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Strictly Come Dancing betting has rocketed in regards to popularity in recent years with the competition's audience reaching new levels. When it comes to individual markets, there might not be a lot to choose from; however, in 20 years of the series, we've seen a large number of shocking results as the public vote involvement means that there is no guarantee that the best dancer actually wins the competition. Strictly Come Dancing odds will vary from show to show, so if you're looking for the best odds on the show, you'll know what week is best to place your bet based on the tournament itself. Strictly Come Dancing is one of the longest-running shows for TV betting and is one of the most watched shows on TV with over 10 million viewers watching most of their shows.

Strictly Come Dancing Betting Markets

The show Strictly Come Dancing is massively popular towards the end of the year when millions watch the show every single year, thus making Strictly betting even more popular than the likes of the English Premier League over some weekends! Although, it must be said, you'll find significantly more betting markets for the Premier League than you will for Strictly Come Dancing. Strictly has a small number of markets but you'll be able to find them below.

Strictly Come Dancing Outright Winner Betting

At the centre of Strictly Come Dancing markets is the outright winner bet. These bets are placed across the entirety of the show with past winners, personality and more involved in people's betting decisions. If you have a rough idea of who is going to win Strictly at the start of the competition, that is when you'll find the best betting odds for the show. If you wait until during the show, you'll find the latest odds updated every week but they'll be significantly shorter than what they are at the start of the competition.

Who is the favourite to win Strictly Come Dancing 2023

Before the competition begins, Bobby Brazier, Angela Scanlon and Layton Williams sit as the three favourites to win the competition. Eastenders actor and model Bobby Brazier sits as the bookies favourite and has experience on the big stage. However, both Angela Scanlon and Layton Williams have had more experience dancing than the actor but in previous years, this experience leads to judges being significantly harsher with their scoring in comparison to others in the competition.

The favourites to leave the competition first are Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Les Dennis and Jody Cundy. Typically, you'll be able to tell by their opening dance who the first exit of the competition will be in the second week.

Strictly Come Dancing Elimination Betting Odds

At the start of the competition, you'll often find betting odds for the first person to be eliminated from the competition. There are comedy acts that you would typically expect to be the first eliminated from the tournament but these acts tend to last a number of weeks due to the public vote, finding the worst act with low public backing is crucial to get the maximum out of your Strictly Come Dancing odds.

How does Strictly Come Dancing Betting work?

Strictly Come Dancing is a show where 15 professional dancers are paired with 15 celebrities and they have 14 weeks to mold the celebrity into the best dancer that they can with one celebrity being eliminated every week. In August, the line-up is announced with the fifteen celebrities who are due to take part in the show from this point, online betting markets will start to open with betting odds on who will win the competition and who will be the first eliminated from the competition. The competition itself doesn't start for another month but you'll start to see information regarding partnerships treacle through across that month, building suspense for the show. Once the show has started, there will be one initiation-style week where all couples will dance but no one will be eliminated from the competition, in our opinion, this is the best moment to place any outright bets, as you'll have a rough idea of who will make the final as the top scoring couples in the first week are often the ones remaining at the end, the Strictly Come Dancing betting odds will drop a little but you'll see what each competitor has to offer before placing your bet.

During the competition, couples will dance a different style of dance every single week, meaning that just because a celebrity is talented at a certain type of dance, it doesn't mean that they won't have their weaknesses and could be eliminated from the competition at any point.

Statistics for Strictly Come Dancing Betting

Strictly Professional Dancers & Their Best Finish

ProfessionalJoinedBest FinishLast Finish
Amy DowdenSeason 152nd11th
Carlos GuSeason 202nd2nd
Dianne BuswellSeason 152nd8th
Giovanni PerniceSeason 131st14th
Graziano Di PrimaSeason 166th6th
Gorka MarquezSeason 143rd3rd
Kai WiddringtonSeason 193rd15th
Karen HauerSeason 102nd12th
Katya JonesSeason 141st9th
Johannes RadebeSeason 162nd7th
Jowita PrzystalSeason 191st1st
Luba MushtukSeason 1614th14th
Nadiya BychkovaSeason 155th13th
Nancy XuSeason 174th5th
Neil JonesSeason 145th15th
Nikita KuzminSeason 196th10th
Vito CoppolaSeason 204th4th

Strictly Come Dancing Betting FAQs

Who is the best Strictly Come Dancing Professional?

When you look at the stats, only two of the current professionals have won a season of Strictly Come Dancing, Giovanni Pernice in season 19 and Katya Jones in season 15. However, if you narrow down the scores from each professional, one profession is head and shoulders above the rest with Giovanni Pernice sitting with an average of 34 points score per week, while the next highest from a professional who has had more than two years on the show is Gorka Marquez with 32. However, most professionals tend to average between 30 and 26 points. Giovanni also has three second place finishes to his name.

Who is the worst Strictly Come Dancing Professional?

It's hard to determine who the worst professional is as a lot of the professionals are new. However, it is worth noting that some professionals have had more comedy acts than others. As the previously mentioned Giovanni Pernice has had one comedy act, the worst scoring dancers are Karen Hauer and Nadiya Bychkova, who it could be argued have had a number of 'comedic' dancers, so although, these are the lowest scoring professionals, they certainly can't be regarded as the worst Strictly Come Dancing Professionals.

Who is part of the latest season of Strictly Come Dancing?

Here is a full list of the participants of season 21 of Strictly Come Dancing:

  • Adam Thomas
  • Amanda Abbington
  • Angela Rippon
  • Annabel Croft
  • Bobby Brazier
  • Eddie Kadi
  • Ellie Leach
  • Jody Cundy CBE
  • Krishnan Guru-Murphy
  • Layton Williams
  • Les Dennis
  • Nikita Kanda
  • Nigel Harman
  • Zara McDermott

You'll begin to see these names regularly pop up on sports news sites and anything involving these names will impact the odds you see on Strictly Come Dancing betting sites. Who will win Strictly? Find out in our Strictly Come Dancing betting odds above.

Can I use Free Bets on Strictly Come Dancing?

Yes! Any Free Bets you receive on BetUK will be available for usage unless the bet states otherwise, naturally aspects such as bet settlement and min odds will apply and In some scenarios payment restrictions apply, but everything you need to know about placing bets can be found in the terms and conditions of each offer.

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