Roulette X5

Golden Rock Studios may be better known for their online slots such as Wild Predators, but they’re rapidly growing a reputation for their table games too. Roulette X5 takes the classic game and adds a wealth of winning potential. This comes from the dice roll that you’ll see at the end of any winning bet, which could multiply your winnings by five to produce huge jackpots.

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Bet UK Roulette X5 Review

Golden Rock Studios shook up the landscape with Roulette X2, and now they’re back with Roulette X5, a game that offers even more possibilities for huge wins. Not only that, but you’re also met with a pristine private casino environment, which caters for players that prefer table games over live casino versions. With the dice roll function that comes into play after any spin, any wins can be quintupled, meaning that bets on single numbers can pay out at 175/1 instead of the traditional 35/1. That more than makes Roulette X% worth a second look at the very least.

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