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About Slingo Extreme

Often, Slingo games will require you to interact in order to play through each spin during a round. Not in Slingo Extreme though, as the spins play out automatically and at pace, leading to more rapid rounds of gameplay. With 10 spins per round and the potential for Free Spins and wild Joker symbols, there’s plenty of potential to claim the top prize of 500x your stake for a Full House.

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How to Play Slingo Extreme

Total Bet

Use the green - and + buttons in the bottom left to adjust your wager for the next round of Slingo Extreme.


Once you’ve settled on your bet amount, use the Start Game button in the bottom right to begin one round of 10 consecutive spins. The spins will only pause if a Joker symbol appears, in which event you can cross off a number of your choice from your card. A Free Spins symbol will add an extra spin to your round.

Slingo Extreme Prize Ladder

Joker Bonus

Finding three, four, or five Jokers on the same spin will award a prize of 0.5x, 2x, or 5x your total stake respectively.

One Slingo

Slingo Extreme begins awarding prizes from your very first Slingo, of 0.1x your stake.

Two Slingos

0.2x your total bet will be yours for two Slingos.

Three Slingos

Three Slingos will award 0.3x your wager.

Four Slingos

Break even with four Slingos, which award 1x your stake.

Five Slingos

Five Slingos will double your money with a 2x prize.

Six Slingos

Six Slingos will award a payout of 3x your stake.

Seven Slingos

5x your total bet is the reward for completing seven Slingos.

Eight Slingos

Eight Slingos will lead to a prize worth 10x your original wager.

Nine Slingos

20x your bet is the prize for achieving nine full Slingos.

Ten Slingos

The reward for ten Slingos will be 100x your total bet.

Full House

The best prize in Slingo Extreme is for completing every Slingo available on your card, and is worth a jackpot of 500x your stake.

Bet UK Slingo Extreme Review

Our best online casino collection can hardly be accused of having a dearth of Slingo games, and yet Slingo Extreme still manages to find some innovative new features to add to gameplay. Smaller wins for finding Joker symbols on your reels are a nice touch, but the top prize of 500x your stake for completing a Full House is an extraordinary amount. For further Slingo titles, you may be interested in Slingo Fortunes, but for further information on the structure of these offerings, our What Are Slingo Games blog is a must-read.

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