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Known for online casino games such as Volatile slot, Golden Rock Studios present players with the chance to play a game of Roulette with a difference. While all the usual betting options are present, Roulette X2 offers players a chance to double their earnings following any win.

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How To Play Roulette X2

Total Bet

Just like many live casino games, players are able to place chips worth varying amounts onto their chosen positions on the Roulette mat. These are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Players can also repeat or double their previous wager with the blue buttons underneath the chips. As with all variants of Roulette, there are a variety of bets that you can place:

Outside Bets are the most simple, but also offer the lowest returns. Players may be familiar with Outside Bets such as Red or Black, Odd or Even, and High or Low, which all pay out at Evens. You can also place wagers on Dozens and Columns, which will pay out at 2/1.

Inside Bets cover Streets (row of three numbers), Six Lines (two Streets), Corners (four numbers in a square), Splits (two numbers), and Straights (a bet on a single number). The latter is the most uncommon, but pays out at 35/1.

There are also options for Neighbours, Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, and Tiers, which are explained in further detail in the paytable.


Once you have decided on your wager, hit the large green button with a single white arrow underneath the mat. This will spin the Roulette wheel.


If you require additional information for Roulette X2, you can access the paytable, rules, player information, and the settings through the menu buttons in the bottom left. You can also see the game statistics, such as hot and cold numbers.

Roulette X2 Bonus Features

Dice Roll Bonus

After any wins, the four red dice will be rolled. If they all land on the same number, the winnings will be doubled. This means that 70/1 winnings are possible, instead of the standard 35/1 found in most Roulette games.

Bet UK Roulette X2 Review

Fans of table games are already spoiled for choice with our collection of games such as Relax Roulette, but Roulette X2 could well become one of the most popular, given that all wins have the potential to be doubled - it all comes down to the roll of the dice. Players that wish to upgrade to a Live Roulette setting can do so, while those after something a little different can take a look at our online casino blog hub, and online betting markets.

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