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Golf Betting at Bet UK

Golf betting is one of the most exciting sports markets that Bet UK has to offer in regards to online UK sports betting. With plenty of big tournaments and hundreds of potential winners in every event, golf can be a great sport to bet on. There’s more to golf betting than first meets the eye. With international events like the Ryder Cup and Masters Tournaments, you can bet on a range of markets, including who will lift the cup or be presented with the infamous green jacket.

Golf Live In-Play Betting

As we know, betting on golf can provide some significant shocks, with 50/1+ winners becoming almost a regularity in smaller events. Different players can be winning from one hole to the next. Live In-Play Betting allows you to capitalise on what’s happening live in-game. Is one player ruling the fairway as another lands in the rough? Did the underdog just pot a hole-in-one? With Live In-Play betting, you can place bets in response to what’s happening live.

Place In-play bets on a range of the world's biggest sports such as football, golf and more!

Bet UK’s Golf Betting Markets

Golf Betting can be a lot more in-depth than just betting on the outright winner of a tournament. That may be the most popular golf betting market to bet on, but you can also place your golf bets on end of round leaders, forecasts and whether a golfer will get a bogey or not. When tournament groups are announced, you can bet on which of the trio will have the best round. Golf betting also allows you to place bets on which players will make the cut. This can be useful for those players who you think might not win the whole thing but definitely have a chance of making the final round.

Major Golf Betting Events

With hundreds of Golf events in a single year, keeping track of in-form golfers can be challenging. However, a win at a major event such as the Masters will carry a higher weight than one at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, especially if the course doesn't resemble the Angus & Fife in Scotland. Some of the events that we recommend you follow are detailed below.

The Players Championship - Starting on March 10th, the Players Championship outright betting markets are unlikely to change until the event, these markets will have open odds, and they could see alterations depending on player form over January & February. As the tournament has a purse of 20 million dollars on offer, it makes this competition the perfect set-up for the first of the four majors in April. With just one stroke separating the winner and runner-up in the last two events, you could find some great value in each-way betting markets.

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The Masters Tournament - When hundreds of golfers travel to Augusta, all vying for one green jacket, we're destined to see fantastic golfing action. Hideki Matsuyama won the competition last year when he shocked the world and created history by becoming the first Asian major winner. Two years prior, Tiger Woods rolled back the years and picked up his 5th green jacket. Will history be created once again this year?

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PGA Championship - The weekend before memorial day weekend in the USA, hosts one of the biggest events in the PGA Tour calendar. The second of the four golf majors is the PGA Championship. Last year Phil Mickelson rolled back the years to replicate his 2005 success. Who will pick up the victory in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2022?

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US Open - Another fantastic event held in the US, the PGA Championship, is the third of the four golf majors. Last year Jon Rahm ended a run of six years of successive American winners as the Spaniard, and South African Louis Oosthuizen battled for victory. If you're backing nationality betting markets, American winners are typically the route to go down.

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The Open Championship - Also known as the British Open, or simply The Open, is the oldest golf tournament in the world. It is also the final major event and the most prestigious event of the year. Upcoming Golfer Collin Morikawa won last year and is now highly regarded as the next big thing in golf.

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Ryder Cup - A biennial tournament that pits European Golfers against US Golfers. The two teams involved will compete across three days. It's also worth nothing that The Ryder Cup hasn't been retained since 2014, but Ryder Cup odds suggest the American team could retain the trophy in 2023.

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Golf Betting Odds

Golf Betting is different to football betting, for example, as it only relies on one golfer performing well. This makes it a lot easier to study past forms and determine whether or not you think a golfer will top make the cut and top the leaderboard. As well as looking at a golfer's overall form, it's important to see whether or not they have played at a particular course before. Some golfers simply cannot play on one course but might turn into world-beaters when playing somewhere else, and because of this, Golf Betting is one of the only sports where the previous form can be heavily relied on. Remember, if you're preferential to American odds, Fractional odds or Decimal odds, you can change our figures to your preferences in the betting settings.

Golf Betting Useful Terms

If you're viewing or betting on golf, then there are a number of terms that you may be unfamiliar with. Bettors can find these terms below.

Course form - The previous form a golfer has had on a course can often be used to uncover how they will perform at the event.

Enhanced Odds - Odds that have been identified as a popular bet and boosted regarding their odds to represent this.

European Tour - The main pro golf tour in Europe. Aiding to maximise the value of Golf in Europe, these series' of events hold the best players in Europe.

Forecasts - Forecasts let you predict the exact outcome of a tournament. Often, a forecast will let you choose the 1st and second place golfers. Forecasts are also popular in horse racing betting.

Leading After Day 1 - Major golf tournaments often take place over several days. At the end of each day, once everyone has finished their round, a leader will be announced. This offers multiple opportunities in golf betting if you expect a golfer to completely whitewash a tournament.

Winning Margin - A bet consisting of the minimum number of strokes that a player will win by.

PGA Tour - The main pro golf tour in the USA. Similarly to the European tour, this maximises the value of Golf in the USA. The tour often hosts the best players from around the world.

Round leader - The golfer who is leading after the first or second round of the tournament. If players are looking to place a bet, they will often see a first-round leader market with the latest odds for each golfer. This is different to the overall winner of a tournament.

To Make The Cut - Halfway through a golf tournament, the cut will be made. The bottom half of all players will be eliminated from the tournament at the halfway point. If placing your golf bets on amateurs sounds appealing, then betting on players to make the cut could provide some value.

Tournament Winner - The player who tops the leaderboard once the action has finished. A player may be ahead once they've finished, but the whole group needs to have completed the course before a golfer can be named the tournament winner.