’ League of Legends is one of the biggest eSports platforms in the world. With top leagues and LOL eSports competitions happening in the USA, Europe, China and South Korea, every region has top sides vying for the prestige of winning the League of Legends World Championship.

Given its popularity, it's no surprise that League of Legends betting and eSports Markets have become so popular and open up new avenues for current fans to follow their favourite League of Legends teams in a different way.

From the first game of the season to the final at the Worlds Championships, Bet UK will have all of the LOL betting markets and top eSports odds, so you'll have the chance to place an eSports bet on every game victory.

Can you bet on League of Legends?

The simple answer to that question is yes! Bet UK offers top eSports betting on all of the biggest leagues operating in the sport. Not only that, alongside LOL betting odds, we'll have esports betting tips and, more specifically, League of Legends betting tips which punters can view before each of the main events

How to find odds for LoL

If you're new to online betting or eSports betting, one of the first things you'll need to do is to interpret and understand the odds on offer before you delve into the League of Legends betting markets. Like many other traditional [sports betting markets such as Football or Cricket, punters can place an eSports bet on the winner of all the LOL matches being played.

Alongside LOL betting markets before a match commences, during the games, punters can also browse League of Legends betting markets in-play. This means players can wager on who will take the first objective, who will take the first dragon, first baron or which team will take first blood while the action is taking place.

Bet on League of Legends

What League of Legends markets are offered during a game?

Throughout a game punters may notice many League of Legends in-play betting markets and we've provided explanations to some of the eSports markets they're likely to encounter during League of Legends matches

What is betting on first blood in League of Legends?

One of the first LOL betting categories punters will come across is First Blood Betting. Normally occurring in the first 5-10 minutes of a game, the first blood is the first kill of an enemy player. Punters can browse the LOL betting markets and wager on who will commit the first blood kill, just like the winner of the game.

What is first dragon betting in League of Legends

One of the main objectives offered with a League of Legends game is the Dragon mob. Available periodically in each match, punters can place an eSports bet on who will take the first of these ingame objectives.

What is first baron betting in League of Legends

Alongside the dragon on the game map, one of the other global objectives punters can bet on players winning first is Baron Nashor. Normally available as both an in-play market and before each game, the odds for this are determined by which team has successfully secured the objective in previous games.

How many games can I bet on during each League of Legends Match?

Like many other multiplayer online battle arena games, during the regular season, teams will compete against each other once in the League of Legends league tournament format. However, during the finals of those competitions or during the world championship, it will revert to a best of five format.

League of Legends Tournaments

Like many sports, League of Legends has tournaments that run alongside the main league throughout the season. First up is League of Legends MSI or Mid Seasonal Invitational, where spring split winners will go head to head for the first worldwide trophy on offer. However, the biggest tournament where LoL Betting will take place is the League of Legends World Championships.

Live In-play League of Legends Games

As with many of the sports available at Bet UK, we also have live in-play eSports betting markets available on League of Legends. With many punters actively watching the game, they may wish to wait until after the pick and ban phase of a game to make their selection as it's here they'll see which champions are being played. Each champion can have a different effect on the game, and if they are currently in the META, this could also influence your decision.

Remember at Bet UK, whether you're choosing to place a bet on the LCS or the current games happening in the LCK, we'll have all of the live in-play eSports betting odds, so you'll always have the chance to bet on who'll take the nexus in-play.

League of Legends Tips

Throughout all of the League of Legends season and across all of the Leagues, we'll be selecting all top eSports betting tips so you can place a LOL bet with the right information.

League of Legends FAQs

What is League of Legends?

For those bettors who have zero knowledge of eSports or eSports betting, let's offer a quick explanation of this online video game. Developed in 2009, League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games) game where players compete in teams of five across a structured map attempting to destroy a structure called the 'Nexus' in the other team's base.

What does the League of Legends Map look like?

Split into three main walkways for players to mobilise their champions down. The first aim of the game in LOL eSports is to take opponents towers within that lane to gain lane priority. There is a section of the map in between lanes called the jungle, which also offers players the chance to increase their level by killing camps. But levels also increase by killing opposing champions and other high-level mobs such as Baron, Dragons and Rift Herald.

What is the difference between the LEC and the LCS?

Before placing an eSports, it's important to know which country and indeed which league you're actually betting on. The LEC is the primary tournament that is played in Europe and operates in a league format that features ten teams who face off weekly in the spring split, summer split and the finals of each of those. The winners of the summer split, and two other teams from the league will head to Worlds. The LCS is a similar tournament that operates in the USA and also has ten key teams which compete in spring and summer tournaments, with the winners of the latter also heading to the World Championships just like the LEC.

Who are the top LEC and LCS teams?

Within the LEC, there are ten teams. However, G2, Fnatic, Rogue, and Mad Lions are the top well-known teams. However, in the LCS, it's Cloud 9, Team Liquid, TSM and Golden Guardians who are the ones to watch.

What other League of Legends teams are there?

Those familiar with the eSports betting world will be aware that teams from all over the globe feature. In League of Legends, the other primary leagues alongside the LEC and LCS the most popular league in Europe and the USA, are the LCK, which operates in South Korea the LPL, which features teams from China.

What is the Pick and Ban Phase?

Before every competitive League of Legends game, there will be a phase where players select their champions for the upcoming game. They will also ban other champions from the selection process, which means their opponents will not have the ability to pick them.

What are the roles played by competitive players?

There are five different positions or roles that you will see a professional eSports players play. These are top laner, jungler, midlaner, adc and support.

What does META stand for in League of Legends?

Used both during a game and to help people make educated decisions before placing a bet on League of Legends, META stands for the 'most effective tactics available.

Where can I view League of Legends Matches?

Game developers Riot offer those who want to view LOL matches live and in person at various locations across the globe. However, for those who wish to watch League of Legends from home while browsing the LOL betting markets, there are live streams for each game on Riots website, YouTube and Twitch.

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