Snooker World Championship Betting

Snooker's most anticipated tournament comes with an extensive range of betting odds for outright and in-play betting markets.

From 1969 onwards, the Snooker World Championship has taken on a knockout format, where 32 players go head-to-head in the hopes of progressing towards the final.

To qualify for the Snooker World Championship, 16 players must win their places by going through a qualification tournament. The other 16 places are awarded to the top 16 players in the Snooker world rankings.

As Snooker's most grand tournament, the competition lasts over a period of 17 days, with the first rounds beginning on 19 frames and slowly increasing to the penultimate final of 35 frames. To win the tournament, players do not need to complete all 35 frames. Instead, they only need to win more than half.

Since the beginning of the World Championship in 1927, there have been many greats competing, including; Joe Davis, Fred Davis, Ronnie O'Sullivan, John Pulman, Stephen Hendry and many more.

Outright Snooker World Championship Odds

Across our betting markets, you can find the latest snooker outright odds for a broad range of bet types. If you're unfamiliar with outright betting, this will allow you to place bets ahead of the competition or game, including some of the most popular selections.

Winner of the Championship - Before the competition begins, you can bet on who you believe will be crowned the winner of the World Championship.

Over/Under - When selecting this type of bet for the Snooker World Championship, you can predict whether the game will finish with over or under a certain amount of frames.

Handicap - Games in the World Championship can also be bet on using a handicap. If a player is a strong favourite, a handicap can be applied to improve the payout odds. For example, you might bet on Ronnie O'Sullivan to win a game, starting with a handicap of -1.5 frames.

Century Break - Before each game, you can bet on whether a century break will be scored and the player to do it. If you're unfamiliar with century breaks, these are scored when a player reaches 100 points in one turn.

In-Play Snooker World Championship Odds

The World Championship offers a great selection of in-play bets, given the frequency at which the Snooker odds are updated on the markets. During the first round of the competition, games are played over 19 frames which is the lowest amount in the competition. Due to the high amount of frames, there are more varying possibilities for in-play betting options.

Over/Under - For each new frame, you can predict whether a player will score over or under a set amount of points.

Winner of a frame - Throughout the game, there are bets that allow you to predict who will win the upcoming frame. Many punters opt for live betting as it offers the chance to see how the game is progressing before predicting who will win upcoming frames.

Next colour to pot - For each shot that is taken, you can predict which colour ball will be potted next by the player. This is one of the more random bet selections in the live betting market, with little information to back the decision-making.

Snooker World Championship Betting Odds FAQs

How do you bet on the Snooker World Championship?

Looking at betting on the World Snooker Championship? You can explore the latest betting markets at Bet UK, providing you with odds for outright and in-play bets.

What is the most popular bet for the Snooker World Championship?

Betting outright on the winner of the tournament is considered to be one of the most popular bets, given the odds that are available. You can browse all the latest odds for the 32 players taking part in the knockout tournament, including the likely favourites.

How do you find the latest odds for World Championship Snooker Betting?

This competition offers a great variety with live betting, considering how many frames are played throughout. As the game progresses, the odds will likely be updated to reflect how they are playing out and the likelihood of future events occurring.

Tracking the competition can help you find the best odds, as you can base your decisions on how the performances have been going.

Where is the tournament hosted?

The World Championship is hosted each year at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, which has been consistent since the change in 1977.

What is the most successful bet for Snooker World Championship betting?

No bet can guarantee a result, as all outcomes ultimately come down to chance. There are general betting tips that punters apply to improve their knowledge of the sport and make more informed decisions; however, many external influences can decide the final result.

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