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About Crazy Time Live

If you’ve played the likes of Monopoly Live or Live Mega Ball then the chances are you’re a live casino enthusiast who wants an upgrade from classic table games like Roulette and Blackjack. Crazy Time is another diverse option for you to explore if you choose, with some formidable bonuses and jackpots to be found. Friendly hosts are on hand to chat about a range of topics as they spin the wheel and keep you engaged throughout each round of gameplay.

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How To Play Crazy Time Live

Total Bet

Select your wager between each round and place your desired value on the area of the board of your choosing, either the numbers 1, 2, 5, or 10, or any of the four bonuses.

Play Crazy Time

The wheel will automatically spin after the 12 second betting window has closed. If the wheel lands on your chosen segment, you will win the corresponding prize.


If you require additional information about Crazy Time, you can access the settings and help through the buttons in the upper right.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

Top Slot Multiplier

As each round commences, the slot machine at the top of the wheel will come into play, spinning to reveal a random multiplier value and one of the available segments. If the wheel lands on the chosen segment, the multiplier will be attached to any payouts.

Bonus Segments

If you placed a bet on one of the bonus segments being landed on and it is successful, you’ll be given the chance to win a cash prize.

Cash Hunt

A wall of symbols will be revealed, and you’ll have to fire your virtual cannon at any section you choose. After you’ve selected, the values will be revealed, and you will win the corresponding prize.

Coin Flip

A blue and a red multiplier will be displayed, before the host flips a coin. Whichever colour lands face up will see that multiplier attached to your total bet and paid out.

Crazy Time

Choose a coloured triangle before the virtual Crazy Time wheel begins to spin. Whichever multiplier value stops on your selected triangle will be awarded to you.


Pachinko will drop a token at random from the top of the screen, that then bounces and rebounds off the pegs on its way to the multiplier sections at the bottom. Whichever multiplier section it lands in will be applied to your winnings.

What is the best bonus game in Crazy Time?

Crazy Time live is a casino game with four bonus games, all of which have positives and negatives. However, the Crazy Time bonus is widely regarded as the best bonus round as it provides the highest possible multipliers. However, these bonus games will favour different people. The reasons why can be found below:

Coin Flip: Incredibly simple, either receive one high payout or one low payout in this bonus game.

Pachinko: A development of the traditional Japanese video game, provides a unique twist to Crazy Time bonus rounds. As a bonus featured in real life, many prefer the Pachinko bonus game.

Cash Hunt: Follows a bonus round feature similar to that of online slots, as cannons fly it replicates that found in slot games and is the most interactive bonus round.

Crazy Time: The final bonus game in Crazy Time is its namesake as a payout variant of the Money Wheel spins for those who are looking for the highest payouts in the game, Crazy Time is the bonus you would most likely look for.

Crazy Time Live Strategies

Similar to other live casino games that utilise the money wheel and bonus games, there are a number of strategies that are used for Crazy Time live, none of which are guaranteed to provide success but help provide structure to the chaotic nature of Crazy Time Live.

Strategy 1: Big on the Bonus Games

If you unlock a bonus game in the Crazy Time game, it doesn't automatically guarantee success but it typically will provide higher payouts than payouts from the standard game. With four bonus games, there are multiple ways to win on the reels.

The strategy here is to place a bet on all four bonuses and only the bonus features to provide higher chances of winning than on just one bet and it allows you to select the bonus game that you think best suits your playing style.

Strategy 2: Bet Low

Crazy Time Live is a game that has significantly high winning potential and that is why a lot of players go for the bet low betting tactic which is created with the aim of staying in the game for a prolonged period of time. So, a smaller bet which is typically a division of approximately 2% of your total stake. This gives players 50 spins of the wheel which in theory, should provide players ample opportunity to land a win on the reels at some point.

Strategy 3: Bet Big On Low Payouts

With the 1x and 2x payouts taking up 34 segments on the money wheel, there are a significant number of ways to win these totals. What some players look to do is pick one of these segments and place larger stakes on those segments. The idea being that because these segments appear more often players can combine wins on the money wheel of the Crazy Time game without activating the bonus rounds such as the Coin flip feature.

Crazy Time Review

Evolution are responsible for some of the best live casino games in our collection here at Bet UK, and Crazy Time is another exceptional addition to an already impressive arsenal. While the likes of Live Dream Catcher are staples of the format, Crazy Time offers some unique features that expand upon a fantastic mechanic. For other online casino games that offer a huge amount of innovation, why not take a look at our Slingo titles?

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