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The idea of entertainment betting markets for reality tv will be baffling for some but with the creativity of sportsbook offerings means we now have a wide range of entertainment betting sites. This means that if you're a regular watcher of these shows, you can now bet on your favourite reality television shows with just a click of a button. Although, we advise taking into consideration that you may end up spoiling the show for yourself by viewing who the favourite is for each show.

Reality TV Betting

Betting on Reality TV shows is a relatively new phenomenon for bettors. However, the idea is excellent. A lot of adults spend days of their lives watching reality tv and have a very good knowledge of the programme, this means that they can analyse their favourite shows and input appropriate bets based on their knowledge. So whether you're a fan of Love Island, I'm a Celebrity or the Eurovision Song Contest, we'll have betting markets and odds that can be used at any time.

Naturally, Reality TV betting doesn't have the extent of betting markets that you'd find for the likes of football betting but you will be able to find smaller, more specific markets based on the show that you're watching and betting on.

Betting Markets for Reality TV Programmes

Reality TV betting is rather restricted but our players can find betting markets on who will win each individual show. However, for shows like Strictly Come Dancing, you may find that betting markets are more expansive with introductions of betting markets relating to scores and order of elimination. With this in mind, there are two ways that you can place Reality TV bets and they are outright bets and in-play bets. Outright bets are bets that are placed before the show and is typically based on who will win the show in the end. Meanwhile, In-play betting, although typically restricted for reality tv programmes, allow you to place your bet during the programme, so if you see something that you think will majorly impact the outcome of a show, you have the opportunity to place wagers.

Using your Free Bets on Reality TV Shows

Here at Bet UK, we offer our players the opportunity to utilise their new customer free bet offer on reality tv betting. With some of the most competitive odds for all tv show betting markets, you can place wagers on any market and utilise any free bets after making your qualifying bet. With the qualifying bet settlement and other information regarding our sportsbook offers on our betting offers page. If you're looking for our current available offer, check out our free bet offers.

Pros of TV Show betting

When looking at the landscape of TV show betting, there are a number of positives and negatives that surround betting on TV shows. They have caused controversy as there is a script behind every show and it is very likely that the TV producers have a very good idea of who is going to win the show at the end of the season. However, you'll be able to see early on who the favourites are and you'll get a good judge of their character on the show to determine how likable they are.

However, in these shows, you can often find that an outsider who sits firmly in the middle of the pack rises from out of nowhere to become the favourite, this happens fairly regularly on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing. You'll often find that a TV show is sometimes shot and edited to make a certain character look better than what they are to improve their popularity with the viewer; however, as a viewer yourself, you have a better indication of how the general public will see the situation, in comparison to being the average viewer watching, for example, the Champions League final which is not heavily influenced by the general public.

There are also film and TV specials such as the next James Bond or Doctor Who, most of the time, you can get a good indication on who will play the role next from determining whose acting style best suits the role; although both roles have thrown multiple curveballs in the past.

TV Betting FAQs

Q. Can I bet on TV?

Yes. Here at Bet UK, we offer betting odds and markets on a vast range of television shows. For example, if you're looking to place a bet on Strictly Come Dancing, I'm a Celebrity or Wrestling, you can do so on-site.

Q. What TV shows can I bet on?

There are dozens of different reality tv shows that you can bet on at Bet UK, including the following:

  • Big Brother
  • Britain's Got Talent
  • Celebrity Big Brother
  • Dancing On Ice
  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
  • Love Island
  • National Television Awards
  • Sports Personality of the Year
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • The BAFTAS
  • The Emmys
  • The Golden Globes
  • The Grammys
  • The Oscars
  • The Soap Awards
  • The Voice UK
  • X-Factor

We will also occasionally have betting markets for events during the year in other countries such as Australia, USA and Japan. Many betting sites may not have the selection that is available to users at Bet UK, so we advice checking the potential markets of anywhere you play or place a bet.

Q. What is the most popular reality tv bet?

One of the most popular bets outside of sports comes in the form of the next James Bond, for years, many have speculated on who will take over from Daniel Craig as the next 007. However, in recent years, tv specials betting has become increasingly popular and will likely be the most popular market in 2023. There is also a large market for academy awards such as Oscars, BAFTAs and more TV awards.

One of the most popular shows to bet on in recent years has been Love Island where bettors have been able to bet on the top male and top female, the combination of the winning couple and more for their favourite reality show.

Where can I find TV betting odds?

Looking to bet on TV shows this year? At BetUK, we have individual pages set for the latest season of the biggest TV shows in the world. We'll have individual pages at in the outright section of our TV & Novelty betting markets, so you'll be able to find everything from Love Island odds to the Oscars!

Can I bet on eliminations in TV shows?

TV show betting tends to include the likes of eliminations and winners. However, it depends on the formatting of a show, if it is fairly obvious who will be the next to go, such as on shows such as Love Island but for shows where it is a little less predictable, you will be able to find elimination betting in some instances.

What is Novelty betting?

Novelty betting is betting on major events that impact that media world. In this scenario, it is combined with TV betting, so you'll be able to mix the likes of the Golden Globes and Sports Personality of the Year with reality shows. TV Specials are some of the most accessible betting markets in the world due to the popularity of certains shows but Novelty betting provides something completely different to the average betting experience because in most scenarios, players stumble across Novelty betting when looking for something specific and find something completely different but intriguing.

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