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Snooker Betting

Betting on snooker is one of the best ways to get even closer to the action and follow your favourite players during the world’s biggest tournaments. Whether it’s placing a World Snooker Championship bet, wagering on the Masters or even live betting on the UK Championship, we’ve got you covered here at BetUK. Our snooker betting odds cover tournaments from around the world, and feature frame-by-frame markets on the biggest matches.

Across the world snooker betting is hugely popular – and the sport particularly thrives in the UK, Europe and China. The appetite for betting on snooker just keeps on growing as the sport expands into new territories.

That’s why our sportsbook is here to bring you the latest odds, updated prices and in-play betting markets every week of the year!

How to bet on snooker

Learning how to bet on snooker is very straightforward and you’ll be able to pick up the basics in no time. Like with any sport, placing a snooker bet requires you to create a Bet UK account and verify your details, before heading over to the sportsbook. Here you can find the latest snooker tournaments and matches, as well as the snooker betting odds for each market.

To place a snooker bet, simply click on the odds you want to wager on and enter your stake in the pop-up bet slip. Enter your stake to see your potential winnings. Then make sure you’re happy with the wager and click Place Bet to complete the process.

What’s more, our sportsbook offers live scores on every in-play snooker match, which means you can stay on top of each frame and make smarter bets.

Best snooker tournaments

The snooker season runs from July to June each year and takes in tournaments such as the Masters, Champions League, Shanghai Masters and the World Snooker Championship.

These tournaments are highly contested as the world’s elite compete for huge prize money. It’s where you’re likely to find the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins, Judd Trump and Ding Junhui reaching the final rounds.

Often these tournaments feature one-sided matches in the early rounds, which gives snooker betting fans the perfect opportunity to create accumulator bets featuring a string of high-ranking players. Accumulators are a great way to back favourites and boost your odds at the same time!

Rules of snooker

Snooker may seem complicated at first but it’s a simple game to follow. The aim is to pot balls by striking the white ball with your cue, and earn points for each successful pot. A player’s first shot must be at a red ball. If they pot it, they get one point and then choose one of the other ‘colour’ balls for their next shot. Colours are returned to the table when they are potted, but the 15 reds remain in their pockets.

A player alternates between red and colours until they fail to pot a ball, at which point their opponent comes to the table. Eventually, all the reds are potted and players must then pot the following balls in order: yellow (2 points), green (3), brown (4), blue (5), pink (6), black (7).

If you fail to hit the correct ball – either by missing all the balls or hitting one of a different colour – you commit a foul and your opponent is awarded points, as well as the next shot.

The player with the most points at the end wins the frame. There are multiple frames in a match. Often a player creates an insurmountable lead before getting to the final blue, pink or black and is awarded the frame win on that basis.

Snooker terminology to be aware of induces:

Frame – A single game within the match. Matches could be decided on a ‘best of nine frame’ basis, for example

Re-rack – If the referee thinks the frame will be a stalemate they will ask the players if they want to start the frame again. This is called a re-rack

Break – A snooker break is the total points a player earns in a single stint at the table. A 147 break is the maximum a player can achieve (15x reds + 15x blacks + all the colours)

Snooker – A snooker is when a player forces their opponent into a difficult position, from which they might commit a foul. A perfect example of a snooker is when the white is positioned behind a colour ball, and the opponent has to try and hit a red

Foul – There are numerous ways a player can foul in snooker, such as when they miss all the ball, hit the incorrect ball first, pot the wrong ball or pot the white. Fouls come with a points penalty and usually results in the opposite player taking the next shot

How to win a snooker bet

Winning a snooker bet requires you to back the right outcomes in a match or tournament. The most common and best snooker odds usually centre around who will win a specific match. In this scenario, you simply back a player you think will win their contest. The shorter the odds, the smaller your likely profit and the greater chance that player is to win!

Snooker can often pit players of varying abilities against each other, which means the ‘match result’ odds can be heavily weighted. Because of this, many punters wager on other markets such as Correct Score, Handicaps or even Frame betting.

These markets offer the potential of winning snooker bets at better odds, so that you make more profit. For example, backing a favourite to win with a -3.5 frame handicap means they need to win the match by four or more frames for you to win your bet. The up side of this is your odds are far better because of the handicap.

There is, of course, no guarantee you will win a snooker bet. But research, planning and reading the odds will certainly generate smarter decisions. Those seeking low-risk bets are more likely to back heavy favourites, while players who are chasing high profits will back underdogs.

Form, head-to-head records and updated stats are freely available online. What’s more, the snooker odds will give you a clear indication of who is the favourite and who is the underdog in any match.

Difference between snooker and pool

The difference between snooker and pool is fairly straightforward. While both games are played on a table with six pockets, in snooker the idea is to pot balls with numerical values and score the most points in a match. In pool, the aim is to pot all the balls and whoever sinks the final black is the victor.

Snooker is primarily played in the UK, Australia and China, while pool’s heartland is in the US and Canada.

Of course, there are other differences such as the colour and size of the table, the size of the balls, tournament structures and the popularity of each sport in different parts of the world. But the basics remain the same: strike the white ball with the cue and pot those balls!

Snooker betting app

Keep on top of all the action by downloading the BetUK sports app today. Our app is optimised for ease of use and provides the best odds for players. You can jump on the app and place bets on snooker and other sports with just a few taps of your screen.

Explore our entire sportsbook via the app, bet in-play on your favourite matches and follow the best players through the biggest tournaments. What’s more, the app grants you full access to your BetUK profile, so you can withdraw and deposit funds, live chat with customer support and update your account all from the palm of your hand.