Ryder Cup Odds

What is the Ryder Cup?

Taking place in both Europe and the United States, the Ryder Cup is a competition for teams of 12 golfers and occurs every 2 years. Over the course of the competition, golfers from the two teams (USA and Europe) match up to play against each other on 18-hole courses.

Players compete on 18-hole courses during the morning and afternoon, with the tournament lasting over three days.

For those that feature in the competition, most qualifying players are now decided by performances. There are Captain's Picks, allowing the team Captain to select who the final places go to in their team. This can form an aspect of the betting markets, with selections to bet on who will make the Captain and those who will fill the vacant positions in their team.

Ryder Cup Betting

Across our online betting markets, you can find all the latest Ryder Cup odds, including both in-play and outright bets.

Outright Ryder Cup Odds

When it comes to outright betting, you can place predictions on key events occurring ahead of the competition and the match-ups taking place.

Odds to win the Ryder Cup - The most popular outright bet is predicting the winning team of the Ryder Cup. As the Ryder Cup is between two teams, you can also bet on the competition ending in a draw.

Match-ups - Throughout the competition, outright bets are available on each match-up that takes place between the teams. This can include who you predict will win, as well as over/under bets that predict whether a team will score over or under a set number of points.

Next Ryder Cup Captain Odds - Aside from betting on the competition itself, there are alternative bets that allow you to predict who you believe will make the next Captain for the Ryder Cup teams. With the team's not set in stone, you could find odds for the players that will make the next team too.

The team to lead after round 1 - Due to the Ryder Cup being played over the course of three days, it is split into rounds. Round 1 will close after the first day of golf, and you can predict which team will top the leaderboard at that point in the tournament.

In-play Ryder Cup Odds

For live in-play betting, the options can be even more varied, allowing you to bet on more specific events during the Ryder Cup. Before the next shot is hit, you can browse the betting odds and predict the outcome with the in-play betting functionality.

If you're looking at in-play bets, here are some of the Ryder Cup betting odds that are covered:

The correct score for the upcoming shot - You can predict how the player will score for that hole just before the golfer tees off.

Betting on match-ups - For a single round, you can place bets on whether the European team or team USA will score better. As the game progresses, the betting markets will likely be updated to reflect the likely outcomes.

Ryder Cup Betting FAQs

How do you bet on the Ryder Cup?

At Bet UK, you can find all the latest Ryder Cup Golf betting odds, with the markets being adjusted as the competition progresses.

On our sportsbook, you can find both outright and in-play betting options, allowing you to bet ahead of the Ryder Cup or live as you follow the progress. So, whether you're looking to bet on Europe winning the Ryder Cup or the USA winning the upcoming hole, you can find it all via our online markets.

Who is the most successful in Ryder Cup history?

Historically, the most successful team goes to the USA. However, there is tough competition between the two as team Europe has acquired most of the recent tournaments.

Regardless of recent performances, there is no sure way of predicting who will win the next Ryder Cup as new teams emerge and players drop in and out of form.

Where is the Ryder Cup hosted?

The host location of the Ryder Cup alternates between Europe and the USA every two years. Past courses have included Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Whistling Straits and Medinah Country Club.

How is the winner of the Ryder Cup decided?

Come the end of the tournament, the team that has the lowest score wins. The overall score is calculated by combining the strokes of each player in the team throughout the tournament.

Although punters typically place an outright bet on the winner ahead of the competition, you can also place it while it is underway. With this being the case, it is worth following how the odds change to reflect the results.

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